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Microsoft Brings FPS Boost Support Up to 97 Games on Xbox Series X|S

Remember that neat Microsoft engineering trick that boosted previous-gen's games' performance on their latest and greatest Xbox Series X|S consoles? Well, Microsoft has released a new update for FPS Boost which increases the number of titles from the previous 23. The update adds the FPS boosting capability to a mind-boggling 74 games in one go, increasing their performance up to 60 FPS at their respective rendering resolutions.

Of course, one might want some more changes to be made to the game. However, remember that this a wholly Microsoft endeavor - there's no developer work required or being done here. some developers have released "next-gen" updates to some of their releases from the Xbox One and PS4 era, but FPS Boost is developer agnostic, and works via the Direct 3D API on the Xbox consoles. Titles getting an FPS Boost include Assassin's Creed Unity (maybe now finally is the time to play that one Assassin's Creed game, uh?), Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Alien Isolation (get some scares at double the framerate, what's not to love?) Wasteland 3, and Far Cry 5 all moving to 60 FPS.

KOEI Tecmo Announces Nioh 2: The Complete Edition Release on PC for February 2021

Nioh 2: The Complete Edition will be released for PC in February 2021, KOEI Tecmo has announced. The Complete Edition features the base game as well as its three expansions: "The Tengu's Disciple", "Darkness in the Capital", and the recently announced "The First Samurai". The game will be releasing on Steam, and the PC version will have some PC-centric features, as one would hope (but sometimes maybe not expect, unfortunately).

As part of its PC version, Nioh 2: complete Edition will feature support for 4K resolution as well as compatibility for ultrawide resolutions. HDR and 144Hz monitors are also supported, though maximum framerate will be capped to 120 FPS. Full mouse and keyboard customisation support, as well as gamepad compatibility, have also been announced. Check after the break for the announcement trailer.
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