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NVIDIA DLSS Gets Ported to 10 Additional Titles, Including the New Back 4 Blood Game

NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology has been one of the main selling points of GeForce RTX graphics cards. With the broad adoption of the technology amongst many popular game titles, the gaming community has enjoyed the AI-powered upscaling technology that boosts frame-rate output and delivers better overall performance. Today, the company announced that DLSS arrived in 10 additional game titles, and those include today's release of Back 4 Blood, Baldur's Gate 3, Chivalry 2, Crysis Remastered Trilogy, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Sword and Fairy 7, and Swords of Legends Online.

With so many titles receiving the DLSS update, NVIDIA advertises using the latest GeForce driver to achieve the best possible performance in the listed games. If you are wondering just how much DLSS adds to the performance, in the newest Back 4 Blood title, RTX GPUs see a 46% boost in FPS. Similar performance gains translate to other labels that received the DLSS patch. You can expect to achieve more than double the number of frames in older titles like Alan Wake Remastered, Tomb Raider saga, and FIST.
For more information about performance at 4K resolution, please see the slides supplied by NVIDIA below.

Alan Wake Remastered Interview with d3t and Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake Remastered brings the magic of Alan Wake back in a gorgeous-looking AAA title for this generation. Much like other smash-hit personality-based action titles by Remedy Entertainment, such as Max Payne (of the old), Quantum Break, and Control; Alan Wake is as much a literary experience as it is a challenging action game. You play as title character Alan Wake, a writer struggling with writer's block, out on holiday in the Pacific Northwest with his wife. Following her mysterious disappearance, Wake finds events from his unfinished novel coming to life, including its many horrors.

When it came out in Spring 2012, Alan Wake—then exclusive to the Xbox 360 and Windows PC—was already considered path-breaking in terms of its visual splendour, however, it was limited to the technology of the time, and more importantly, to just a couple of platforms. Remedy Entertainment decided to wipe the dust off the title, and remaster it for the current generation. Developing this is game studio d3t, while Epic Games is the publisher, who very kindly gave us a chance to interact with Andy Booth, Studio Technical Director, d3t, and Thomas Puha, Communications Director of Remedy Entertainment, on the technical aspects of the remaster. Boy did we learn a lot.
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