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Acer Announces New Aspire Notebooks

Acer America announced U.S. availability of new Acer Aspire notebooks offering exceptional price/performance and cinematic high-definition entertainment to anyone on-the-go, including students and small business professionals.

These systems boast a dynamic multimedia experience with cinematic HD, 16:9 widescreens and Dolby surround sound audio in a visually appealing sapphire design known as Gemstone Blue. The Aspire notebooks are engineered to suit the needs of users desiring an affordable mobile workhorse for being productive and enjoying digital life at school, on the road or at home.

AMD Athlon 64 2000+ for Immediate Competition with Intel Atom

While AMD touted the Bobcat as a definitive competitor to Intel Atom, being a low-power K8 based part with the same design advantages its ancestors had over competing Intel parts when they made up for higher performing alternatives, this part won't make it until next year, enough time for the Atom to gain a stronger foothold in the market. As immediate competition to the Atom, AMD seems to have set an Athlon 64 2000+ single core processor as its ULPC / UMPC processor part. This processor is single core, features a 1.00 GHz clock-speed and 256 KB of L2 cache, which should still give it a performance edge over a 1.50 GHz Atom judging purely by the fact that the Atom isn't based on the Core micro-architecture (yet) and uses an older design.

This processor is based on the Lima core, what's most surprising is that it is found to operate at 8 W at its 1.00 GHz frequency which brings it into the Atom platform's energy domain. The second most surprising point is that this processor will be aided by the powerful AMD 780G core logic (chipset), as opposed to current Atom platforms using a i945G adaptation that has significantly higher thermal envelope as opposed the AMD 780G while being a lot slower (in terms of graphics performance and features). Tom's Hardware conducted a comparison between the two and found that the Athlon-780G combo "knocks-out" Atom-i945G technologically.

AMD's processor plans for 2008

The lackluster launch of Barcelona earlier this year left us with ambivalent feeling before the launch of Phenom. Up before the launch, numerous rumors of various problems were circulating, and when the launch finally happened and we only had two models to play with, we couldn't help feeling a bit let down. The performance was good and lived up to what AMD had promised, more or less, but since the frequencies were so low and IPC was more or less the same as Core 2, it was still being outperformed by Intel's processors. With the recent unveiling of the TLB bug, the crippling BIOS fix and the seized shipments of quad-core processors, the plans for the future has had to be revised. The earlier announced tri-core series is set for arrival in February 2008, and should be available in decent numbers the following month. Two models are currently planned for launch, Phenom 8700 and Phenom 8600 running at 2.4 and 2.3 Ghz respectively. These are disabled quad-core with 512KB L2 cache per core and a shared 2MB L3 cache, not suffering from the TLB errata (B3 stepping).

AMD Releases AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition

AMD Announces AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition

Advanced Micro Devices has announced its new central processing unit (CPU) that is officially aimed at enthusiasts and gamers who dare to overclock and tweak their systems. The new processor from the Black Edition lineup comes with unlocked multiplier, which allows to easily set it working at higher clock-speed, getting additional performance virtually for free.

The AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor 5000+ Black Edition is an affordably-priced, dual-core processor targeted to the consumer channel, boasting a customizable clock multiplier for tunable performance, enabling mainstream end-users to reap the benefits of setting their own speed limits, a statement by the world’s largest maker of x86 central processing units maker reads.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition microprocessor works at 2.60GHz, features dual-channel DDR2 memory controller, 1MB of level-two cache (512KB per core) and is compatible with socket AM2 mainboards featuring 1000MHz HyperTransport bus. The chip has 65W thermal design power and is made using 65nm process technology.

AMD Rolls Out New Low-Power Athlon 64 Processors

At the Embedded Systems Conference this week, AMD announced the addition of three new low power AMD Athlon 64 processors to its embedded product lineup, giving systems designers the benefits of AMD64 technology in a thermal envelope as low as 8 watts. The single core AMD Athlon 64 processor models 2000+, 2600+, and 3100+ adopt Socket AM2 and feature power envelopes of 8, 15, and 25W maximum thermal design power, respectively. They support ECC memory for high reliability data applications and are especially applicable for systems such as Network Attached Storage (NAS), Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs) for the telecommunications market, and various single board computing and industrial implementations. These models will be generally available in Q4.Source: AMD

AMD Starts Phasing Out Single-core Athlon CPUs

AMD has decided to start pulling out some of its single-core Athlon 64 CPUs, which will be replaced by the 45W (single-core) Semprons that will be released in September this year. The soon-to-be phased out CPUs are the 65nm-built Athlon 64 3500+, 3800+ and 4000+ while their replacements are the upcoming 65nm Sempron LE-1300 (2.3GHz), LE-1250 (2.2GHz) and LE-1200 (2.1GHz), all boasting 512KB L2 cache and the 256KB L2 cached LE-1100 (1.9GHz) and LE-1150 (2.0GHz) models.Source: TechConnect Magazine
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