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EVGA Releases SLI Enhancement Patch Version 8 (03.30.09)

EVGA released another version of its SLI Enhancement Patch, version 8 (03.30.09), its third one for this month alone. The patch works in conjunction with the installed NVIDIA GeForce driver, in providing SLI support to games through SLI profiles. The support is game-specific, and each release of the patch expands the support-base. The new version is based on NVIDIA driver 182.46. The following games are added to the support list, apart from all the games already supported by the patch:
  • Battlefield Heroes
  • Stormrise
  • Weapons of Fate
  • Jumpgate Evolution
  • Age of Booty
  • Football Manager '05-'09
Registered EVGA users can download the patch from here.

Battlefield Heroes - The First Step

Ben Cousins, the Senior Producer of Battlefield Heroes, shared some slides, ideas and info on DICE's free 4 play animated Battlefield title. The game will be based on the Battlefield 2142 engine with "the crazy unrealistic feel of Battlefield 1942 and Codename Eagle". More details:
  • Graphics and machine specs are cut down
  • Simplified Gameplay
  • Matchmaking Service
  • AutoPatching
  • Easier Introduction into Gameplay
  • More RPG Elements Introduced

Source: Battlefield Heroes

Introducing Battlefield Heroes - Play 4 Free Game from Electronic Arts

At the Digital, Life, Design Conference (DLD) in Munich, Electronic Arts announced it will be releasing an all-new free Battlefield Heroes shooter. Battlefield Heroes is a brand new Play 4 Free game from the people that brought you the multi-million selling Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2. It will be a fun cartoon-style shooter which caters to players of all skill levels – easy to pick up and play, but with deep character development. Aimed at the mass market, the game will offer a downloadable client, lots of character customization and hours of shooting madness.
With the new online model we will continually add new content to keep the game fresh and keep players engaged, while integrating player feedback in real time. As a game developer, it is such a cool new way to make games.
said Ben Cousins, Senior Producer at DICE, an EA company, that is behind this new project. Battlefield Heroes will be released for the PC as a free download in Summer 2008. Head over to the Battlefield Heroes site to keep up to date with its progress.Source: Battlefield Heroes, Eurogamer
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