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Save Big On Software Costs with CDKOffers

Latest generation graphics cards and memory are pricier than they used to be. Where do you offset the added costs? A cheaper motherboard? A smaller SSD? Stock CPU cooling? Why not save on the one key component whose quality won't get any lower with cost-savings, software? CDKoffers lets you do that. With genuine, globally-valid OEM licenses to two important software your PC build is incomplete without, you save up to $300 over what you had originally planned, letting you keep your hardware choices unaffected!

Windows 10 Pro globally-valid OEM licenses can be had for as USD $19, which is an 89 percent saving over the $150 price this software usually commands. Office is another software no home desktop is complete without. CDKOffers is selling globally-valid Office 2016 Professional Plus licenses for $48.40, which is a straight 82 percent saving over the $289 price it's usually sold at. TechPowerUp readers get to save even more over these prices by applying an exclusive discount coupon at checkout. CDKOffers uses PayPal gateway, so your payment instruments remain completely secure. Do also check them out for deep-discount game keys and in-game items.

Buy Windows 10 Pro from CDKOffers for $19 | Buy Office 2016 Professional Plus from CDKOffers for $48.40

TechPowerUp Readers get an additional 20% Off! Simply apply the coupon code "TP20" at checkout.

CDKOffers Lets You Save Big on Genuine Software and Games

CDKOffers is a new online retailer selling genuine license keys to popular software and games, letting you save over 80% on your software costs for new PC builds. Licenses to popular software such as Windows 10 Pro operating systems and Office 2016 Professional Plus productivity suite are so cheap, that you'd rather buy new keys than hassle porting your old OEM key between motherboards. Globally-valid Windows 10 Pro OEM keys go for as less as USD $14.52, while globally-valid lifetime Office 2016 Professional Plus keys go for $36.87, which is less than half what you'd pay for an annual subscription for Office 365. While you'd on the site, you can also check out their jaw-dropping deals on game keys and in-game credit vouchers, which you can redeem on popular DRM platforms such as Steam, UPlay, Xbox Live, etc.

Buy Windows 10 Pro OEM from CDKOffers | Buy Office 2016 Professional Plus from CDKOffers

One more thing, use coupon code "TP20" for a further 25 percent off on the already discounted price!
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