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Verbatim Launches A New Secure 'n' Go USB Drive, Introduces Special Security Features

Verbatim is launching a new Secure 'n' Go USB Drive addressing private users' needs of keeping data safe when carrying it around with them. The Secure 'n' Go Secure Data USB Drive offers a powerful 256bit-AES hardware-encryption and mandatory password with storage capacities of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB and will be available in stores in June and will cost 29 Euro, 58 Euro and 99 Euro respectively (RRP).

No-one likes the thought of storing or archiving sensitive data that can be accessed by unapproved people. This can be true for many files, from private images, financial data, lists of names and addresses - basically, anything that would be considered private or confidential. With its new Secure 'n' Go USB Drive, Verbatim is addressing the increasing need of private users for total control of their portable data.

Samsung Transforms Clamshell Phone Into Joystick

Samsung has recently filed a patent for a clamshell cellphone which can transform into a 2600-style controller...This is quite new and mostly aimed at people who spend hours playing their favorite cell phone games and im not talking about the game snake...Games grow more complex each day that passes thus making it hard to play using the all time classic keypad. That's where Samsung's engineers step in. The basic premise is that the bottom half of your flip-phone would pivot not only open and closed (or backward and forward), but also left and right, thus allowing you to escape from Blinky more quickly, jump over barrels more deftly, and generally get a serious game on.
Lets just hope that this can result in something truly easy and fun to use and that more cell phone manufacturers try the same.

Source: UnWired
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