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DeepCool Announces the MATREXX 55 V3 Tempered Glass mid-tower Case

DeepCool seems to have a habit of reusing names, the MATREXX 55 V3 is the 12th case bearing the MATREXX 55 name. This version in particular is a variant of the MATREXX 55 V3 ADD-RGB 3F launched last December omitting the front RGB fans. Naming shenanigans aside this case could be a real value proposition considering its RRP of $49 USD and impressive feature set.

The case has 4 mm thick tempered glass front and left side panels, the front panel also features an addressable RGB strip. I / O consists of a USB 2 and USB 3 port, audio in/out and a RGB button. The case can accommodate up to motherboards up to E-ATX, has 7 expansion slots, has room for 2 3.5" drives and a further 2 2.5" drives. In terms of fan/radiator compatibility you can fit 3 front 120 mm / 140 mm, 2 top 140 mm / 120 mm and a rear 120 mm. While the case is expected to debut first in Asian countries we can expect some worldwide availability.

DeepCool Rolls Out the MATREXX 55 PWM 2F E-ATX Case

DeepCool today rolled out the MATREXX 55 PWM 2F, a variant of the original MATREXX 55 from 2018, but a sibling of the more recent MATREXX 55 Mesh 4F from earlier this year, which replaces the tempered glass front panel with an airy steel mesh that lets the front intake fans breathe better. What sets this case apart from the Mesh 4F is the set of pre-installed fans. While the 4F includes four DC fans (three pre-installed along the front intake and one at the rear exhaust), the new MATREXX 55 PWM 2F includes just two fans, one at the front and the other out back. It's just that these included fans are of a higher quality, with 4-pin PWM input, and possibly a higher service life bearing.

The case is otherwise identical to the Mesh 4F, with its horizontally partitioned interior with room for motherboards up to E-ATX length, graphics cards that are up to 37 cm long, and CPU coolers up to 16.8 cm in height. Storage areas include two 3.5-inch drive bays that can each hold 2.5-inch drives, and two additional 2.5-inch mounts. Among the fan mounts are three 140/120 mm front, two 140/120 mm top, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. The case measures 440 mm x 210 mm x 480 mm (HxWxD), weighing 6.6 kg. The company didn't reveal pricing, but it could be identical to the Mesh 4F, at around $80.

DeepCool Rolls Out MATREXX 30 SI, Minimalist M-ATX Case

DeepCool today rolled out the MATREXX 30 SI, a sober-looking minimalist Micro-ATX case for those who don't like to stare at the innards of a computer. Its design is characterized with opaque black steel side panels, an all-black interior, and a ridged front design that has slits between the ridges that serve as the front intake. The front-panel I/O is located at the top of this panel.

Inside, you get room for a Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboard, a conventional ATX power supply, and plenty of storage options - two 5.25-inch bays, from which one is external; three 3.5-inch bays, and two additional 2.5-inch mounts. Behind the motherboard tray is 1.5 cm of crawlspace to route cables through. The main chamber offers clearance for graphics cards up to 25 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 15.1 cm in height. Cooling options include one 120 mm front intake, and a 120 mm rear exhaust, from which the exhaust fan comes pre-installed. Front-panel connectivity includes a pair of USB ports and HDA jacks. We expect this case to be priced around $30.

DeepCool MATREXX 55 Mesh 4F Loses the Glass Facade for an Airy Mesh

One of the emerging trends with tempered glass front faces is the option to have a metal mesh front panel that serves as an airy intake, as more PC builders opt to install radiators there. The MATREXX 55 Mesh 4F from DeepCool follows this trend, and loses the prominent tempered glass front facade to a black mesh intake over the three 120 mm fan mounts. The rest of its design is identical to that of the original. A tinted tempered glass panel continues to dominate the left side. Behind it is a conventional horizontally-partitioned layout. The bottom compartment has room for two 3.5-inch drive bays, Two additional 2.5-inch drives can be mounted along the motherboard tray, which has room for graphics cards up to 37 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 16.8 cm in height. DeepCool is including four 120 mm fans that have addressable RGB LED illumination; three of which are factory-fitted along the front intakes, and one at the rear exhaust. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Deepcool Rolls Out GAMMAXX GTE V2 White CPU Cooler

To help with your snow-themed builds on a budget, Deepcool rolled out a [mostly] white variant of its GAMMAXX GTE V2 tower-type CPU cooler. The GTE V2 White features a silvery-white top-plate that caps the aluminium fin-stack heatsink; white caps for the heat-pipes, while fan-frame and impeller, and a white LED illumination for the fan. The aluminium fins retain their typical chrome finish.

The GAMMAXX GTE V2 features a tower-type aluminium fin-stack heatsink to which heat is conveyed by four 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes that make direct contact with the CPU at the base. The included 120 mm fan takes in 4-pin PWM input, spins between 500 to 1,650 RPM, pushing up to 64.5 CFM of air, with a maximum noise output of 27.8 dBA. The fan features a hydro bearing. Measuring 129 mm x 77 mm x 157.5 mm (WxDxH), including fan, the cooler weighs 650 g. Among the CPU socket types supported are AM4 and LGA115x. Expect the cooler to be priced at a tiny premium over the USD $30 price of the standard model.

DeepCool Unveils GAMMAXX GT ARGB CPU Cooler

DeepCool today released the GAMMAXX GT ARGB, a refresh of the GAMMAXX GT RGB CPU cooler from 2017. The new GT ARGB, as its name suggests, implements modern addressable-RGB lighting with a 3-pin ARGB connection. The fan takes in 4-pin PWM to spin. DeepCool also used the opportunity to change the design of the top-plate of the fin-stack. It now comes in matte-black, with an illuminated DeepCool company logo. The included 120 mm fan is also updated (besides the ARGB illumination). It now spins at speeds of up to 1,650 RPM (the original's fan spun at up to 1,500 RPM), although the max airflow rating is reduced to 64.5 CFM (compared to 70 CFM of the original).

The GAMMAXX GT ARGB is a conventional tower-type CPU cooler featuring an aluminium fin-stack heatsink to which heat is conveyed by four 6 mm-thick copper heat-pipes that make direct contact with the CPU at the base. An included 120 mm fan ventilates the fin-stack. Among the CPU socket types supported are AM4, LGA115x, and LGA2066. Measuring 129 mm x 77 mm x 157.5 mm (WxDxH), the cooler weighs 676 g (including fan). The company didn't reveal pricing.

A VGA Stand with RGB LED and Power Routing, Courtesy DeepCool

DeepCool rolled out the GH-01, a graphics card reinforcement stand that you install inside your tower-type case, to minimize PCB bending over time (a vastly exaggerated phenomenon). But wait, it does more: the stand has an RGB LED embellishment along its length, and has space to route your graphics card's power cables. Up to two 8-pin PCIe power cables can be routed. You use a thumb-screw and notches to adjust the GH-01's VGA support height from 47.2 mm to 154 mm. The stand itself measures 52.6 mm x 60.6 mm x 163.73 mm (WxDxH). It can bear a load of up to 5 kg. There are two sub-variants of the GH-01 based on the illumination type. The GH-01 RGB uses old-school RGB lighting through 12 V 4-pin RGB control. The GH-01 LED, on the other hand, uses more modern 5 V addressable-RGB over a 3-pin connector. The company didn't reveal pricing.

DeepCool Announces Gamer Storm Castle 360EX White CPU Cooler

Deepcool is a company established with the vision - to provide the finest PC DIY solution for the worldwide customers by constantly seeking innovative breakthroughs. Rooted in its success in the previous AIO liquid coolers, today Deepcool launches Castle 360EX in white version -- CASTLE 360EX WHITE. CASTLE 360EX WHITE is equipped with Deepcool's exclusive Anti-leak Technology. The technology helps the system achieve automated pressure balance, which will significantly improve operation safety of AIO liquid cooling systems.

Deepcool at COMPUTEX 2019: Introducing the CASTLE Liquid Cooling Solutions

Deepcool at COMPUTEX 2019 showcased their current product portfolio - including the GAMAXX and CAPTAIn range - but also elected to showcase their latest brainchild: the CASTLE liquid cooling solutions. According to the company, they've developed an anti-leak technology that pretty much guarantees that your hardworking hardware will never sustain any kind of liquid damage should a fault occur with your unit. Essentially, this anti-leak technology works on the passive scale of risk prevention: it's a pressure balancing system that should reduce the likelihood of pressure-related malfunctions.

The CASTLE series features an "ultra-large, pure copper CPU block", including for AMD's ThreadRipper CPUs. 16.7M colors RGB lighting is par of the course, and Deepcool says their E-shaped micro fin water channel is the best possible design for heat dissipation. The axles and bearings are ceramic-made, so as to guarantee a long service life. The CASTLe lineup is available in four products: the RGB V2, which comes with two RGB-lighting fans and is available in either 240 mm or 360 mm sizes; and the CASTLE EX, which is again, available in both 240 mm and 360 mm sizes, but makes do with non-RGB sporting fans.

DeepCool Intros Castle 240 RGB V2 Cooler with Anti-leak Tech Inside

DeepCool today introduced the Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB V2 all-in-one closed-loop liquid CPU cooler with an innovation that minimizes the risk of coolant leakages caused due to environmental air-pressure fluctuations. Called DeepCool Anti-leak Tech Inside, the innovation is an elastic pressure-relief bag inside the radiator's reservoir, which has an opening on one end to the air outside. When there is a pressure differential between the air outside and the coolant inside, the elastic bag either contracts or expands, adjusting the reservoir's volume to normalize pressure. DeepCool also extended the design-goal of leakage prevention to the coolant tube design, by using IIR (isobutyline-isopropylene rubber), a material used in slick aircraft tyres that has high elasticity to cope with touchdown. The inner tube is reinforced by fiber-weave sleeving.

This aside, the Castle 240 RGB V2 looks and performs like the original. Its design includes a somewhat tall, cylindrical pump-block with an RGB LED diffuser up top, plumbed to a 240 mm x 120 mm radiator with two included RGB LED fans. The pump's rated noise is 17.8 dBA at its fixed speed of 2,500 RPM. Each of the included fans spins between 500 to 1,800 RPM, pushing up to 69.34 CFM of air, with a noise output under 30 dBA. DeepCool includes retention modules for AMD sockets TR4 and AM4; and Intel sockets LGA2066 and LGA115x. The company didn't reveal pricing.

DeepCool Rolls Out the MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB Case in Silver

DeepCool introduced the MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB in a silver trim. The case now features a matte-silver finish across the metal parts of its front and site panels, combined with all-white interiors, and tinted tempered glass along the left-side and most of the front-panel. A key design element is the addressable-RGB diffuser running the height of the case along the front panel. All RGB LED elements in the case, including this light-strip, now feature addressable-RGB (3-pin) headers. The case offers four 2.5-inch and two 3.5-inch drive trays/mounts, three 140 mm front panel fan mounts, two 140 mm top mounts, and clearance for graphics cards up to 37 cm in length and 16.8 cm tall CPU coolers. The company didn't reveal pricing.

DeepCool Intros New Ark 90SE Case with Addressable RGB LEDs

DeepCool today introduced a "Second Edition" variant of the New Ark 90 case it debuted this January. The New Ark 90SE as it's called, is almost identical to the original, with the only difference being that its RGB LED elements are modernized to the new addressable-RGB standard, which lets you control them using software such as ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, ASRock Polychrome RGB, and Biostar VividLED. Included with the case is a 6-channel addressable-RGB hub, which plugs into a standardized aRGB header of your motherboard. The rest of its feature-set is unchanged from the original New Ark 90. The refreshed New Ark 90SE is priced the same as the original, at $300.

DeepCool Intros GamerStorm Castle 360 RGB CPU Cooler

DeepCool expanded the GamerStorm Castle RGB line of AIO liquid CPU coolers that feature addressable RGB LEDs, with the new Castle 360 RGB. As its name suggests, the cooler mates a 360 mm x 120 mm radiator with the cylindrical pump-block characteristic of this series, which features dual ceramic bearings for the pump assembly, and a circular RGB LED diffuser along the top plate. The rest of the pump-block's body is finished in matte-black with diamond-cut edges.

A trio of 120 mm fans with addressable RGB LED illumination and rubberized frame edges comes included. These fans each take 4-pin PWM input, spin between 500 to 1,800 RPM, pushing up to 69.34 CFM of air, with a noise output of up to 30 dBA. The pump-block as well as fans feature both an included preset-based lighting module, but also fully support standardized addressable RGB input, letting you control them via motherboard software such as Aura Sync, Mystic Light, RGB Fusion, Polychrome, and VividLED. The GamerStorm Castle 360 RGB is among the rare few coolers that support both AMD TR4 and Intel LGA2066, in addition to AM4 and LGA115x. Available now, the DeepCool GamerStorm Castle 360 RGB is priced at 180€ (including taxes).

Deepcool Expands Matrexx 55 Case Series With Two New RGB Equipped Models

Deepcool is expanding their Matrexx 55 series of cases with the Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB 3F and Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB. Both cases will offer addressable RGB LEDs and come pre-programmed with five lighting functions including; static, comet, breathing, dynamic color, and fashion collision. They even include an ADD-RGB lighting strip in the front for good measure. Controlling all of these RGB LEDs is done via a built-in button on the I/O panel, however, users also have the ability to control the LEDs via software such as; ASUS Aura Sync and MSI Mystic Light among others. Finally, to make matters easier on consumers Deepcool has also made sure to support the universal 5 volt 3-pin RGB connector in conjunction with the proprietary GamerStorm RGB connector.

Unlike the original Matrexx 55 case, both of these new models now feature a power supply shroud giving them an upgraded internal appearance. In regards to differences between the ADD-RGB and ADD-RGB 3F, there is only one and that is the three CF120 ARGB fans included with the 3F model. The ADD-RGB base model has no fans pre-installed. Other than what has been covered, all three Matrexx 55 cases are essentially the same from a base design perspective with all of them using the same internal layout. All three still use the same two 4 mm tempered glass side panels along with the same magnetic dustproof net on top and dust filters in the front and bottom. Availability is expected in November with the Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB 3F costing $75 and the Matrexx ADD-RGB costing $50.

DeepCool Intros the GAMMAXX GT TUF Gaming Alliance Variant

DeepCool today introduced an ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance co-branded variant of the GAMMAXX GT tower-type CPU air cooler. All that's changed are the TUF yellow foam embellishments along the fan-frame mounts, a TUF Gaming Alliance sticker along the impeller hub, and a new die-cast fin-stack top-plate that features the urban camo print that's part of the TUF branding. The impeller itself features a darker shade of gray than the glossy white that makes up the original's impeller. Out of the box, the RGB LED lighting of the fan is programmed to glow at ASUS' favorite shade of yellow for the TUF Gaming brand. The rest of the product is unchanged from the original.

DeepCool Intros GAMMAXX L240 Liquid CPU Cooler

DeepCool today introduced the GAMMAXX L240 all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. This cooler is characterized by a refreshed illumination system that uses addressable RGB LEDs, which take input from standardized aRGB headers, and which can be controlled using ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASRock Polychrome, Biostar VividLED DJ, etc. The lighting consists of a minimalist illuminated ornament on top of the pump-block, and a pair of illuminated 120 mm fans to ventilate the 240 mm x 120 mm radiator. The included 120 mm fans spin between 500 to 1,800 RPM, pushing up to 69.34 CFM of air, with noise output up to 30 dBA, each. Among the CPU sockets supported, are the LGA2066, LGA115x, AM4, and AM3+. Available now, it is priced at USD $90.

DeepCool Intros Gamer Storm MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB Case

DeepCool introduced the Gamer Storm MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB mid-tower case, which is essentially a variant of the MATREXX 55 the company launched this August, but with addressable RGB LED replacing the older standard. The case is characterized by tinted tempered glass panels across the left side panel, and almost 4/5ths of the front. The gap between the glass and metal is accentuated with a prominent addressable RGB LED diffuser. You also get three 120 mm fans with addressable RGB LEDs in the "-3F" sub-variant, which you can install along any of the case's six fan vents, including three along the front panel, two along the top, and an obligatory rear exhaust. The addressable RGB LED lighting along all the illuminated components use standardized ARGB headers, and support most common software control standards such as ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, BIOSTAR VividDJ, etc. All other specifications of this case is the same as the original MATREXX 55.

Deepcool Launches MATREXX 55 ATX PC Case

Deepcool is a company that was built with the vision of providing the finest PC DIY solution for worldwide customers by constantly seeking innovative breakthroughs. Building on the successful achievements in its previous featured computer cases, today Deepcool launches Matrexx 55- Supports E-ATX motherboard, full sized tempered glass; extreme performance; RGB SYNC.

Full sized 4mm thickness, tempered glass side panel and a front panel give the case a unique look to perfectly show off your inner structure. Optimized airflow is guaranteed with large air intakes on two sides of the front panel and an air exhaust in the back and on top, to keep your components cool. Comes with expandable RGB lighting system and includes a pre-installed RGB strip in the front, which is easily controlled by manual button or via the motherboard; Additionally extra connectors are ready to SYNC with the motherboard to control any combination of DEEPCOOL/GAMER STORM 12V RGB devices.

DeepCool Intros the Fryzen CPU Air Cooler for AMD Threadripper

DeepCool probably intended for its name to read like "frozen," but ended up with the name "Fryzen," which is what I'd call a fried (dead) Ryzen. The GamerStorm Fryzen is a large tower-type CPU air cooler designed for AMD socket TR4. Its 68 mm x 46 mm base offers 100% coverage of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper IHS (integrated heatspreader), although it also supports AM4. It takes advantage of this large nickel-plated copper base to pass six 6 mm heat-pipes through the longer side, such that heat pipes line the width of the aluminium fin-stack, rather than the edges. The fin-stack is capped off by a stylish top-plate with an RGB LED diffuser.

The included 120 mm fan spins between 500 to 1,800 RPM, pushing up to 64 CFM of air, with noise output ranging between 17.8-41.5 dBA. The fan features fluid-dynamic bearing, and an X-shaped RGB LED diffuser along its uniquely shaped frame. With the fan installed the Fryzen measures 124 mm x 81.5 mm x 164.6 mm (WxDxH), with little or no intrusion into the memory slots on either side of the CPU socket. It weighs 1.18 kg. Its various RGB LED diffusers take in standardized addressable RGB LED header input, supporting most software control standards. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Deepcool Gamerstorm Launches the Castle 240 RGB and 280 RGB Liquid Coolers

Deepcool Gamerstorm, building on the achievements of its previous AIO liquid coolers, today launches a brand new CPU liquid cooling line that comes in 240 mm and 280 mm sizes - the CASTLE 240/280RGB. The CASTLE 240/280RGB featured, brand-new water-block comes with double window panes and an immersive ambient lighting design which provides a perfect display of aesthetic illumination. Furthermore, its 16.7M true color lighting system comes in 5 built-in effects (dynamic, static, breathing, comet, and fashion collision) and with 36 interchangeable lighting modes. The synchronized RGB lighting system of water blocks and fans can be easily controlled by a wired controller (included) or the addressable RGB function via the motherboard.

DeepCool Intros Maelstrom 240 RGB CPU Cooler

DeepCool today rolled out the Maelstrom 240 RGB all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. What sets this cooler from the company apart from its other AIO coolers, is support for motherboard-based control standards, such as ASUS Aura Sync RGB, ASRock Polychrome RGB, MSI Mystic Light RGB, and GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, giving you control through your motherboard. The cooler features a pair of RGB LED studded 120 mm fans, which plug into your motherboard's 4-pin RGB LED header. As the name suggests, this cooler features a 240 mm x 120 mm radiator.

The pump-block features a copper base, with a ceramic bearing pump. The included fans spin between 500 to 1,800 RPM, pushing up to 69.34 CFM of air, and noise output ranging between 17.8-30 CFM, each. The cooler supports most modern CPU socket types, including LGA 2066, LGA2011(v3), LGA115x, AM4, AM3(+), and FM2(+). The company didn't reveal pricing.

DeepCool Intros New Ark 90 Electro Limited Edition Case

DeepCool today introduced the GamerStorm New Ark 90 Electro limited edition case. The company is only manufacturing 100 pieces of the variant, which is characterized by a racy orange color scheme dominating the smaller left (metallic) portion of the case, including the left side-panel, the left top-panel with its illuminated vents, and more importantly, the motherboard tray and the PSU part of the bottom compartment. The orange motherboard tray is contrasted by black bits in the form of the 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive cage, the rear panel, and the rubber grommets along the tray. The rest of its feature-set is identical to the original, which debuted this January, and bagged a Red Dot design award. The company didn't reveal pricing.

DeepCool Intros Frostwin LED CPU Cooler with High DIMM Clearance

DeepCool today introduced the Frostwin LED, a dual fin-stack, tower-type CPU cooler. The cooler features two fin-stacks that hold on to two 92 mm fans in push-pull configuration, with provision for a third fan. Measuring 102 mm x 121 mm x 142 mm, the cooler has the height typical of a larger heatsink designed for 120 mm fans, and there's a design goal behind this. The fin-stacks are held high up from the motherboard, for additional DIMM and VRM heatsink clearance.

Four 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU at the base, with the two aluminium fin-stacks arranged along their ends. The two included 92 mm fans spin between 900 to 1,800 RPM when plugged into 4-pin PWM power inputs, or up to 1,600 RPM with 3-pin fan headers. At max speed, they push up to 80 CFM of air, with a noise output of 19 dBA, each. The fans feature blue LED lighting, with no control. The cooler weighs in at 740 g. It supports mainstream desktop CPU sockets, such as LGA115x and AM4.

Deepcool Launches MF 120 Aluminum Frameless Smart RGB Fan Set

DEEPCOOL, the company that specialises in feature rich cases and cooling systems for the PC enthusiast has just introduced an exciting new smart fan set featuring frameless fans with RGB lighting and a WIFI compatible controller.

The Deepcool MF120 fan set includes three fans with vibration damping capabilities, and also gets a front side features a seamless all-in one skeleton frame made with 100% aluminum alloy. Its unique frameless design together with double-layer blade can generate positive air pressure and deliver maximum airflow with zero hindrance from the fan structure. The PWM fans can be active between a silent 500 rpm up-to a hefty 2200rpm. These are Fluid Dynamic Bearing fans.

DEEPCOOL Announces New ARK 90: Stylish E-ATX PC Case

DEEPCOOL, the company that specialises in water-cooled and illuminated cases for the PC enthusiast has just introduced the NEW ARK 90 a tower PC case designed to support a variety of options for water-cooling solutions and providing external visibility of the liquid flow for users who want to display and monitor their systems.

NEW ARK 90 completely eliminates the technical issues encountered with installing DIY water-cooled solutions in conventional tower chassis designs and provides users a much more satisfying experience. The tower is a perfect integration of extreme minimalist design, multiple glass panels and RGB lighting to deliver a solution with unique visual aesthetics. Internal compartments offer excellent expandability and compatibility.
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