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ASUS Outs UEFI GOP VBIOS for its GeForce GTX 680 Graphics Cards

ASUS rolled out an optional video BIOS update for its GeForce GTX 680 graphics cards, which lends them GOP UEFI support, letting users take advantage of "Ultra Fast Boot" and "CSM disable" features. To use Windows 8 Secure Boot feature as intended, it's not enough that your PC motherboard supports UEFI, discrete graphics cards should support GOP (graphics output protocol) UEFI, as well. Very few graphics cards at the moment support it, and graphics card board vendors are making efforts on their side to add it.

ASUS' GOP UEFI VBIOS update ships as an executable that updates VBIOS from within Windows (provided it's being run with Administrator rights). ASUS tested the update only on its motherboards. Also, once updated to the UEFI-hybrid VBIOS, the graphics card can't be flashed back to the older legacy one. Risk takers can find the update here. Find more technical information at the source.

Source: ASUS ROG Forums

MSI to Offer Free EFI BIOS Update in July

Micro Star International (MSI) is going to be the next manufacturer to try and replace the old BIOS chips on our motherboards with something new called (EFI) or otherwise known as Extensible Firmware Interface. EFI is intended as a significantly improved replacement of the old legacy BIOS firmware interface used by almost every motherboard today. According to the guys over at MSI will deliver a free upgrade to EFI on its MSI P45 motherboards (it wasn’t specified which models) in July. Upgrading to the EFI BIOS will be optional, users who prefer the old BIOS can always choose not to upgrade.Source:

MSI Details its First P35-Neo3 Motherboard with EFI-BIOS

Motherboard maker Micrso-Star International (MSI) is preparing its first EFI BIOS-equipped motherboard, the P35-Neo3. To mark the occasion, it has presented a few details about EFI and its benefits over BIOS. EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) is an upgraded BIOS specification created by Intel. EFI supports graphical menus and features, mouse-controlled interface, multiple languages, LAN activating environment and pre-boot applications. MSI's P35-Neo3 is set to be released next month.

Source: Expreview, TechConnect Magazine
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