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EK Quantum Torque Series Fittings Expanded With Static Extenders

EK, the premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is extending the Quantum Line Torque fittings with static extenders. With these premium interconnects, it will become very easy to get the correct positioning of the fitting to lessen any work when tube routing or attach a component directly to another via an M-M static extender. Aesthetically they are a perfect match with the EK-Quantum Torque fittings.

EK Announces EK-Quantum Torque 6-Pack STC, HTC Fittings

EK Water Blocks, the premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is launching six-piece multipacks of the entire Torque series fittings due to their increasing popularity and demand as these are the only fittings on the market that feature replaceable aesthetic color rings. These six-pack fittings come in three different finishes - Nickel, Satin Black, and Black Nickel.

EK-Quantum Torque 6-Pack STC (Soft Tube Compression) fitting multipack is a soft-tube compression fitting pack designed for use with flexible soft tubing such as PVC, EPDM, Norprene, silicone, or any other type of compatible flexible tube. EK-Quantum Torque Fittings have a non-intrusive, yet striking look, and with NO added branding at all, they can be complemented by the interchangeable aesthetic color rings, which are purchased separately. These fittings are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to easily refresh the look of their liquid-cooled PC and are a perfect match for the EK-Quantum series products. These are secure variants of the tubing fitting connector as the locking ring prevents a flexible tube from being pulled out of the fitting by compressing the tubing wall underneath the ring. Such fitting does not require any hose clamp or a similar substitute.
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