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Exceleram Announces New Memory Modules and 8GB Dual Kits with Hynix CFR Chips

Exceleram announced some new memory modules and 8 GB dual channel kits with Hynix CFR chips. "Our new "X Series" is now ready," said Mr. Kent Lee, Marketing Director, Exceleram. Following is the Overview of the X Series with the Hynix CFR Chips:
  • E30106X 2GB (1x2GB) 1333MHz, CL9, 1.5V, w/o Heatsink
  • E30112X 4GB (1x4GB) 1333MHz, CL9, 1.5V, w/o Heatsink
  • E30149X 4GB (1x4GB) 1600MHz, CL11, 1.5V, w/o Heatsink
  • E30146X 4GB (1x4GB) 1600MHz, CL9, 1.5V, w/o Heatsink
  • E30150X 4GB (1x4GB) 1866MHz, CL9, 1.65V, w/o Heatsink
  • E30138X 8GB (2x4GB) 1866MHz, CL9. 1.65V, Black Sark Heatsink

Exceleram Announces 8 GB DDR3 Module At A Great Price

Exceleram announced a new value-segment 8 GB DDR3 memory module, the E30200A. This no-frills module lacks any heatspreader, because it probably doesn't need it. It can operate at DDR3-1333 MHz (PC3-10700) speed with CAS latency of 9T, and DRAM voltage of 1.5V. More importantly, it is priced at US $49.99 a piece, making 16 GB (2x 8 GB) dual-channel possible at just $99.98. Compare that to the prices of 2x 8 GB kits available on Newegg.

“[The] target for us was to find a solution for our customers to obtain a new 8GB 1333MHz CL9 Memory Module with the price at only US$ 49.99. This price combined with the strong quality level as well as Exceleram always does, it’s a really tough target for us to reach. But now we have got the solution, the E30200A Memory Module,” said by Steffen Eisenstein, the Product Manager of Exceleram.

Exceleram Unveils 32 GB Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory Kit for Sandy Bridge-E

German memory maker Exceleram is among the first to release quad-channel DDR3 memory kits, in time for Intel's Core i7 "Sandy Bridge-E" processor platform. Sandy Bridge-E processors pack a massive four-channel DDR3 integrated memory controller, and require at least four DDR3 modules to perform optimally. The kit released by Exceleram features in its "Grand" series, and totals 32 GB in size, spread across four 8 GB modules. These modules run at DDR3-1333 MHz speed, with timings of 9-9-9-24, and DRAM voltage of 1.5V. Exceleram did not give out pricing details, but you should be able to buy one of these in time for your big fat Sandy Bridge-E build.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Exceleram Intros Black&White Dual-Channel DDR3 Memory

German boutique memory maker Exceleram announced the new Black&White series of DDR3 memory. The name originates from the modules having black PCBs and white heatspreaders. The first of its kind is a dual-channel DDR3-1600 MHz 8 GB (2x 4 GB) kit. With a module voltage of 1.5V, the modules can run at DDR3-1600 MHz speeds with timings of 9-9-9-24T. Backed by a 10-year warranty, the new kit is said to be available next week.

Exceleram Announces Availability of Rippler Blue Series Memory

Exceleram, the Highend Memory maker based in Landau / Germany announces the availability of the new Blue Rippler Kits. The new Blue Rippler series starts with 8 different memory kits. They will be available in capacities from 8GB to 24GB – the focus is here for all memory demanding applications.

“Something special for the new Blue Rippler series is the high compatibility, you can use them for LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA 1366 and AM3. Thus the endcustomer don´t need much time to find the right memory for his system.” said Martim Reis Silva, Salesdirector Exceleram.

Exceleram Allows Complete Customization of Memory Kits

Exceleram, the Highend Memory Blacksmith from Landau, Germany informs, that from today on everyone can get custom made memory. “We offer Exceleram memory custom made now – every customer has his own wishes and we are listening and responding to them now more than ever. The customer can build his dream-memory by selecting the memory, the heatsinks (even each side could be different) and the packing. Like I would do it with my new car” said Torsten Düker, CEO Exceleram. Many new colors are in process. The test run starts only in Germany, but later we can provide custom memory worldwide.

Exceleram Announces the Availability for 3 New Parts of the EP-Series

Exceleram - the Highend MemoryBlacksmith in Landau / Germany announces the availability of 3 new parts of the EP-Series, and expanded its product range. “The EP series includes memory(kits) based on timing latencies of (currently) 1333mhz, but with "air" up to the top, so that overclockers have their fun.” says Steffen Eisenstein, Product Manager at Exceleram.

We start with 3 models: the EP3001A, a 2GB 1333MHz CL9 single module. Followed by a 4GB (2x 2GB) 1333MHz CL9 Memorykit and a 6GB (3x 2GB) 1333MHz CL9 kit, both with the known "Rippler" heatsink. The voltage is 1.5 volts and all are exclusively equipped with the famous Power Chip Rev. D 128 x 8 chips.

Exceleram Intros New Rippler Memory Kits for Sandy Bridge Processors

German memory maker Exceleram released five new Rippler series dual-channel DDR3 memory kits brandishing optimal support for Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture processors. The fleet consists of 2x 2 GB and 2x 4 GB pairs, carrying SPD/XMP profiles of 1333 MHz or 1600 MHz. It starts with ERS300A, which is a 2x 2 GB kit that does 1333 MHz with 9-9-9-24 timings, strictly adhering to the JEDEC PC3-10700H specification. Next is the ERS301A, which is a 2x 4 GB kit that also sticks to the JEDEC specification, doing 1333 MHz @ 9-9-9-24.

Things become faster with ERS302A, which is a 2x 2 GB kit carrying XMP-1600 profile, doing 1600 MHz at 9-9-9-24. The ERS303A is a 2x 4 GB version of the same. Lastly, there's ERS304A, which carries an XMP profile that runs the modules at 1333 MHz, albeit with 7-10-10-24, with CAS taking a kit on every other vital latency parameter. All kits carry module voltages specified in the profiles at 1.50 volts. All modules feature black PCBs and the Rippler heatspreader the company used in several models, in the past. Exceleram did not give out pricing information.

Exceleram Announces Rippler Series Memory Kits

Exceleram – the Highend Memory based in Landau, Germany, announces the availability of the first four Rippler Memory Kits. The name Rippler stands for a new Heatsink designed especially for the overclocking community. The German Exceleram Team completed the development and the Rippler Series is ready to ship now. First shipments are leaving the German warehouse this week. The Rippler Series will be expanded during the next weeks.

“We already have customer requests for other Rippler Kits and we will consider them of course.” said Martim Reis Silva – Sales Director Exceleram. As a goody, there are also 2 highend kits with black 8layer PCB available. In the beginning the memory will be delivered in a noble aluminiumbox instead of plastic blister.

Exceleram Announces New DDR3 Memory Kits Based on High-End PCBs

Exceleram announced refreshed memory kit lineup better tuned for overclocking, under the SpeedSlider series. Modules are equipped with a new 8-layer black PCB that provides higher electrical stability. There are eight new kits in all, with capacities ranging from 4 GB (2x 2 GB) to 6 GB (3x 2 GB). Of these four are of a higher grade, marked by a red culvert heatspreader, these include the EB3102A (4 GB, 1600 MHz, 6-8-7-24, 1.65V); EB3103A (6 GB, 1600 MHz, 6-8-7-24, 1.65V); EB3100A (4 GB, 1600 MHz, 6-9-8-24, 1.65V); and EB3104A (6 GB, 1600 MHz, 6-9-8-24, 1.65V).

Marked by the blue culvert heatspreader, the remaining four are slightly more value-oriented. These include the EB3120A (4 GB, 1600 MHz, 7-8-7-24, 1.65V); EB3121A (6 GB, 1600 MHz, 7-8-7-24, 1.65V); EB3117A (4 GB, 1333 MHz, 7-7-7-21, 1.50V); and EB3118A (6 GB 1333 MHz, 7-7-7-21, 1.50V). “We act on the suggestions from many customers with this step,” said Torsten Düker, CEO of Exceleram. The company did not reveal pricing, but said that these will reach stores very soon.

Exceleram Intros Pair of Low-Voltage Mainstream DDR3 Dual-Channel Memory Kits

German memory maker Exceleram announced a pair of low-voltage, dual-channel, 4 GB DDR3 memory kits for use in mainstream PCs. The first kit, ELV001A, consists of two 2 GB modules that run at PC3-10600 (1333 MHz) DDR speeds with timings of 7-7-7-21, and DRAM voltage of 1.35V; while the second kit, the ELV002A, gives you two modules that run at PC3-12800 (1600 MHz) DDR speeds with timings of 9-9-9-24, at 1.35V. Both kits are estimated by the manufacturer to draw 10% lesser power compared to conventional 1.5V modules. The modules are decked up by "Blue Culvert" heatspreaders to keep cool. While the company did not give out prices, it mentioned that they will be reasonable.

Exceleram Announces the Availability of 4 New DDR3 Memory Kits

Overclocker/Gamer and all enthusiasts will be happy about these 2x2GB DDR3 high end memory kits with high clock rate for the P55 platform. EXCELERAM stands out due to its unrivalled price for high end memory – also for these new high end kits.

EXCELERAM offers 10 years warranty for his memory throughout Europe. Fast and direct RMA processing for endcustomers is warranted through Ironstone Distribution GmbH. Handling time normally is 5 working days. All memory is 100% hand-tested on mainboards – thereby the DOA rate (Dead On Arrival) would be almost 0%.

Georgios Kopanidis – COO of EXCELERAM says: “A couple of months we weren´t in the limelight. In this time we set the course to strengthen our team of memory specialists in Germany. In the next months we will announce many new great products with our well known quality. Know-how and man-power is abound. We also will put more effort into the Overclocking segment.”

Mushkin-Exceleram Introduces New DDR3 Kits

Earlier this year, Mushkin acquired Exceleram to expand its technological expertise and manufacturing footprint. Exceleram had been in the business of high-performance gaming system memory modules for quite some time. Post acquisition, Mushkin lets Exceleram products, both current and future, retain the Exceleram brand name and product logos. News is, that the company launched two dual-channel DDR3 memory kits.

The EX3-21800X2-S2 is a 2x 1GB kit, that operates at 1800 MHz DDR, with timings of 8-8-8-24 and DIMM voltage of 1.85~1.90 V. The EX3-41600Q2-SM is a 2x 2GB kit. This is where the bank density eats into other parameters such as timings and frequency. It operates at 1600 MHz DDR, with looser timings of 9-9-9-27. On a positive note, the module voltage has been pushed down to 1.7 V, and it won't be too far-fetched to estimate, that the modules could operate at 1333 MHz at much lower voltages. While there's no word out on the pricing yet, Mushkin on its part states that the products would sell at "unbeatable prices".
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