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Palit GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 JetStream and G-Panel Pictured

Here are some of the first pictures of Palit's enthusiast-grade, JetStream-branded GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 graphics cards. The two cards look similar, with an identical JetStream cooling solution, with slightly different PCBs on account of different memory types between the two SKUs. These cards are not to be confused with the GTX 1080 Super JetStream, which features the company's highest possible factory OC for the GTX 1080.

Much like the GTX 1070/GTX 1080 GamerRock, the JetStream features a touch of RGB LED lighting along its cooler's top. The company also showed off the G-Panel accessory. We're not sure if this comes bundled with the JetStream cards, or is meant to be purchased separately. The module plugs into one of the USB 3.0 headers on your motherboard, or a type-A port if used externally, and puts out two front-panel USB 3.0 ports of its own (one each of type-A and type-C). The biggest feature, however, is the 2-color LCD display, which can put out five lines of text in the system font, with useful realtime temperature/clocks monitoring, general information, or simply a cool alarm clock.

ASUS ROG OC Station Makes a Reappearance, Slated for Computex 2009

The ASUS Republic of Gamers (R.O.G) OC Station first surfaced at the CES event earlier this year, where it was referred to as G-Panel. Heading towards a gala Computex launch, perhaps along with the recently pictured Crosshair III Formula, the OC Station represents the company's attempts to woo the professional overclocker with a hardware OC management device.

The ROG OC Station is a device that features controls for the system's overclocking on the fly, along with various temperature, voltage, and fan speed control/monitoring added to the mix. As a fan controller, the OC station provides output to four fans. The device connects to the ROG series motherboard and provides "hardware-based OC", meaning that it isn't merely a human-interface extension for a software running on the OS. Controls are care of three buttons along with a rotary switch, while a TFT-LCD screen keeps the user posted about clock-speeds, voltages, fan-speeds and temperatures, which might help when the system's display is busy running a 3D benchmark. The device can be used on the desk, where it's front panel moves along a hinge, for better user orientation, or its 2U size can occupy two 5.25-inch drive bays on a PC case.

Source: XFastest

ASUS Shows Off ROG G-Panel at CES

ASUS' iconic Republic of Gamers series motherboards have a new member in its series: the G-Panel. This is an overclocking panel, a diagnostics display, and a fan-controller rolled into one. The device can be used outside a case, on a test-bench, or even its 2U design for fitting into cases, where it occupies two 5.25 inch drive-bays. French website Matbe caught a few glimpses of it at the CES event.

The G-Panel provides an extensive feature set. To begin with, every diagnostic reading otherwise found in the system BIOS or high-level OC software is shown, that include clock-speeds, voltages and temperatures, all updated in real-time. The user can manage system overclocking using the panel's controls. Using the same controls, fan-speeds can be managed, as the device gives out four fan connections for case fans, in addition to all the fan-connections the motherboard provides. The G-Panel is compatible with select ASUS ROG series motherboards, though the exact compatibility list, availability and pricing are not known at this point.

Source: Matbe
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