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Aqua Computer Announces Waterblocks for the GTX295 and GT200b

Today we present to you the aquafrax GTX295 watercooler just in time with the release of the GTX 295 graphics card. The cooler is built in a sandwich style to cool both of the cards. The intermediate level is made of Delrin, the cooling blocks are 99.9% electrolyte copper. As a special feature, one will be able to choose if water runs parallel or in series through the blocks. So you can choose between high flow and low restriction or better cooling with high flow velocity. In parallel mode you need an additional T-Connector.

GPU´s are cooled with high efficiency microstructure. Focus was also on low restriction. The threads are G 1/4 and the cooler will be available as of next week. Materials are copper and delrin.

Zotac GeForce GTX 260² Pictured

NVIDIA will be releasing 55nm versions of the G200 graphics processor, which provides better thermal and power characteristics. What's more, NVIDIA could allow its partners to come up with their own designs or colour themes right away, at least from what can be seen with the Zotac GeForce GTX 260². The card uses a blue PCB, without a cooler shroud at the back of it. In the current iteration of the GeForce 200 series, memory chips are also located at the back of the card, requiring a heatspreader. In the newest iteration of the PCB, several changes are brought about:
  • Toned-down power circuitry overall, with 4 phase vGPU and 2 phase vMem
  • Aluminum support-brace surrounding the GPU
  • Memory chips located only on one side of the PCB, leaving nothing at the back-side of the PCB that requires cooling, hence no heatspreader

First Images of NVIDIA's 55nm GT200b GPU Emerge

Thanks to our friends over at Expreview, we can post what's reported as the first photo of NVIDIA's 55nm GT200b graphics core. According to the information, all NVIDIA cores marked with the G200-103-B2 nomenclature are made using NVIDIA's 55nm processing technology. First cards to ship with the revised GPU will be GeForce GTX 260 series. The video cards will hit the market in January next year, with unchanged memory (896MB) and stream processor specs (216sp). Non-reference versions of the cards as well as reported GT200b models of GeForce GTX 280 and dual-core GeForce GTX 260GX2 will go on sale at the same time, too. Hopefully, the installment of the new core will bring prices of the NVIDIA cards further down.

Source: Expreview
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