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SPARKLE Unveils GeForce 210/GT220/GT240 PCI Express x1 Graphics Cards

SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., the professional VGA card manufacturer and supplier, today unveils the SPARKLE GeForce 210/GT220/GT240 PCI Express x1 Graphics Cards, creating upgrade possibility for user's generic PC, providing 1080p HD video acceleration, DX10.1 gaming and premium Windows 7 experience for ordinary users.

With latest PCI Express technology, SPARKLE GeForce 210/GT220/GT240 PCI Express x1 Graphics Cards use PCI Express x1 bus type, they can be added on the motherboard which have at least one PCI Express x1 slot as the second graphics card, providing multiple monitors supports for computer users and certain industries, in addition to industrial users, they also support the upgrading of Intel Pine Trail motherboard which has only one PCI Express x1 slot.

GeForce G 210 and GT 220 Surface

DirectX 11 isn't far from its being an official industrial standard. Both NVIDIA and AMD have high-end graphics processors supporting the standard in the works, though it is expected that by the time DirectX 11 reaches the masses, we will be into 2010. On the course, both companies have the time to perfect their designs on the new 40 nm silicon fabrication technology, which will build the first waves of DirectX 11 GPUs. One of the best ways of doing this is by building products based on the current architecture on the new process, and testing the foundry-companies' abilities to handle large market demands, while benefiting from low-manufacturing costs. Following AMD's introduction of the RV740, NVIDIA recently announced a new class of mGPUs based on the 40 nm process, and is having concrete plans of selling their desktop versions by this October.

Two of the important starting points for NVIDIA are the GT218 and GT216 graphics processors. The two have already being assigned mGPU branding of GeForce G 210M and GeForce GT 230M respectively. Their desktop versions are to be branded GeForce G 210 and GeForce GT 220 respectively. VR-Zone sourced the specifications of these GPUs, by running them on the upcoming GeForce 190.15 drivers.

NVIDIA Outsources 40 nm to Foundry Partners in Q2

With rival AMD having a production-grade 40 nm graphics processor, and UMC's recent announcement of being ready with a high-performance 40 nm manufacturing node, the conditions are increasingly favourable for NVIDIA to flag-off large-scale production of 40 nm GPUs. According to Chinese print-media Commercial Times, the company set its foundry outsourcing schedule for within Q2 2009, with TSMC and UMC being the regular foundry-partners.

Within this quarter, NVIDIA will start mass-production of the entry-level GT218, high-end mobile GT215 and mainstream desktop GT214 and GT216 GPUs. Additionally, the company may also expand its output for the 55 nm G200b high-end GPU.Source: DigiTimes

Eurocom Preparing GT2xx SLI-Based Desktop Replacement Notebook

Desktop replacement laptop specialists Eurocom is said to be preparing the first mobile platform featuring a NVIDIA GT2xx-series (tenth generation NVIDIA GPU) multi-GPU graphics subsystem. The company's next-generation M980U Emperor already listed on the company website, is specified to hold two Gxx-class GPUs. The company can claim this to be the first mobile platform to even feature a Gxx GPU, let alone a multi-GPU setup.

In its report, GPU Café notes that with GT2xx based mobile GPUs planned for the later half of this year, one can expect the GPUs on the Eurocom notebook to be based on the GT215 GPU, a performance-class GPU that is expected to replace the G92 series GPUs. The GT215 will be built on the 40 nm manufacturing process, from which one can expect energy efficiency. The rest of the notebook's specifications include a Core 2 Extreme processor, and uses the NVIDIA MCP79xi SLI core-logic, 1920×1080 px HD display, up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory and 1.5 TB of storage. Incidentally, Eurocom is also one of the first desktop replacement vendors to be preparing an Intel Core i7-based notebook.Source: GPU Café
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