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HaptX Announces Development Kit Release for Its Haptic Feedback VR Gloves

HaptX today announced that they're opening availability of development kits for their HaptX haptic feedback VR Gloves. The development kits include a pair of HaptX gloves - each featuring 130 tactile actuators that provide realistic touch across the hand and fingertips, with full tactile displacement of objects, size, and weight feedback. Built with HaptX's patented microfluidic technology, HaptX Gloves also deliver powerful force feedback and industry-leading motion tracking with sub-millimeter precision.

The HaptX gloves and accompanying software are already supported in unity and Unreal Engine 4 - two of the most widespread games development engines - which should allow for increased chances of market integration towards VR experiences. Bringing the physical to the visual is the motto here, and there's a world of potential to be achieved.

HaptX Ready to Introduce Haptic Feedback VR Gloves to the Market This Year

One thing that's missing in VR today (among all the other things that still require a couple or more generations to be fully developed) is actual physical interaction with the VR world. The world can be fully convincing from a graphical perspective - and that's hard enough to do already with VR's graphical processing requirements - but your mind being fooled solely by your visual senses can only go so far. Arguably, physical sensations as they relate to VR will be one of the next development steps towards a full-fledged, believable VR experience. HaptX has taken that challenge, and has developed their first generation VR glove to try and make that physical contact with VR worlds a reality.
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