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Huntkey Unveils the MVPLand 650W Power Supply

Power supply maker Huntkey unveiled its gamer-targeted MVPLand line of power supplies that cover various mid-thru-upper range price-points. The company showed off its 650W model (K650M). Subjective styling aside, you get 80 Plus Gold efficiency, single +12V rail design, DC-to-DC switching, most common electrical protections, and a temperature-activated fan that stays off below a load/temperature threshold. The PSU features fully modular cabling. There's enough juice and straws for a gaming PC with up to two high-end graphics cards.

Huntkey Announces X-TREME Series of Power Supply

Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, has announced its latest X-TREME series of power supply, which contains 5 models: EN 450, GP 500, GP 550, APFC 600 and APFC 700. The Huntkey X-TREME series adopts active PFC and dual forward circuit for a high conversion efficiency of 80%, therefore saving power for users. It uses a 12cm fan, which can reduce heat and lower noise, leaving a silent environment.

The rich connectors of the power supply allow users to install several hard disks. With a long DC cable, the X-TREME series support dorsal line perfectly. The whole series lies in the middle and high power range and can meet the power needs of all graphic cards. The Huntkey X-TREME series of power supply supports all kinds of CPU and protects your system far away from blue screen. The multiple protections, including Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Over Power Protection and Short Circuit Protection, guarantee safety of your other components.

Huntkey Launches New MVP Series PSUs

Huntkey announces new MVP series PSU. It means Most Value Power for gaming. It incorporates various high-quality components, which range from 500W to 600W so that they always accommodate any mainstream buildings under any circumstance. Smart cooling fan delivers silent cooling with intelligent temperature control.

Huntkey Debuts X-Power Series Power Supply for Europe

Huntkey Enterprise Group., a well known manufacturer of high quality power supply, today unveiled its new X-Power series. With a 12cm fan, the X-Power 400 desktop power supply produces less noise than comparable products, meeting the requirements of current demands in both home and office.

It is well known that the efficiency of a power supply is important because an efficient PSU boasts better components, wastes less power, and generates less heat. With its high efficiency design, X-Power 400 can reach 85% efficiency at typical load and complies with 2014 EU regulations. "With an active power factor correction circuit inside the power supply, the X-Power 400 can also reduce power loss of AC input line," said Mr Zhong, product manager of Huntkey Enterprise Group.

Huntkey Officially Announces X-MAN DIY Chassis at ChinaJoy 2014

Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, has demonstrated the colorful X-MAN DIY chassis to the gamers for the first time at ChinaJoy 2014.

Following the E3 in U.S. , and the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, ChinaJoy has become one of the greatest events of the world's game industry. It is meant to strengthen domestic game supervision in China , actively regulate the Chinese market, and rigorously fight against piracy, in order to encourage and support the development and the sales of legal game products.

Huntkey X7 1000 Delivers Silent and Steady Power with Bronze Efficiency

Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, has recently announced a new addition to its X7 Series. The X7 1000 power supply features 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency, fully modular cables, Japanese electrolytic capacitors and synchronous rectification DC/DC converter protection.

It is well known that X7 Series PSUs are famous for its 4E: Efficiency, Enhanced performance, Effectiveness and Environmental Friendliness, which are demonstrated mainly on its high-end products, including 900 W and 1200 W. Huntkey X7 Series PSUs captured quite a few prizes at home and abroad since its first product launch in 2009.

Huntkey Delivers New Series of Part-In-One Desktop PCs

In order to meet different users' and markets' needs, Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, has introduced its latest DIY All-in-One PCs.

Reclaim your desk and reduce the amount of space needed by up to 80 percent, compared to traditional desktop configurations. The integrated power supply means one cable is all you need, cutting down on clutter. And this new series of part-in-one desktop includes an ergonomically designed adjustable screen angle (0 to 45 degrees) and multiple stand offerings, for maximum user comfort from a compact footprint.

Huntkey Releases the Spider Gaming Chassis

Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, has introduced its latest gaming chassis - Spider - for gamers who demand the balance between style and performance.

The four optional fans offer users not only more visual enjoyment but also better ventilation. Together with the stylish design of black and red, the brand new Spider is not only eye-catching, but also tailored to provide gaming users with excellent thermal performance. Besides, the integrated ergonomic top handle is specially designed for easy moving.

Huntkey Rolls Out HA210 and HA211 AIO Barebones

After the first PIO (Parts-In-One) desktop series HA210 and HA211, Huntkey advanced its part-in-one desktop pcs and delivers HA230 and HA212, which will bring your digital home to life. Fueled by smart power supply, powerful graphics, and vivid audio, its full HD display looks beautiful and performs even better. Plus, it is easy to install or upgrade by yourself.

Reclaim your desk and reduce the amount of space needed by up to 80 percent, compared to traditional desktop configurations. The integrated power supply means one cable is all you need, cutting down on clutter. And this new series of part-in-one desktop includes an ergonomically designed adjustable screen angle (0 to 45 degrees) and multiple stand offerings, for maximum user comfort from a compact footprint.

Huntkey Releases Power Supplies for Servers and Industrial Personal Computers

Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, has delivered numerous industrial power supplies to meet various demands from servers, communication, workstation, storage, networking application or any other automation applications.

Huntkey has released all kinds of form factor power supplies, such as 1U, 2U, 4U, ATX, FLEX, SFX, TFX, and so on. The high-load electrical components adopted by Huntkey industrial PSUs make them work perfectly in an industrial environment. In addition, with its full range of input and output electrical features, Huntkey products also comply with the latest safety and EMC standards, and therefore meet various regulations all over the world. Customers will be impressed by the longtime working and stable performance of Huntkey industrial PSUs.

Huntkey Show Successfully Held at Computex 2013, Taipei

At the international exhibition of computer and consumer electronics Computex 2013, Taipei, Huntkey Enterprise Group presents a wide range of innovative products that reflect the company's leading position and current trends in contemporary performance, economy and environmental security of computer components and systems. The booth number of Huntkey is J1009a, Nangang Exhibition Hall.

During the exhibition, Huntkey has presented a full range of modern productive power supplies for desktop PCs, including the flagship FX500SE, 80Plus Platinum certified, the FX750GM with 80Plus Gold, and the 80Plus Bronze model FX620M with modular system cables. Furthermore, the model FX500SE supports intelligent cooling mode, in which the fan is completely disconnected when the load is below 250 Watt and the PSU is completely silent.

Huntkey Debuts FX Series of Power Supplies

Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, debuted its latest FX Series of power supplies, including an FX500SE power supply, which is 80Plus Platinum certified, and an FX620M power supply, which is 80Plus Bronze certified.

The FX Series of power supplies are fully compliant with 80Plus Platinum (FX500SE) and Bronze (FX620M) efficiency requirements. It features powerful 12V output delivery (up to 90% power available on +12V rail) for extreme gamers only, enough to power up most high end VGAs and CPUs at greatly quiet operations. It is specially designed for hardcore gamers who desire extremely high efficiency and powerful gaming products.

Huntkey Unleashes GS Series Power Supply

Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, has unleashed its new GS series power supply, which is suitable for gamers.

GS means Green Star. It uses a 12 cm fan, which can reduce fan speed and lower noise. GS also means Gamer Star. With dual +12V rails and highly efficient design, the efficiency of GS series power supply can reach up to 82% at typical load. Active power factor correction circuit can improve PF value. Extra long 12V 4+4pin CPU cable supports tower gamer chassis.

Huntkey Introducing Military Camouflage Hardware Combo

Huntkey, professional power supply, PC chassis and accessory provider, is introducing a military camouflage hardware combo targeting gamers with a true military spirit. The FX600 600W 80 Plus Platinum certified PC power supply, is supporting high-end setups with multiple-graphics, and AMD as well as Intel CPUs. All cables have a special sleeving, so your hardware won’t be scratched during installation or upgrade. With its high efficiency certification, heat-dissipation as well as noise development are keep to an absolute minimum.

The upcoming military camouflage mid-tower fits exactly the style of the FX600, making them a perfect match for gamers. The front is not only sturdy, but also ideal for ventilation. On the top we find 2x 2.0 USB and 1x USB 3.0 connector. The bigger power on/off button and the smaller reset buttons are distinguished. On top we also implanted a tray for portable disk, CDs, recharging your cell phone or other things you want close by.

Huntkey Expanding Their Mobile Power Bank Offers With 3 New Models

Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, is broadly expanding their line-up of portable Power Banks to charge USB port powered devices such as mobile phones, media players, GPS, cameras and even modern tablet PCs. With people traveling around a lot, commuting, being on the move or just at the beach, they tend to schlep along quite a few digital devices that they wish to be powered all the way until they get to the next power outlet in the wall. Portable Power Banks meet exactly those needs of modern digital nomads. A Power Bank is basically a battery the size of a mobile phone but allows you to recharge your digital devices several times with one load. As an indicator you refer to the mAh (mili-Ampere per hour) rating, defining how much power can be stored in the respective Power Bank.

Huntkey introducing ultra-slim X-MAN 90W Universal Notebook Adapter

Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, is introducing their latest ultra-slim (1.7 cm), super-light (267.8 g) universal notebook adapter, the Huntkey X-MAN 90W. With 10 exchangeable power-tips this notebook adapter is supporting all major notebooks with 18V~20V input voltage available on the market today. Furthermore, Huntkey's X-MAN is equipped with a 5V USB power port to charge mobile phones, multimedia players and digital cameras. What sets the Huntkey X-MAN 90W power adapter most prominently apart from the crowd is the support for charging with 2A (2 Ampere), where most others only provide 1A. This in turn provides compatibility with a wide range of tablet PCs as well.

By applying Huntkey's own production process overall power density has been increased by almost 25%, while maintaining very low temperatures, resulting in ultra slim dimensions of 117.3(L) x 68.5(W) x 17(H) mm. At the same time power efficiency has been improved by another 2.3% now reaching 89%. All of this in combination with a handy carrying bag make the Huntkey X-MAN power adapter a convenient travel companion.

Huntkey Displays X7 Post-Apocalyptic Case Concept

There are plenty of current and upcoming games set in a post-apocalyptic scenario, the limited few who are deep into the survival-horror and adventure settings will find this new case from Huntkey interesting, even otherwise the rustic industrial looks should get some. Called the X7, the case comes from one of the more popular case and PSU manufacturers selling in the eastern markets. The Huntkey X7 is an ATX full-tower case that features an industrial, almost post-apocalyptic design scheme. The side panel uses not just two-dimensional painted structures, but also three-dimensional metal shards sewn together by a network of screws.

It's not just the random shapes these shards are made of, but also the physical texture, that add originality to this design. The case looks like it's supported by a central SECC-made frame with shards all over it. The front panel looks like a set of random drive bay and fan bay covers, one even has a worn-out StarCraft logo. The surface carries splashes of rusty colors, worn out silvery surface, and patches of red, denoting that the "pre-apocalyptic" X7 may have been a metal-overall case with red paint. Inside, the case has components located in places where some of the first ATX tower cases had them: PSU on the top, a top drive-cage with four 5.25" bays, and one 120 mm rear exhaust apart from two 120 mm front intakes. There are top-exhausts, too, but they're made to appear like they've been drilled out later. The case is sure to make heads turn at LAN parties. Make sure you complement it: go dressed in a worn-out anti-radiation overcoat.

Huntkey X7 500W PSU Bags 80 PLUS Platinum Efficiency Certification

Huntkey Enterprise Group announces that Huntkey 500W rated power supply has been certified by 80PLUS PLATINUM, which stands for that Huntkey 80PLUS line-up products finished from standard 80PLUS certification to the highest level of 80PLUS certification -- PLATINUM.

80PLUS certification has been well-known by most of end-users. On October 2009, 80PLUS organization had added specification for Platinum efficiency level as its highest level for efficiency. For the higher certification levels, the requirement of 0.9 or better power factor was extended to apply to 20% and 50% load levels, as well as at 100% load. The Platinum level requires 0.95 or better power factor for servers.

Huntkey Announces 80 Plus Gold Certified X7 1200W and 300W PSUs

Huntkey Enterprise Group held its Huntkey 80PLUS GOLD Certified Power Supplies launch conference successfully at 2:00 PM on November 23 at Dinghao's meeting hall. With a theme of "Surmounting", this conference released a series of 80PLUS Gold certified power-supplies with rated power of 300W and 1200W. It attracted many famous national IT media and overclockers.

Huntkey Vice President, Mr. Liu, global marketing manager, Mr. Tang, and global product manager, Mr. Villa, shared their opinions with audience. "Today's launch of 80PLUS Gold certified power supplies is dedicated to both overclockers and mainstream users alike. We hope to bring energy-saving, safe, high quality but cost-effective products to more users," Mr. Liu said. "300W and 1200W 80PLUS Gold certified power supplies stand for Huntkey's pursuit of two extremes, one for high-end quality, and the other for entry level users. The surmounting theme shows Huntkey's commitment for innovation." said another Huntkey representative in charge of the conference.

Huntkey Introduces the Shield H405 PC Case with Radiation Protection

Huntkey Enterprise Group officially announces that “Radiation Protection for the Future”, Huntkey SHIELD chassis global launching ceremony is scheduled to be presented in Shenzhen Huntkey Industrial Park on October 28. One of the major releases of the company in 2010, it would be distributed in the retail market as a middle/high-end product of Huntkey.

With the advance of technology and the proliferation of the Internet, the computer is today a must-have device in our daily life. It is nothing strange for an office lady, or business people to watch a movie, or play video games at home after eight hours of working in front of the screen. For them, over half of their time is spent on computers every day. It is hard to image what life would be without a computer. However, a computer generates radiation. The longer we use computer, the more risk of exposure to radiation hazard. While there are numerous reports online about computer radiation hazards, the most common include acne, balding and infertility.

Huntkey Announces X7 Series 1200W Power Supply

Together with such well-known PC hardware brands like GYGABYTE, ATI, Geil, Aerocool and Enermax, Huntkey Enterprise Group sponsors the Futuremark Global Overclocking Competition - GIGABYTE OVERHAULING 2010. As the unique authorized power supply sponsor for the Futuremark Global Overclocking Competition -- GYGABYTE OVERHAULING, Huntkey Enterprise Group removed the cover from its Huntkey X7 1200W power supply, which is dedicated to game, DIY and overclocking enthusiasts worldwide. "This is our first time to unveil X7 1200W PSU worldwide," Villa Li, Huntkey Product Manager said.

The Huntkey X7 1200W power supply supports the latest hardware configuration with high high-performance graphic cards under the Microsoft Window7 OS and fully complies with the latest industrial standards EPS12V Version 2.92 and Intel ATX12V Version 2.3. Four advanced technologies: Phase-shifted Full-bridge, Interleaved PFC, Synchronous Rectification and DC to DC Module, allows for higher efficiency, more stability and smooth operations. The 1200W rated continuous power and six +12V rails with cable management design provides superior performance.
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