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IntelliProp Announces High Performance SATA SSD Flash Controller

IntelliProp, Inc., a leader in innovative semiconductors for Data Storage applications, announced today the availability of a new, SATA SSD (Solid State Drive) Flash Controller, the IPA-SA129-CT. The new device was developed at IntelliProp's Longmont design center using their internally developed cores (SATA, flash, ECC, AES) and logic. The first customer development is preparing for production.

The IPA-SA129-CT is an SSD (Solid State Drive) flash controller for Serial ATA (SATA) applications supporting SATA 6 Gb/s speeds. The IntelliProp IPA-SA129-CT (code named "Apache") features enterprise class ECC:BCH error correction, True End-to-End CRC, AES-XTS-256bit encryption and supports both MLC and SLC flash. The data path for read and write IO's of the IPA-SA129-CT controller is managed by IntelliProp's proprietary hardware accelerator engines to provide consistent, low latency access to user data. This data path architecture focuses on maximizing IOPS and throughput while allowing the embedded processor cycles to be dedicated to garbage collection and background management tasks.

Avant Technology and IntelliProp Announce Partnership on 1 TB & 2 TB SSDs

Avant Technology has shipped its 1 Terabyte (1 TB) and 2 Terabyte (2 TB) Enterprise class Solid State Drives, effectively doubling the capacity of the largest SSDs available up to this point. These 1 TB and 2 TB drives merge the capacity of an HDD with the performance of an SSD to create the ultimate 2.5" drive. Enabling this capacity increase is the unique SATA bridge technology provided by IntelliProp Inc. in Longmont, CO. Avant and IntelliProp will be showcasing this technology at the 2013 Flash Memory Summit.

"The Avant and IntelliProp teams have worked closely to integrate IntelliProp's device with our drive design expertise to enable a family of high capacity SSD drives with excellent uncompressible data write performance. These drives set the stage for continued advancements in data storage and Avant will be at the leading edge." - Paul Goodwin, Avant Technology Chief Technology Officer.
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