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Sony PlayStation 3 Officially Supports Blu-ray 3D Playback

When it first came out, Sony's PlayStation 3 game console was the easiest way to have a Blu-ray disc (BD) player, because the console uses BD as its primary media. With a new firmware update from Sony, users can add Blu-ray 3D support. It is especially interesting because not every older standalone Blu-ray player supports the latest 3D format. Firmware update 3.50 applies to all versions of the PlayStation 3 (that's Slim and the original design). The move to let the PS3 have Blu-ray 3D support was backed by an announcement that upcoming game titles on the PS3, such as Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3 will come in stereoscopic 3D.

Source: FlatpanelsHD

PS3 Halo-Killer Killzone 2 To Be Shown At E3

News is coming out that the PS3 killer app Killzone 2 is set to be shown at E3.

The game is going to be shown to the gaming world during an invite-only pre E3 event.

The event is expected to have about 150 invited guests attending to see the game in action. The expectation at this point is that Killzone 2 is going to be shown in a playable form.

What this form is going to be is not yet known because it is not known whether it will be a single-player demo, multiplayer, etc.

Also it is not known what the game will look like as it has not yet been shown in any form since E3 2005 when the game was unveiled in a video-form showcasing amazing photo-realistic visuals which many stated could not actually be achieved in playable gameplay.

Sony has the invite-only event going against the Microsoft keynote event as well in an attempt to steal thunder from the Xbox 360 and Microsoft. It seems that Killzone 2 will be ready to try and steal the show at E3 2007.Source:
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