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DFI LanParty X58 UT T3eH8 Pictured

DFI is ready with its high-end motherboard based on the Intel X58 chipset, providing support for the Intel Core i7 processors. It features three PCI-E x16 slots, that arrange themselves into x16, x8, x8, to support ATI CrossfireX and NVIDIA SLI technologies. The board is studded with high-grade components that include a digital PWM CPU power circuit. The board provides vDroop control. It features an intricate cooling design, with blocks of aliminum fin arrays over the northbridge, and the VRM areas. The VRM cooler projects out of the case, and over the case-fan, if arranged. DFI is expected to announce this product soon.

Source: Donanim Haber

DFI LANPARTY UT X58 Motherboard Pictured

One of our readers sent us the link to a TweakTown story that gives an exclusive look at DFI's latest LANPARTY UT X58 motherboard. I won't bother you with the Intel X58 specs you probably already know by heart. Pictures speak enough for themselves:

This is a working sample. Although there's no adequate cooling on the northbridge and the southbridge there'll be one in the retail version and it'll probably be supplied by Thermalright. DFI plans to charge over $300 for this motherboard.Source: TweakTown

Three DFI LanParty X48 Boards Pictured

DFI has kindly sent TweakTown pictures of their upcoming X48 boards and it looks like there will be no less than three different DDR2 models coming. DFI LanParty UT X48-T2R, LanParty LT X48-T2R, and LanParty DK X48-T2RS are all Intel X48 motherboards that support Intel Core 2 CPUs with 1600FSB and have four DDR2 667/800MHz DIMMs. The first two will share the same PCB design and features with the only difference being the chipset cooling. Both cooling systems will be from Thermalright, but DFI LanParty UT X48-T2R will use a premium new version, while LanParty LT X48-T2R will have the same old cooling found in DFI's previous X38 motherboards (LanParty LT X38-T2R). The third Lanparty DK X48-T2RS will be a more basic version, with ordinary heatpipe cooling and different PCB and slots colors. Despite its "basic" layout this model will have all the goodies found in the Intel X48 chipset. Release dates and pricing are unknown at this time.

Source: TweakTown

DFI Changes X48-T3R PCB Layout

In order to further improve the soon released X48-T3R motherboard, DFI has changed the 2nd and 3rd PCIe slots position. In the first revision they were too near to each other, which prevented using three dual-slot air cooled video cards. DFI wll show the MP version with the new layout with ThermalRight heatpipe cooler at CeBIT.

Source: VR-Zone

DFI Unveils its Second Intel X38 Based LANParty DK X38-T2R Motherboard

DFI's latest LANParty board is based on the Intel’s X38 and ICH9R chipset, DFI's second take on the Intel X38 series product line (LANPARTY LT X38-T2R first took place). The freshman LANParty DK X38-T2R supports DDR2 memory up to 1066MHz and 1333MHz FSB for the latest Intel processors. LANParty DK X38-T2R also incorporates 4-phase digital PWM, 8-channel Realtek ALC885 high definition audio codec, dual PCI-E 2.0 x16 slots for ATI CrossFire graphics, CMOS Reloaded Technology, Genie BIOS, and EZ Clear CMOS accessible from the back I/O panel of the board. The board also uses 100% Japanese-made solid capacitors, which now-a-days is considered normal in the high-end market.

Source: VR-Zone

DFI LANParty DK 790FX-M2RS Launched

Arriving at the very beginning of 2008, DFI has announced the immediate availability of LANParty DK 790FX-M2RS. The DK 790FX entirely supports AMD's latest Phenom Quad-core processors, and Hyper Transport 3.0 technology. Further more, LANParty DK 790FX-M2RS brings you decent cooling for the AMD 790FX and SB600 northbridge and southbridge, 4-phase digital PWM, 8-ch high-definition Bernstein audio module, 3-way CrossFire support as well as the company's proprietary EZ Switch and CMOS Reloaded overclocking features. DFI LANParty series motherboards also incorporate 100% Japanese-made solid state capacitors and DK 790FX-M2RS does not make an exception.

The Brand New Quad-core Phenom Platform, DFI LANParty UT 790FX-M2R Launched

Another very well known brand is launching today a brand new motherboard for AMD Phenom processors. DFI LANParty UT 790FX-M2R features the highest performance AMD chipset 790FX and SB600 southbridge. Additionally to the quad-core AMD Phenom CPU support you'll receive Digital PWM, Bernstein Audio module, advance heat pipe + Transpiper cooling, 3-way CrossFire support, and what matters to me the most: three PCI slots. Find out more here.

Source: DFI

DFI Intros New LANParty Member, the LANParty DK P35-T2R

Presently, DFI has already released 3 models which are based on Intel P35 chipset. For satisfying different levels of users, now a brand new series is about to join the LANParty family, the LANParty DK P35-T2R motherboard. “This is a value-add upgrade of the Dark series, a hybrid for both hard core gamers and budget-overclockers!” said Jarry Cheng, the LP motherboard designer. The LP exclusive black PCB is equipped with glowing-orange slots, solid aluminum capacitors, 4-phrase digital PWM, 6x SATAII ports with RAID support, ALC885 8CH sound, and other goodies like EZ CMOS jumper and built-in Power/Reset buttons.

Source: DFI

DFI Launches LANParty UT P35 Motherboard

DFI introduced yesterday the latest addition to its LANParty extreme motherboard line, the LANParty UT P35-T3R. The board adopts P35 + ICH9R chipsets as north and south bridge. Further, P35 supports DDR3 memory and Intel's next generation 45nm process CPUs. Known for innovation, DFI is also introducing with this motherboard, a whole new idea of external chipset cooling assembly.

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