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Montech Releases New High Performance Air X ARGB PC Case

Montech, an enthusiast Gaming PC Case, Power and Cooling solutions brand based in Taiwan introduces the new Air X ARGB Compact ATX PC Case from their best selling Air series. The Air X ARGB features a full metallic Diamond Mesh front air intake for maximum air intake, and a full 6 port ARGB fan controller! The ARGB fan controller uses 4 Pin fan connectors and 3 Pin ARGB lighting control, instead of the near obsolete Molex connectors found on other cases. Right out of the box the ARGB fan controller with two 200 mm ARGB front fans and one 120 mm ARGB fan, delivering both maximum air intake area for incredible cooling performance and the aesthetics to match. Coming in two colors - black and white, the Air X ARGB also features full glass side panel, full support for 240/280/360 mm liquid cooling making it one of the best options for its price point!

The Air X ARGB features a total of three ARGB fans that can be fully customized and controlled by ARGB compatible mainboards (5 V 3 Pin). And in the case where no ARGB compatible board is present the Air X ARGB comes with it's very own ARGB Fan Controller. Compared to other cases which normally only packs a Molex based standard fan controller, the Air X ARGB Fan Controller follows modern PC component design and features the higher-end 4 Pin Fan Connector and 3 Pin ARGB Connector. The ARGB Fan Controller is capable of controlling a total of 6 sets of ARGB Fans, or 6 (5 V 3Pin) ARGB devices and 6 4 pin case fans. All three of the included ARGB fans (2x 200 mm and 1x 120 mm) come pre-connected to the ARGB Fan Controller, easily controlled by the front panel lighting control button.

TechPowerUp and Montech Mega Spring Giveaway: The Winners

TechPowerUp and Montech welcomed Spring with a Mega Giveaway, giving eighteen lucky winners a chance to give their battlestations a sweet new beginning. Up for grabs were three sets of Montech's premium Air 900 Mesh Black cases + Z3 ARGB fans + ML900 mouse-mats; five Fighter 400 mid-tower cases, and ten ML900. These represent Montech's strong entry to the PC hardware space with several new cases and gaming peripherals under development. Without further ado, the winners:
  • First Prizes (Air 900 Mesh Black cases + Z3 ARGB fans + ML900 mouse-mats): Michael from North Carolina, Mike from the US, and Braxston from New York.
  • Second Prizes (Fighter 400 cases): Justin from the US, Matthew from Massachusetts, Jorell from Nevada, Jeremy from Michigan, and Mark from California
  • Third Prizes (ML900 mouse-mats): Kenneth from Colorado, Leonard from Colorado, Jacob from Virginia, Justin from Florida, Jack from New York, Colin from Wisconsin, Rodney from Virginia, Aaron from Utah, Michael from West Virginia, and John from Florida
A Huge Congrats for all 18 of you! TechPowerUp and Montech will return with more such interesting giveaways!

MONTECH Releases New Fighter 400 and Fighter 600 Budget Gaming Cases

Montech, a new enthusiast PC Case, Power and Cooling solutions brand based in Taiwan introduces their new Fighter 400 and Fighter 600 line of competitively priced gaming cases. Both mid-tower ATX cases come with tempered glass side panels. The Fighter 400 comes with a pre-installed 120 mm Blue LED rear fan, while the Fighter 600 comes 3 front 1 rear 120 mm Rainbow LED fans.

Aimed at the highly competitive budget gaming case range, both the Fighter 400 and Fighter 600 comes with all the bells and whistles of higher end alternatives. Both cases comes with full Tempered Glass side panels to show off your RGB peripherals, not to mention both cases comes with pre-installed 120 mm LED fans! For the Fighter 400 you get a 120 mm blue LED rear fan and with the Fighter 400 you get a total of 4 120 mm Rainbow LED fans. Designed for maximum airflow and performance, both cases include top and bottom dust filters to keep cooling and also dust in check. Industry standard front USB 3.0/2.0 I/O ports are also present, as well as a shielded PSU compartment, cable management ports, support for 120/240 mm radiators on the Fighter 600 and 120/240/280/360 mm radiators on the Fighter 400.

Montech Releases New Z3 ARGB 3 Pack System Fan

Montech, a new enthusiast PC Case, Power and Cooling solutions brand based in Taiwan introduces their new high performance Z3 ARGB 3-in-1 120 mm system fan pack. The Z3 ARGB comes with 3 120 mm ARGB system fans, 1 Remote Control Fan Hub, and Remote controller. The Z3 ARGB lighting system is not only controllable through the Remote Control Fan Hub but is also compatible with Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock's ARGB ready mainboards. This makes the Z3 ARGB extremely flexible with all solutions on the market.

The Montech Z3's ARGB Dual Ring lighting system provides ARGB lighting in both the fan hub, and fan frame for dual lighting effects. The Z3 ARGB is a 3 in 1 ARGB system fan solution, each box contains 3 120 mm ARGB system fans, the Remote Control Fan Hub and Remote controller. The Z3 ARGB simultaneously supports ARGB (addressable RGB) control from the Remote Control Fan Hub, Mainboard ARGB software and PC case LED/Reset controls. Users can freely swap between 3 different control modes on the fly.

MONTECH AIR900 Series Cases are Ready to Hit the PC Market

Throwback to COMPUTEX 2019, the RGB gaming cases are under the most intense competition that all PC brands put highly attention on. MONTECH Air900 series, being one of the RGB gaming cases that draw lots of attention from gamers around the world, has been released in this August. This series of cases achieve MAX air-flow, classic design, and fabulous ARGB lighting effects. And most importantly: Good value. Two versions are available now depend on individual preference. AIR 900 ARGB features the ARGB light strips in the front panel along with the detachable mesh design at sides, which incorporate gaming style into classic design. AIR 900 MESH is designed of industrial style, which also adopts many gaming factors. The full mesh front panel makes perfect thermal solution. Designed for gamers who pursue maximum airflow and elegant looks.

MONTECH Enters the Western Market With PC Cases and Power Supplies

MONTECH is a brand originally founded in 2016 that has been quite successful in the Asian market. Now it is looking to expand to Western countries, with a commitment to quality ensured by experienced engineers & designers from Taiwan.

MONTECH's core value is bringing "good value" to customers. The products are either better equipped or sold at a cheaper price than their competitors. Although the price may be lower than competitors', quality control is very demanding, including a random sampling of up to 40% of the finished products. The cases are aspiring to be very innovative and functional. The Air900 series, which will be launched this June, emphasizes airflow and dust protection. It comes with 3 dust filters (front, top, bottom), big area airflow design, and the unique design of detachable mesh on the sides.
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