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ADATA Launches HD710A Durable USB 3.0 External HDD for Mac

ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products, today launches the HD710A Waterproof / Dustproof / Shock-Resistant USB 3.0 External Hard Drive. ADATA's HD710A is an ultra-durable external hard drive designed especially for Macbook. It comes with large storage capacities of 1TB or 2TB, provides superior data transfer speeds, and also undergoes stringent tests for waterproofing, dustproofing and shock resistance. The HD710A is the ultimate in portable protection for your data.

Designed especially for active users of Apple Macintosh platforms, the HD710A provides rugged protection from shock, dust and water. The triple-layer construction of the HD710A incorporates exceptionally elastic silicone material to provide great shock absorption from all angles. By passing the MIL-STD-810G 516.6 military-grade shock-resistant test, the HD710A ensures your data's safety even after unexpectedly suffering a shock. It has also passed the stringent IP68 test, offering excellent water and dust resistant protection. Thanks to the durable design, the HD710A works normally even in a dusty environment or after being submerged in its storage state in 1.5 meter-deep water for up to 60 minutes. When not in use, the USB cable tucks into a wrap-around exterior slot in the drive casing, providing an elegant storage solution that matches the highly practical characteristics of the device.

QNAP Expands Turbo NAS Lineup with New Low Cost 2-drive TS-210 Desktop NAS Server

QNAP Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of world class NAS servers, NVR Video Surveillance Systems, and Network-based Video Players today expanded their Turbo NAS lineup with the addition of the TS-210 desktop NAS server targeted specifically at the SOHO and Prosumer market segments. The TS-210 supports up to 2 3.5" SATA hard drives with up to 4TB of total capacity (using 2TB drives) and features a Marvell 800MHz CPU and 256MB DDRII memory which provides sustained high performance with low power consumption. The TS-210 can be configured to RAID 1 for high data redundancy. The TS-210 also supports iSCSI Target service with Thin Provisioning and a Gigabit LAN port, features generally found on much higher end NAS servers. The TS-210 is equipped 3 USB ports (1 front, 2 back panel) for expanding the storage capacity, printer sharing, or data backup to an external storage device.

The TS-210 is a smart choice for installation in home or home-based business as it is fully compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and UNIX networks. It features a built-in UPnP/ DLNA media server (with TwonkyMedia enabled) supporting a wide range of DLNA media players such as Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming consoles. By installing the DLNA/ UPnP application on your iPhone or iPod touch, users can access the TS-210 on the home network and play the videos, music, and photos from the server over the network. In addition, the high-speed PC-less Download Station with the unique QGet utility enables users to manage the BT/ FTP/ HTTP download tasks remotely over the local network or the Internet. The TS-210 can perform centralized backups of all computers attached to the network to protect valuable paid downloaded music and video content, digital pictures, and documents.

Iomega Announces New Mac Compatible eGo Portable Hard Drives

eGo Portable Hard Drive with Triple InterfaceIomega, an EMC company and a global leader in data protection, today announced the worldwide availability of the new Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive for Mac users, featuring multiple interface connections, a stylish new aluminum design, superior ruggedness and a robust combination of software, all backed with a three-year limited warranty.

Available in three different colors and up to 500GB in capacity, the new Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive for Mac users provides the dependability and versatility to meet today's on-the-go data storage needs.

PC Magazine Writes Brilliant Review...of Mac OS X 10.5.2

With Windows and Macintosh operating system refreshes/updates abound, someone has to separate the good from the bad. PC World is doing their part by pointing out whom they fell falls into the extremely good category. When one particular review member got their hands on Mac OS X 10.5.2, they simply couldn't stop flowering it with praise. Four pages of amazement can be summed up in the following points, and elaborated upon by following the source link.
  • The operating system has plenty of features which have real-world application, such as truly automated backups, document and spreadsheet preview images in folders, and notes and to-do lists integrated into the mail program.
  • Leopard is "startlingly fast, brilliantly streamlined, and packed with conveniences and innovations".
  • Whatever glitches were originally in the Leopard release are all but eliminated.
Source: PC Magazine

Study Concludes Macintosh Users More Likely to be Snobs

So somebody made a video that put Mac users on the spot. So what? The thing is, what the narrator is getting at is actually true. While this "snob factor" at first sounds like a bunch of fanboyish humor, studies conducted nationwide found that Mac users fit into a ton of stereotypes. The simple version of the conlusion: Mac users are, generally speaking, "self centered, arrogant and conceited." To back up these extreme conclusions, there are studies out there showing that Mac users are...
  • More likely to buy teeth-whitening products and fashionable clothes/sneakers(self-centered).
  • More likely to buy organic food and eco-friendly products, regardless of how much they cost.
This isn't all bad for Mac users though. Mac users were over three times more likely to legitimately purchase music than their PC-using counterparts.Source: DailyTech

MacBook Air Does Not See Much Benefit From SSD Drive

The new MacBook boasts a lot of features. Among them is one of the first attempts to put a beefy SSD into a mass-produced computer. MacBook customers have a choice between an 80GB 4300RPM drive, and a 64GB SSD. The SSD costs a whopping $1300, but some would claim that the price is well worth it. Unfortunately for SSD promoters, a little bit of investigative journalism uncovered an inconvenient truth. ARS Technica took two MacBook Airs, one with an SSD and one without, and compared the two in modern benchmarks. What they found was quite surprising: it's not worth the $1300 most of the time. While the SSD definitely eliminated hard drive lag in extremely bandwidth-heavy applications and made the overall system much smoother, it all comes down to what you're using it for. Despite the possible performance gains, ARS Techica concluded that you really shouldn't be spending $1300 on this technology just yet.Source: Nordic Hardware

U.S. Army Buys Macs to Curb Hacker Attacks

The United States Army is quietly integrating Macintosh computers into its systems to make them harder to attack. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel C.J. Wallington explains that fewer hack attacks have been designed to infiltrate Macs and adding more Macs to the mix makes it harder to destabilize their system. Jonathan Broskey, who once worked for Apple, argues that the Unix core at the center of Mac operating system makes it easier to lockdown. While the number of malicious software programs targeting Macs has been small in the past, it is beginning to grow. Charlie Miller, a software researcher with Security Evaluators, worries that the Army's diversification plan will not stop a determined intruder. He also explains that Apple's security is a myth and has been proven more vulnerable than Windows.Source: Forbes
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