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VARMILO Presents a Plethora of Unique Keyboards at Computex 2018

Continuing on our coverage of Computex 2018, now we take a closer look at the VARMILO brand, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Zhihaihe technology co., LTD. based out of China. They shared a large booth space with Ducky Keyboard, and there were more than a few interesting products to be seen here- some previously released, some released very recently, and others announced for the first time at the trade show.

Beginning with products that were new is the VARMILO V Motion. This is a $170 keyboard with an optical sensor at the top left corner on the front which detects hand motion such that the keyboard backlighting can be effectively controlled by a simple motion of your hands. The rest of the keyboard, which can be easy to ignore given this revelation, features a standard 104-key US ANSI layout in a metal frame and thick plastic case. A video, courtesy the brand, is past the break so you can see better how the V Motion works.

Kailh Introduces New SUN Switches at Computex, Among Others

Computex 2018 was a busy event for everyone in the industry, and this included switch maker Kailhua Electronics Co., LTD who had a booth under their brand Kailh at the trade show. Shown here were their new SUN switches that feature centralized lighting to allow keyboard makers to not have to worry about keycap legends being stuck to the top for good backlighting and illumination. The SUN switches currently are a single version with a tactile bump and an operation force of 50 gf at an actuation distance of 1.8 mm and a total travel distance of 3.5 mm.

More on the offerings at the Kailh booth after the break.

Varmilo Launches the 'Chicken Dinner' Mechanical Keyboard for PUBG Addicts

Varmilo, a renowned Chinese keyboard manufacturer, is adding a PUBG-inspired keyboard to their already exotic lineup. The new Chicken Dinner mechanical keyboard certainly upholds the company's reputation for uniqueness. It features a distinctive multi-colored theme and high-quality dye-sublimated PBT keycaps. And just to put the icing on the cake, Varmilo replaced the number keys and some of the function keys with the corresponding PUBG in-game key bindings. The spacebar even carries the iconic "WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!" phrase. It's safe to say that the Chicken Dinner mechanical keyboard is fit for all tastes. Consumers who prefer compactness can opt for the tenkeyless model (VA87M) and those who need the number pad can grab the full-size model (VA108M). The wide selection of switches includes the Cherry MX Red, Blue, Brown, and Silver.

AZiO Shows Off New Peripherals at CES 2018

We visited AZiO's booth to get a sneak peek of their upcoming products. First up, we got a glimpse of their Atom, Aventa, and Bluetooth Retro Classic mice. The AZiO Atom is an ambidextrous RGB gaming mouse which is available in black or white. It boasts a 280-degree surround RGB lighting system with onboard control. The Atom features an anti-slip surface finish to provide users with a better grip and a Pixart 3360 optical sensor for dead-accurate precision. The Aventa, on the other hand, sports a more aeronautic exterior with a Zinc alloy exoskeletal frame complemented by an ergonomic hand grip. Both the scroll wheel and 3D logo possess RGB backlighting. The Aventa utilizes the exact same sensor as the Atom. Lastly, the Retro Classic is built with a metal frame with bolts and makes use of a refined leather and plastic interchangeable surface.

AZiO also had some interesting keyboards on display as well. The MGK Ultra is the company's latest RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard. It's available with Cherry MX Blue, Red, Brown, or Silver switches. This keyboard features a full RGB backlit control which doesn't require the use of software. The lighting is separated into two independent zones. The interchangeable top plate is made of bulletproof Kevlar and exotic carbon fiber material, and the spacious palm rest is magnetic. An integrated USB 3.0 hub and audio ports are also present on the keyboard.

The Glorious Modular Mechanical TKL Keyboard Up for Pre-Order Starting at $60

The Glorious Modular Mechanical TKL Keyboard (GMMK-TKL) is a tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard manufactured by the guys at Glorious PC Gaming Race. But what really differentiates the GMMK-TKL from your typical mechanical keyboard is the modular design that allows users to easily swap between switches. The GMMK-TKL supports various MX-based switches from popular brands like Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, and Zealios. This design gives the user full control over which switches to use on the keyboard. One can even think out of the box and use a combination of different switches on the same keyboard.

Besides the hot-swappable switch design, the GMMK-TKL has everything that you would expect from a mechanical gaming keyboard. The minimalistic design contains zero branding, which is complemented by a very attractive sandblasted aluminum face plate for a premium look. RGB LED backlighting is also present on the GMMK-TKL. There is support for 16.8 million colors and 18 pre-installed effects plus one user-defined effect.

Kinesis Announces Freestyle Edge Split Keyboard for Preorder

Kinesis is a company with over 25 years of experience developing and selling ergonomic peripherals such as their Advantage keyboard and partnering with others such as DXT and Evoluent for mice. Their products have been predominantly on the higher end of the price range for keyboards, and they do not offer a keyboard with features that the gaming keyboard market tends to look at- until now. Kinesis have now announced an update to their Freestyle series of split keyboards that aims to appeal to both the gamer and the typing professional alike in the form of the new Freestyle Edge.

The Freestyle Edge introduces genuine Cherry MX mechanical switches to the Freestyle series, a change from the membrane switches before. Customers can choose between Cherry MX Red, Brown or Blue switches, and the keyboard has blue backlighting added as well now. In addition, there is an 8-key macro bank to make use of a fully programmable keyboard with some preset functions pre-programmed included multimedia control and lighting control.

ErgoDox EZ now Available with 6 New Switch Options!

ErgoDox EZ is a startup company that sells a pre-assembled ErgoDox, two-piece ergonomic keyboard. We took a look at the "Shine" variant earlier this year, and were left impressed by it despite the high price tag. At the time, the only switch options came from Gateron since Cherry was not able to satisfy the needs of smaller companies and Kailh still had a question mark regarding quality control. Six months on, things have changed drastically to where they now offer switch options of only Cherry and Kailh including the (still rare) Cherry MX Silent Red and the new Kailh Speed switches- a direct response to the Cherry MX Speed (silver) but with their own unique take on them.

The new Kailh Speed switches come in four options named Copper, Silver, Gold and Thick Gold with shorter actuation distances as expected but now with the option of tactile and clicky switches as well. In fact, the Kailh Thick Gold also offers a clicky feedback on the downstroke as well as upstroke. You can get more information via Ergodox EZ themselves here. Pricing is the same irrespective of the switch chosen.

Cooler Master Launches Enthusiast PBT Keycap Mechanical Keyboards

Cooler Master, a leader in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals today announced the launch of two new keyboards, the MasterKeys S and MasterKeys L. Both additions come fully equipped with Genuine Cherry MX switches, on-the-fly- adjustment capabilities, iconic minimalistic bezel design, and PBT keycaps.

The MasterKeys PBT series is everything you like about the MasterKeys line, enhanced for a superior typing experience. It has the build-in hybrid N-key rollover, and genuine German Cherry MX switches we all know and love for their durability, accuracy, and tactile satisfaction. Cooler Master has added extra thick 1.5mm PBT keycaps, the king of all keycaps. Wear and tear, smoothing, or fading of keys are a thing of the past thanks to these durable PBT keycaps. And for the gamers out there, there is a pack of 7 extra red keycaps included to accent the 'gaming' keys. Additionally, with Cooler Master's exclusive on-the-fly system, you can switch layouts, from QWERTY, Dvorak or Wokrman and even switchable OS Modifiers from Windows, Mac or Linux. All through the use of simple On-the-Fly key shortcuts that do not require supplemental software.

AZiO Unveils its Armato Series High-end Mechanical Keyboards

AZiO appears to be cashing in on the new hip trend of old-school typewriter keycaps. The company unveiled its new high-end mechanical gaming keyboard, the Armato, and while most would expect it to accompany with an RGB LED lit variant; AZiO dedicated a variant to classic typewriter keycaps, called the Armato Classic Edition. It's not just keycaps that set the two apart. The Armato uses Cherry MX Brown switches, while the Armato Classic Edition features Kailh Blue switches, for more tactile feedback. Both keyboards are characterized by a standard 104-key layout with locally stored macro profiles, and a rotary volume control wheel. The Armato comes with red LED back-lighting, while its Classic Edition variant comes with white LED lighting. Both keyboards feature large firm palm-rests.

Corsair Announces the LUX Series Mechanical Keyboards

CORSAIR, a leader in high-performance gaming hardware, today announced the immediate and worldwide availability of its new LUX range of mechanical keyboards. Building on the phenomenal success of the CORSAIR K70, K70 RGB and K65, the new LUX range adds a host of new features and improvements. With enhanced lighting, USB pass-through and a back-lit optimized key cap font, CORSAIR LUX keyboards retain the core-design, premium materials and commitment to quality that has earned the CORSAIR K-series over 300 global media awards, making them the benchmark for high-performance keyboards.

Alongside the signature CORSAIR aluminum construction and 100% German-made Cherry MX keyswitches, the LUX range adds an enhanced internal lighting controller, allowing for finer color adjustment and even more vibrant patterns and effects. Paired with CUE (CORSAIR Utility Engine) software, stunning lighting effects are just a few clicks away.

NZXT Also Outs Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboards in Partnership with Ducky Channel

In celebration of the H440 launch, NZXT is happy to announce its collaboration with Ducky Channel to create the extremely limited edition NZXT Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboard. Available in black/white and black/red flavors, the keyboard features Cherry MX Red switches and an abundance of LED backlighting capabilities.

The NZXT Shine 3 features seven different backlighting modes with user defined dynamic LED backlight areas, allowing you to choose exactly which keys you would like to have illuminated. Physical DIP switches allow you to access additional features such as: windows key lockout, ctrl and capslock swap, windows key and alt swap, or demo mode. The Shine 3 also comes standard with a braided, detachable cable and will be available exclusively on the NZXT Armory Store for $149.99.

Ducky Shine 3 Unveiled

DuckyChannel, the well known mechanical keyboard manufacturer from Taiwan, took the wraps off its new Shine 3 keyboard this week at Computex (Taipei) where it displayed pre-production versions of what seems to be an aesthetically augmented Ducky Shine 2. No details were given in regard to any functional upgrades, probably because at this stage things are nowhere near finalized, however from the pictures below and the video here we can clearly distinguish three different versions of the keyboard, a beautiful looking aluminium tray version, a green camo version with complementary green key caps and a vanilla black version as well. Probably the most distinctive feature of the new keyboard consists in the myriad lighting modes available to the user, and it is also the feature to surely make it to the production version, no such certainty for the aluminum tray or the camo color scheme.
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