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Bizarre/Interesting Tech on Crowdfunding Platforms: DUEX Portable Dual-screen Laptop Monitors

Continuing this series that began with the MSI gaming foot pedals, I came across Duex on Kickstarter today. Remember Razer's Project Valerie? It was the triple screen laptop concept shown off at CES 2017, but nothing came out of it from the company to this date. Duex, or rather Mobile Pixels Inc., first made the second-screen DUO that shipped in 2019, and then the triple screen TRIO that shipped last year and looks very bizarre and interesting to fit this series perfectly in my opinion. The company decided that their second-screen experience can be improved further, and have taken to crowdfunding again with two new models called the DUEX Lite and DUEX Plus,

The DUEX Lite is a 12.5" screen and the DUEX Plus a 13.3" model that also offers a few other features additional USB ports, an aluminium alloy frame, auto aspect ratio rotation, as well as increased compatibility with other mobile devices beyond laptops on an x86 platform. The screens are held in place on a magnetic base which allows them to be pushed back into the back of the laptop to make for a thick sandwich, as well as extended in either direction and pivoted to allow for a compact dual-screen experience on the go. The DUEX Lite has an advertised MSRP of ~$315 (their own numbers are off by $5 depending on the early bird tiers) and the DUEX Plus at ~$345, and currently can be had for much lower on Kickstarter as expected. Do keep in mind that the TRIO backers seem to have mostly received the package to their satisfaction, although some are still waiting and others have had issues. So if this interests you, please do some more reading on all this before backing the project, which ends in a little under a month from now.
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