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People Can Fly, Square Enix Release Gameplay Trailer for Next-Gen Videogame Outriders

People Can Fly and Square Enix today released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming, next-gen game Outriders. The game, which will be available in current-gen systems as well as Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC, is a 1-3 player, drop-in drop-out co-op RPG shooter which promises to be set in a futuristic, dark sci-fi universe. The premise is as such: humanity as we know it abandoned Earth in search of a new home, which they thought they had found in the form of Enoch. A worldwide, storm-like event dubbed The Anomaly (which may have been produced by more than weather phenomena, I wager) forced humanity back into cryo-suspension whilst they waited for the proverbial storm to pass. The eventually reawakened ones find burning powers within themselves that will force them to confront their humanity, evolve - and eventually, to become something different.

People Can Fly describe the game as "Players will create their own Outrider and embark on a journey across a hostile planet. With rich storytelling spanning a diverse world, they will leave behind the slums and shanty towns of the First City and traverse forests, mountains and deserts in pursuit of a mysterious signal." You can expect an arsenal of weapons and supernatural powers, though the exact nature of the game's world and systems (open-world, quasi-open world, or some such) still haven't been clarified. Expect the game to drop come holiday 2020, right alongside the next-generation console launch. A reveal stream will be available via Twitch in about two days - there's a countdown timer in the official Outriders page.

Square Enix Teases New Game to be Announced at E3 2019: Outriders

The official Outriders account today teased the reveal of a new game - and what looks like a new IP - via its official Twitter account. The short, 15 second teaser does give away some elements: the setting is decidedly sci-fi. Rumors place the studio behind Outriders as People Can Fly (developers of Bulletstorm and, of which we haven't heard much from in recent times.

People Can Fly opened a development branch in Newcastle, UK, in September 2017, which included a number of former Ubisoft developers among others, and a second Poland studio in Rzeszów in May 2018. This second branch brought on former CI Games developers following layoffs at that studio earlier, bringing the total number of people for People Can Fly to about 160 - and the studio has been news object of it working with Square Enix on a AAA shooter. Since the reveal is being placed at Square Enix's E3 conference, it seems that Outriders could definitely be it.
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