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AMD Intros ATI Radeon HD 3870 for Mac

AMD today announced the new ATI Radeon HD 3870 for Mac & PC Edition, delivering the power to go beyond high-definition visual computing for work and play. Optimized exclusively for Apple Mac Pro systems, the ATI Radeon HD 3870 Mac & PC edition can help drive productivity with built-in 256-bit 512MB GDDR4 frame buffer memory and 320 stream processors to deliver maximum performance for graphics-intensive applications such as 3D modeling, animation and games. Users also can expand visual workspace using twin dual-link DVI ports to connect two 30” Apple Cinema HD displays.

Diamond Launches Overclocked 1GB HD 3870

Diamond Multimedia introduced today the 1 gigabyte, overclocked version of the ATI Radeon HD 3870 graphics card. This card offers maximum speed and power at an incredible value. Utilizing 55nm technology, this card runs cool and quiet.

The HD 3870 is a dual slot card, PCIE 2.0, with 1024MB of DDR3 memory and an overclocked speed of 825 MHz. The memory speed is 900 MHz. As with the original HD 3870, the 1 gigabyte version is designed with 320 stream processors and plug-and-play ATI CrossFireX upgradeability with up to quad-GPU support.

AMD Slashes Radeon HD 3850 and HD 3870 512MB Card Prices

Just one day before the release of the GeForce 9600 GT, AMD has decided to cut the prices of the Radeon HD 3850 and HD 3870 512MB versions. The price cuts will first be felt in the US followed by the rest of the world and will see the HD 3870 go from $244 to $189 and the 512MB HD 3850 from $199 to $169. Earlier today Advanced Micro Devices also pointed out that AMD offers better performance with its HD 3870 Series, compared to GeForce 9600 GT, based on the preliminary benchmark results posted on the net. After tomorrow we'll see about that for real.Source: TechConnect Magazine, DigiTimes

SAPPHIRE Launches 1GB HD 3850

SAPPHIRE Technology, industry leader in graphics upgrades for the PC, has just launched a new version of its successful HD 3850 with enhanced memory configuration of 1GB.

The new SAPPHIRE HD 3850 has 1GB of GDDR3 memory, running at 829MHz (1.66GHz effective). It has a core clock speed of 703MHz, higher than the standard model, which together with the large onboard memory delivers exciting levels of graphics performance especially in games or applications where large volumes of texture or data are involved.

AMD Officially Launches ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2

AMD today announced the immediate availability of the ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 graphics processor, expanding the visual boundaries of PC entertainment well beyond the 1080P High Definition (HD) threshold. The industry’s first graphics processor to break the Teraflop (one trillion floating point operations per second) barrier, the ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 nearly doubles the performance of the award-winning ATI Radeon HD 3870 introduced in November 2007.

GECUBE Launches Radeon HD3600 and HD3400 Graphics Cards

Towards the end of 2007, GECUBE launched the HD3850 and HD3870 to popular market acclaim. For spring 2008, GECUBE is releasing the HD3600 and HD3400 graphics cards to offer gamers a whole new level of performance and set the market alight once more. Designed for the value and general gaming market, the HD3600 and HD3400 series are equipped with the latest AMD 55nm chip technology and support the PCI-Express 2.0 interface for optimal graphics performance. HD3600 and HD3400 also support the enhanced DirextX10.1/SM4.1 standard to deliver more realistic, high-resolution video.

GECUBE’s HD3600 series uses the ATI Radeon RV635 chip built on the 55nm process running and supports the latest PCI-Express 2.0 interface. In addition to versions equipped with 512MB or 1.0GB of high-speed DDR2 memory, GECUBE is also offering a special edition equipped with 256MB or 512MB of high-speed GDDR3 memory and ATI’s next-generation CrossFireX technology that allows for up to four graphics card to run in parallel. For gamers, this offers a complete solution to their performance needs and expands their upgrade options.

PowerColor Announces More DX10.1 Gaming/Mainstream Graphics Cards

TUL Corporation announced today the availability of five new mainstream and value cards under the HD 3 series chip from ATI. These products include: HD 3650 Xtreme 512M DDR3 PCS, HD 3650 512M DDR3 PCS, HD 3650 512M DDR2, HD 3650 512M DDR2 SCS3 and HD 3450 256M DDR2 SCS. These new cards offer Microsoft DirectX 10.1/Shader Model 4.1 support, PCI Express 2.0, built-in HDMI with 5.1 surround audio, Universal Video Decode, and ATI's CrossFire X technology. PowerColor also announced a new brand image symbol along with new series of products. The logo indicates abbreviation of PowerColor, which shows “PC” in one character. “We hope this new brand image symbol could let gamers and be much easier to recognize and deepen their impression about PowerColor.” Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation says, “not only provide the best graphics card, PowerColor also makes efforts in brand management to bring the strong and consistency brand image to every gamer.”

Source: TUL Corporation

AMD Unleashes the ATI Radeon HD 3400 and ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series

AMD today announced the introduction and availability of the ATI Radeon HD 3400 and ATI Radeon HD 3600 series, the leading-edge entry-level and mainstream graphics processors (GPU) in the ATI Radeon HD 3000 series. Ranging in price from USD $49-$65 suggested e-tail pricing (SEP) for the ATI Radeon HD 3400 series and USD $79-$99 SEP for the ATI Radeon HD 3600 series, the new graphics solutions deliver unmatched value to the consumer.

ASUS Launching 0.8ns DDR3 HD 3850

ASUS is set to launch a new 0.8ns version of AMD’s HD 3850 card, which will feature stock clock speeds of 730MHz core and 1.9GHz memory. The card will be equipped with 512MB of 0.8ns GDDR3 RAM, which should allow for greater overclocking potential and could apparently offer performance gains of up to 12%. The card will also be fitted with ASUS’ Glaciator fansink. There is a picture and all of the specs below – they’re not in English, but it’s pretty easy to understand.

Source: VR-Zone

GECUBE Launches AGP HD 3850

GECUBE today announced the best ever performance levels for systems using the industry standard AGP bus, an exciting new series of Radeon HD3850 utilizing 256-bit 512MB GDDR3 memory, combining the latest graphics architectures with Unified Shader support for Shader Model 4.0 and the forthcoming DirectX 10.1, high performance and exceptional value for your money.

Sapphire Atomic HD 3870 Reviewed

Although Sapphire's new Atomic HD 3870 series was mentioned only twice on our front page and never announced officially, the guys over at Overclockers Club have already published their full review of the card. The HD 3870 Atomic Edition is an overclocked version of the ATI RV670 chipset, which is the basis of the 3800 series of graphics solutions. The Sapphire HD 3870 Atomic Edition is also remarkable for its single slot cooling solution which utilizes a vapor-x chamber. Those of you who are interested to know more can read the full review here.

Source: Overclockers Club

Radeon HD 3450, 3470 and 3650 Pictures and Specs

MADBOXPC.COM claims to have some pictures and specs for AMD’s upcoming Radeon HD 3450, 3470 and 3650 graphics cards. The HD 3450, pictured below on the left, uses the RV620 core manufactured using a 55nm process. It will have a core clock of 525MHz with 256MB of 64-bit DDR2 memory running at 800MHz DDR, and apparently it will also feature a DisplayPort output – the price is expected to be around $50. The HD 3470, shown in the middle, features the same RV620 core, although it is expected to run at above 600MHz and have 512MB of 64-bit GDDR3 memory running at 1000MHz DDR, with a price tag of around $60. Finally, the HD 3650, which is shown below on the right, is equipped with the RV635 core, which is also built using a 55nm process, and will run at 800MHz on the XT version and 600MHz on the Pro version. The card is expected to have 256-512MB of 128-bit GDDR3 memory running at 2GHz DDR, and will sell for about $100. Interestingly, there is no mention of DisplayPort despite earlier reports that it will feature on the card, so it may only be used on certain versions.


GDDR4 HD 3850 Pictured

Expreview claims to have pictures of a version of the Radeon HD 3850 which uses GDDR4 memory instead of the GDDR3 found on current models. Dubbed the HD 3850 512MB Infinity, this card is built by Unika and uses Hynix 0.8ns memory – and you may notice it also has a non-reference PCB and quite an unusual cooler, which has been designed by Triplex. Apparently this card is clocked at 700MHz core and 2200MHz RAM, and according the Expreview the price will remain at around $200.

Source: Expreview

RV620 35% Faster than HD 2400

According to benchmarks which technology site Expreview claims to have carried out, ATI/AMD’s new RV620 core could outperform the HD 2400 Pro by as much as 35% despite the two having the same core frequency. On the rather unusual test rig, which featured an Intel Celeron processor, the HD 2400 scored 1123 points in 3DMark06, with the upcoming RV620 scoring 1514 points. If these benchmarks are real, this would suggest that the architecture on the RV620 chip has been significantly improved over its predecessor, although bear in mind that 3DMark scores are by no means conclusive. The RV620 is expected to be named as the Radeon HD 3400 graphics card when it is released to consumers, which is planned to replace the current Radeon HD 2400 cards.

Source: Expreview

MAINGEAR Launches AMD Spider Platform With Quad-Core Phenom Processor

The North American personal computer builder MAINGEAR Computers, will be revolutionizing their Dash Friends and Family PC, F131 gaming machines, and EPHEX luxury gaming systems by integrating the latest AMD Spider platform. Equipped with the "standard" Spider accessories like AMD Phenom 9500/9600 CPU, MSI K9A2 Platinum 790FX motherboard and a pair of ATI Radeon HD 3800 series will get you quite a boost from a pre-build configuration. Other parts include Silverstone case, 1kW Silverstone Strider PSU, optional Maingear Arctic 120mm CPU water cooling system (adds 299$ to your bill), 2GB or 4GB Corsair XMS2-8500 DDR2 memory, PhysX acceleration and a lot more. In fact most of the configuration can be customized here.


HIS Radeon HD 3870 GDDR4 and 3850 GDDR3 Graphics Cards Ready

HIS today unveiled its HIS Radeon HD 3870 512MB/256bit GDDR4 (H387F512) and Radeon HD 3850 256MB/256bit GDDR3 (H385F256) video cards, advancing to the next generation of HD graphics with incredible performance, low cost and support for the latest Microsoft DirectX 10.1. Both video cards feature the same 55nm fabricated RV670 GPU and come clocked to 775MHz/2.4GHz core/memory and 668MHz/1656MHz core/memory for the HD 3870 and HD 3850 model respectively. Both cards also support the soon to be released ATI CrossFireX technology.

Source: HIS

AMD Radeon HD 3870 X2 and Spider Gaming System Pictured

A picture is worth a thousand words and this one is surely worth that many. I guess this time we're talking about Radeon HD 3870 X2 for real, it's even working in CrossFire mode. The Radeon HD 3870 X2 has two Radeon HD 3870's on board and is set to be released in Q1 2008 if all goes well. The second, third and fourth pictures show AMD's "Spider" gaming platform running AMD 790FX motherboard and four ATI Radeon HD 3870 video cards in CrossFireX mode.

Source: Legit Reviews,[H]ard|OCP

GECUBE Launches Overclocked HD 3850 & 3870 Cards

After taking the market by storm with the launch of the HD2900XT in mid-May, GECUBE launched today this year’s heavyweight graphics card – the HD3800 Series. The product that reviewers and gamers have all been waiting for is now finally here. Equipped with the latest RV670 (55nm) graphics chip from AMD, the HD3800 series marks the first time that the PCI-Express 2.0 interface has been used on a graphics card and incorporates the latest ATI CrossFireX technology. With support for DirectX 10.1, it delivers next-generation 3D graphics performance for ultimate realism. You can now enjoy both high resolution and superior image processing technology at the same time!

AMD Unleashes Enthusiast Gaming Performance for the Masses with ATI Radeon HD 3800

AMD today announced the introduction and immediate availability of the ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series of graphics processing units (GPU). As the world’s first series of graphics processors to deliver Microsoft’s DirectX 10.1 support, 55nm process technology and tri and quad multi-GPU support with ATI CrossFireX, the ATI Radeon HD 3800 series ushers in a new era of enthusiast gaming performance at mainstream price points. The ATI Radeon HD 3800 series will be introduced in two variants at launch, from US $179 MSRP, the ATI Radeon HD 3850 with 256MB of GDDR3 memory and from US $219 MSRP, the ATI Radeon HD 3870 with 512MB GDDR4 memory. The launch of the ATI Radeon HD 3800 series redefines the enthusiast segment and puts high performance gaming in reach of more users than ever before. This innovative new series of graphics products also represent the first step in the launch of AMD’s upcoming enthusiast platform codenamed “Spider.”

More Radeon HD 3850 and 3870 Specs Leaked

Graphics card manufacturer Diamond has quite conveniently leaked the specs for AMD/ATI’s upcoming HD 3800 series of cards, giving the technical details of both the HD 3850 and the HD 3870. These do conflict a little with the earlier leaked specs, although they’re still quite similar. According to the Diamond site, the HD 3850 will feature a core speed of 668MHz and 256MB of 256-bit GDDR3 memory at 828MHz (1656MHz DDR) and the HD 3870 will have a core speed of 775MHz and 512MB GDDR4 memory at 1.2GHz (2.4GHz DDR). Both will be manufactured using a 55nm process, and both will support DirectX 10.1 and Shader Model 4.1. Interestingly the cards are also said to feature up to four GPU support using an AMD 790FX based motherboard. The full specs are shown in the screenshots below, as Diamond has now removed the cards from its website.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

AMD Promises DirectX 10+ ATI Radeon 3000 Series

Advanced Micro Devices said on Thursday that even though its ATI Radeon HD 2000-series graphics chips family has experienced massive delays, the company is still positioned to deliver competitive graphics solutions to the market place. ATI, graphics product group of AMD, will concentrate on releasing DirectX 10+ graphics chips next year as well as on improving the multi-GPU technology. Unfortunately, not a lot of information is known about AMD’s code-named R700 graphics product family. What was released was that the new graphics cores will support DirectX 10+ capabilities, PCI Express 2.0 interconnection, ATI Avivo HD video engine, universal video decoding (UVD), DisplayPort connector as well as ATI CrossFire multi-GPU technology. The new family of products will be produced using 55nm process technology, which is available already at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). If AMD does not delay the new graphics cards for some reason, like it always do, the new R700 family of chips may emerge in the first half of 2008.Source: X-bit labs
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