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Lian Li's Gargantuan PC-D8000 Chassis Detailed

Stocking up for the next time hard drive makers use natural calamities as pretense to inflate prices and still turn record financial results? It's Lian Li to the rescue. The aluminum chassis specialist unveiled PC-D8000, a massive full-ATX tower case with room for twenty hard drives. Measuring a gargantuan 405 x 628 x 572 mm (WxDxH), and weighing 26 lbs (13 kg), the PC-D8000 packs twenty 3.5-inch drive bays arranged in two stacks that span the entire height of the case in the front portion. In addition, the case packs six 5.25-inch bays, from which one features front-panel ports.

Internally, the case features a detachable motherboard and expansion card tray, letting you install the motherboard and add-on cards outside the case. The tray supports HPTX form-factor motherboards (such as EVGA SR-X), and graphics cards as long as 410 mm (16-inch). The case provides room for two PSUs, letting you set up redundant power supply, or combine the power output of two units, by wiring them to different components. We spy as many as eighteen provisions for 140 mm fans. German retailer lists the PC-D8000 for pre-order, priced at 329 Euros.

Source: Overclockers Ukraine

EK Debuts Water Blocks for EVGA Classified SR-X and MSI R7970 Lightning

EK Water Blocks, premium water cooling gear provider, has released two new water blocks - the EK-FB KIT SR-X for EVGA Classified SR-X motherboard and the EK-FC7970 Lightning for MSI's premium R7970 Lightning graphics card.

EK-FB KIT SR-X full-board water block kit is a complete liquid cooling solution for EVGA Classified SR-X (270-SE-W888) motherboard. The water blocks directly cools Intel C606 southbridge (PCH), PLX PEX8784 PCIe lane splitter controller and power regulation (VRM / MOSFETs) module of both CPUs. Please note this water block cools exactly as much heat generating components as EVGA factory cooling solution. It is medium-high to high flow water block that can be easily used with systems using weaker water pumps. It is available in two variants - Nickel and Acetal+Nickel.

Century Japan Sells "Value" 16 GB DDR3-1600 RDIMM

Century Japan started selling a [relatively] affordable 16 GB DDR3-1600 MHz (PC3-12800) ECC Registered DIMM. The module runs at 1600 MHz with timings of 11-11-11, and has been tested on EVGA SR-X platform to achieve 192 GB (12 x 16 GB), scraping the address-space limits of Windows 7 64-bit client operating systems. The 240-pin RDIMM uses 36 Hynix-made DRAM chips. In Japan, Century's new 16 GB RDIMM is priced at 25,000 JPY (US $314) a pop. For reference, DDR3-1066 MHz 16 GB RDIMMs are priced around $300.

Source: Akiba PC Watch

G.SKILL Showcasing "Largest & Fastest" DDR3 Memory at 2012 Computex

G.SKILL – manufacturer of world leading high performance memory and SSD, debuts the largest memory computer system that runs a total of 96GB (8GBx 12) RipjawsZ DDR3 1600MHz kit on the latest EVGA SR-X motherboard at Computex 2012.

G.SKILL also displays the fastest memory of G.SKILL’s TridentX which achieved the amazing speed over DDR3 3000MHz CL11 16GB (4GBx4) on both ASUS Z77 MAXIMUS V FORMULA and GIGABYTE Z77A-UD5 motherboards.

EVGA Announces the Classified SR-X Motherboard

EVGA Corporation, the leading-edge 3D processor and motherboard manufacturer, announced the ultimate in high performance motherboards, the EVGA Classified SR-X. This motherboard sets a new standard for what is considered an enthusiast motherboard with dual CPU support, 4-way SLI support, SATA III 6 GB/s, SAS, USB 3.0 and more. Whether you are an extreme power user, workstation, server admin, folder/cruncher; this is the ultimate board for you. This board was designed from the ground up to support the latest and greatest in technology, and be able to complete any task you throw at it faster than you ever thought possible.

ASUS Z9PE-D8-WS Motherboard Up For Pre-Order

ASUS' dual-LGA2011 workstation motherboard, the Z9PE-D8-WS, has been listed by Canadian retailer NCIX for pre-order. It is priced at CA $632.98 (US $634.56). The store page does not go on to mention availability, except that orders will be shipped whenever there are inventories. Given its pre-order listing, we expect the product-launch of the Z9PE-D8-WS not to be too far, considering Intel's launch of a large number of "Sandy Bridge-EP" Xeon processors is just around the corner (within Q1, 2012). The Z9PE-D8-WS is designed to support 2P configurations based on Xeon "Sandy Bridge-EP" processors. The motherboard is further detailed here. To PC enthusiasts, it presents a potential alternative to EVGA's SR-X.

Image Courtesy: VR-Zone

EVGA SR-X Dual-Socket LGA 2011 Motherboard Teased Some More

Wondering what's going on with EVGA's SR-X motherboard? Well the board still isn't ready for release but EVGA has made progress on it, as is confirmed by a new image provided by the US-based company. This photo showcases the SR-X in a near final stage, equipped with an updated cooling solution made up of four heatsinks (covering VRM areas and chipsets).

As previously reported, the SR-X comes with two LGA 2011 sockets (it supports Sandy Bridge-E CPUs for single-processor setups and Sandy Bridge-EP CPUs for dual-chip configurations), 12 DDR3 memory slots (up to 96 GB of RAM are supported), two (one 8-pin and one 6-pin) power connectors per CPU, six SATA and four SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) ports, seven PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots (SLI and CrossFireX support is included), PCIe disable switches, voltage read points, a debug LED, dual Gigabit Ethernet, two eSATA ports, 7.1 channel audio, Bluetooth, EVBot support, and six USB 3.0 connectors (four on the back plate, two via a header).

EVGA is promising more details about the SR-X (a price tag and an availability date maybe) 'soon'. CeBIT anyone?

Source: Twitpic

EVGA SR-X Dual-Socket LGA 2011 Motherboard Seen at CES

At this year's CES EVGA probably turned some heads with its upcoming power supply line but the company had more enthusiast eye candy on display, like the SR-X dual-socket motherboard. Teased a little last year, the SR-X seems to have the same HPTX form factor as its predecessor (the SR-2) but it offers support for the newest LGA 2011 Intel processors (Sandy Bridge-E for single-CPU setups, Sandy Bridge-EP for dual-CPU 'awesomesauce').

EVGA's dual-socket motherboard includes 12 DDR3 memory slots allowing for up to 96 GB of RAM, two (one 8-pin and one 6-pin) power connector per CPU, six SATA and four SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) ports, seven PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots for SLI or CrossFireX configurations, PCIe disable switches, voltage read points, a debug LED, dual Gigabit Ethernet, two eSATA ports, 7.1 channel audio, Bluetooth, EVBot support, plus six USB 3.0 connectors (four on the back plate, two via a header). The SR-X still hasn't been priced or dated.

Source: Twitpic
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