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Sanwa Supply Intros USB 3.0 Front-Panel Header Adapter for Ready Boost Internal Ports

This tiny accessory from Japan's Sanwa Supply might come handy for boosting system responsiveness on the cheap, using the Ready Boost flash-drive caching feature available with select versions of Windows. The 800-TK021 from Sanwa is a small blue PCB, which fixes itself to the motherboard on one end, using a standard USB 3.0 front-panel header, and gives out two USB 3.0 type-A ports.

The ports can then be used to stash away discrete USB 3.0 storage devices (such as flash-drives, DRM sticks, HDDs, USB 3.0 portable SSDs). One incentive is using a discrete flash drive to speed up system responsiveness using Ready Boost. On sale, the 800-TK021 is priced at 780 JPY (US $9), it could be distributed under different labels, in different markets.

Sanwa Supply Sells Large Cooling Pad for 17" Notebooks

Japanese distributor Sanwa Supply introduced a new laptop cooling pad designed for large notebooks, the 400-CLN020. Almost the entire top area of the pad has a perforated metal surface, it encloses a large 200 mm low-RPM fan that provides sufficient air flow over a large surface area, without needing several smaller fans to do the job. The fan spins at 700 RPM ±10%, and is quiet enough to not spoil video-chats, according to its makers. Measuring 390 x 280 x 60 mm (WxDxH), the 400-CLN020 weighs about 600 g. It draws power from a single USB port. It supports notebooks of all shapes and sizes, up to 17-inch. On sale now, the 400-CLN020 is priced at 2,980 JPY (US $37).

Sanwa Supply Intros MA-NANOIR13 Infrared Wireless Mice

Sanwa Supply introduced the MA-NANOIR13 series wireless optical mice, which feature infrared optical sensors. The infrared sensors draw lesser power than visible light sensors, and hence conserve battery. The sensors offer tracking resolution as high as 3000 DPI, this resolution can be switched on-the-fly between 3000, 1500, and 1000 DPI. Oriented for the right-hand, the MA-NANOIR13 has two side buttons apart from its three main buttons and a 2-way scroll-wheel.

Measuring 55 x 107 x 36 mm (WxDxH), these mice weigh 70 g without batteries, they take in two AA-size ones. With a pair of mainstream alkaline batteries, up to 15 months' battery-life can be expected. The mouse talks to the host machine over 2.4 GHz radio band, a USB micro-receiver is included. The MA-NANOIR13 comes in three color options, black, silver, and red. They are priced at 3,675 JPY (US $44.6).

Sanwa Supply Starts Marketing Scene Fit Laser Mice

Japanese computer peripherals company Sanwa Supply started marketing the Scene Fit (MA-LSSF) Laser mice. These corded USB mice feature an ambidextrous design, measure 52 x 93 x 34 mm (WxDxH), weighing 72 g. These take advantage of laser sensor for more precise tracking, although the resolution isn't mentioned. The mice are available in four color options, MA-LSSFBK (piano-black), MA-LSSFGM (gunmetal), MA-LSSFS (silver), MA-LSSFW (white). The Scene Fit mouse is priced at 2,835 JPY (US $36).

Sanwa Supply Combines Mini-Keyboard with Gamepad and Tracking Device

Japanese company Sanwa Supply probably wondered that if mini-keyboards are going to resemble those from smartphones and PDAs, why make them boxy, why not curvy and ergonomic. It came up with the SKB-WL16BK, a wireless mini-keyboard with a 2-axis joystick that can double up as a tracking device. It would make for a nice input-device for HTPCs, on which human-interaction is far limited compared to on desktop PCs.

The SKB-WL16BK gives you a QWERTY keypad with 76 keys, multimedia keys, a D-pad that doubles up as the keyboard's arrow keys, a 2-axis thumb-stick, and two triggers that double up as left-right clicks. The main unit measures D145 x W90 x H28 mm , weighing 168 g (including two AA batteries). It communicates to the PC over 2.4 GHz radio band. On sale, the SKB-WL16BK from Sanwa Supply is priced at 13,440 JPY (about US $174.3).
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