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GDC Rescheduled to a Three Day "GDC Summer" Set for August 4-6

2020's Game Developers Conference (GDC), originally set to be live from March 16th through March 20th, was one of the first tech shows to be cancelled in wake of the Sars-Cov-2 outbreak. Now, the organization has announced that the event has been rescheduled a full 5 months later for August 2020. The event has been set for a three-day "GDC Summer" still taking place in Moscone Center in San Francisco, USA, starting August 4th and ending August 6th. Passes for the exhibition are already available, with early takers being offered heavy discounts over the on-floor passes.

GDC has been the stage for a number of high-profile gaming and services announcements, with the 2019 edition seeing announcements for Google's Stadia, EPIC Games detailing new features for its Unreal engine, and AMD taking the lid of their (then) upcoming 3rd generation Ryzen CPUs. Intel was first expected to detail their Xe graphics architecture at GDC 2020. It remains to be seen whether the blue giant will still be doing so in wake of this delay, or if the company will find an in-house (albeit likely online) alternative to get word of mouth flowing on their upcoming high performance graphics architecture.

PlayStation Exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Hitting PC in Summer 2020

A Steam page store has appeared for Guerrilla Games' PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn. If you haven't played this game yet, I'll assume you don't have a PlayStation; and if so, boy: are you in for a treat. Horizon Zero Dawn has you playing as Aloy, a native to this alternate reality where dinosaur-like machines have taken over the wilds. As you expand on the story and go on to discover the secrets to this world - and to humanity's downfall - you'll travel across a seamless, richly-detailed open-world experience that rivals The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition will feature both the base game and its The Frozen Wilds Expansion, which adds dozens of hours, new equipment, new lands, skills, and Machines for you to hunt. This looks like Sony's way (and continued efforts) to show you, years later, what you've been missing out on in the PlayStation platform, and I bet Sony's wishing these exclusive games hitting the PC will give you the PlayStation 5 hitch. Now if only the same happened for the incredible God of War...

TechPowerUp and Be Quiet! Present Upgrade Kit Giveaway

This Summer, push your PC's capabilities without making it sound like a jet engine, by giving it the ultimate pacifier: be quiet! You could buy their vast selection of CPU coolers, fans, cases, or power supplies from your favorite retailer, or try your luck with the TechPowerUp be quiet! Upgrade Kit Giveaway. Open from today till the 13th of June for residents of the United Kingdom, European Union, United States, and Canada, the Giveaway lets you win an entire upgrade kit that consists of a be quiet! Silent Base 601 Window Black case, a Straight Power 11 650W power supply, and a Dark Rock Slim CPU Cooler. The first runner up wins a combination of the same case and CPU cooler, while the second runner up wins the CPU cooler. All you have to do is to fill up a short form that helps us get back to you if you've won. It's that easy to give your precious hardware the Summer vacation it deserves.

For more information, and to participate, visit this page.

PC Memory Prices in Free Fall, Time to Upgrade

Prices of PC DDR4 memory modules are normalizing to 3-year lows as the pre-Summer PC upgrade season looms and several AAA game launches line up. 8 GB (2x 4 GB) dual-channel DDR4 memory kits have dropped to around USD $50 on popular PC component retailers such as Newegg, 16 GB (2x 8 GB) kits can be had for $80 at DDR4-2667 speeds. Premium 16 GB dual-channel kits (DDR4-3200 and above) start at $99. Premium 16 GB kits with RGB embellishments now typically start at $120.

Perhaps the biggest news from these memory price drops come in the form of capacity. 32 GB dual-channel (2x 16 GB) memory kits now start for as little as $144, for a kit with two dual-rank DDR4-2667 modules. Premium 32 GB kits, with RGB lighting and speeds as high as DDR4-3000 now start at $180. HEDT builders also have reason to cheer, as 32 GB quad-channel (4x 8 GB) kits start for as little as $150, and premium kits with DDR4-3000 frequency can be had for as little as $184. Newegg and the US aren't the only places you can find sharp drops in memory prices. Even across the big pond in Germany, we've been tracking significant drops in memory prices, with 16 GB dual-channel kits starting at 79€, premium 16 GB kits around 100€, 32 GB kits at 160€, and premium 32 GB kits around 190€.

COLORFUL Announces Limited Summer Edition SL500 SSD

Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards and high-performance storage solutions is proud to announce the availability of its latest limited edition seasonal release for its solid-state drive product line. The COLORFUL SL500 640G Summer LE SSD marks the celebration of summer with a brand new color model for its SL500 SSD. Coming in at a bright Glacier Blue color, this limited edition joins the previously released Spring LE back in March. The seasonal Limited Edition release from COLORFUL are a special way of bringing users different visual experiences from their products.

Based off the highly successful SL500 series from COLORFUL, this special release is a high-performance, high-capacity model intended for power-users and gamers that need both speed and storage. The Limited Edition Glacier Blue color adds a touch of vibrance especially for users looking to build around a theme.

Ready, Set - Steam Summer Sale Kicking Off Today

(UPDATE: And It's On!)

This years' Steam Summer Sale is kicking off today, as per the one-month-old leak - and warning - we gave our users. I hope you either finished your spending plans; are finalizing them as we speak; or are fortunate enough not to have to plan your spending in these trying, tempting times. Either way, be ready for increased lists of waiting games starting at 5 pm UTC, 10 am PDT (and 6 pm on my own little corner of Europe, Portugal).

GOG Kicks Off Their Summer Game Sale - Free Xenonauts Copy To All Users

GOG has kicked off its Summer Game Sale to tide you over through until some of the upcoming summer and autumn releases. While you wait for the next big thing in gaming, you can always purchase some classics, or heavily-discounted, relatively recent games, so as to grow your potential-etched backlog of games. You can take the plunge on GOG's discounted catalog from today until June 18th.

All users get a complimentary copy of Xenonauts so long as they click a GOG banner, and the service is promising some 1000+ games with up to 90% discounts. As an added bonus, particularly prolific buyers get a free copy of the excellent Sunless Sea if they purchase at least €4.09 worth of games during the sale ($4.99), and a copy of Rime should they surpass the €16.19 mark.
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