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Antec Premieres Elite Line of High-Performance PSUs With High Current Pro Series

Antec, Inc., the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, today announced its newest premium line of consumer power supplies, the High Current Pro series. Available in four 80 PLUS Gold certified models, the High Current Pro series boasts unrivaled server-grade efficiency and reliability for powering the most demanding system builds.

The High Current Pro series uses a one-of-a-kind high-performance full-bridge topology for a higher DC-to-DC voltage regulator module working frequency that stabilizes output voltage, making the system more reliable and energy-efficient, and features none of the annoying pitch noise typically found in higher-power 80 PLUS Gold certified PSUs.

NVIDIA to Focus on Triple SLI

NVIDIA has officially confirmed that it plans to launch triple SLI, and has also revealed that it is currently focusing more on that than on developing new and more powerful graphics processors. When asked about the company refreshing its products, NVIDIA’s chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang said the following:
We decided that the refresh that we would do this time was [GeForce] 8800 GT, and this is just a barn burner refresh. We are really proud of the 8800 GT and we are going to put our focus here. From [two GeForce] 8800 GT [graphics cards], you could obviously do SLI and soon you’ll be able to do three-way SLI, so you are going to be able to put a lot of GPU horsepower into your system, starting with a very affordable 8800 GT, and so – this is our focus for now.
This also would seem to conflict with rumours that triple SLI is only initially planned for the 8800 GTX and Ultra cards, as Huang suggests that the company is working on triple SLI for the 8800 GT.

NVIDIA Triple SLI: the “Ultimate Gaming Platform”

It looks like NVIDIA could be readying its new triple SLI platform if a slide published by Expreview is to be believed. The new three-way SLI will allow users to use three NVIDIA graphics cards simultaneously to run demanding 3D applications, although there are still very few details about it at present. The technology is being branded as “The new Ultimate Gaming Platform” by NVIDIA, and will work using a new three-way SLI bridge connector, with NVIDIA’s nForce 680i and 780i being the first chipsets to support it. If this slide is for real, then the GeForce 8800 Ultra and GTX will be the only cards capable of triple SLI to start with, but presumaby more will follow soon after – if triple SLI is more successful than quad SLI that is (which was largely let down by poor drivers). ATI is also planning to use three graphics cards with its CrossFire technology in the near future, where one card is expected to be dedicated to physics processing.
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