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Second Gen LG Ergo Monitors Designed for Customized Workstations Maximum Comfort

LG Electronics (LG) continues to push the boundaries of productivity, user-comfort and workspace flexibility in the modern era with its newest LG Ergo series of monitors. Perfect for home or office and anything in between, the LG Ergo Dual (model 27QP88D) and LG Ergo Single (model 32QP880) boast maximum adjustability, easy installation and exceptional IPS picture quality with QHD resolution (2560 x 1440).

First unveiled a year ago, the LG Ergo series is designed to deliver a superior display experience with greater ergonomic comfort. The second generation models offer consumers even more value and versatility with improved height and swivel adjustability, making sharing the screen with others and working while standing easier than ever. Both new models continue to offer the same effortless ability as before to be set close to or far away from the user without having to adjust the mounting point. What's more, the Ergo Dual offers a height-adjustable range of 150 millimeters while the Ergo Single travels 130 millimeters, with both able to rotate 335 degrees.

Bose Introduces the Soundlink Flex

Today, Bose welcomes a new addition to its iconic SoundLink Bluetooth speaker family: the SoundLink Flex. The Flex delivers the best audio performance for a portable speaker its size in an all-new, grabbable, and ultra-rugged design. It is packed with exclusive Bose technologies to deliver deep, clear sound that's powerful enough to fill your living room while entertaining, and loud enough for any outdoor adventure. It adds proprietary Bose PositionIQ technology to automatically detect the speaker's orientation, so whether upright, hanging, or flat on its back, the speaker is optimized to deliver rich, lifelike sound. Its IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating combines with up to 12 hours of battery life to make it a tough, portable workhorse. The SoundLink Flex is available starting today for $149 at

The Flex uses every fraction of an inch of its enclosure to deliver astonishing audio performance. A custom transducer - as big as could fit - maximizes clarity so you can hear each instrument and vocal, and delivers bass that you can feel in your chest. It combines with dual-opposing passive radiators, which brilliantly turn vibration into powerful audio output from the compact speaker. Bose proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) technology dramatically minimizes distortion so you hear natural, full sound.

Upcoming HTC Vive Flow VR Headset Leaks Ahead of Launch

HTC is said to be launching a new VR headset within the next couple days and thanks to @evleaks we now have a pretty good idea as to what to expect. Although we don't know the actual hardware specifications, it's supposed to be a stand-alone headset that doesn't require a PC to work, although the massive leak that appears to be presentation slides, does give away quite a lot of details.

For starters, there are details explaining that the Vive Flow as the new headset is called, can be paired over Bluetooth with smartphones and you can use the phone as a controller. It'll also be possible to stream content to the Vive Flow via Miracast from smartphones and possibly also other sources. The headset appears to be powered via a USB-C cable, although the pictures are ambiguous, as the Vive Flow is sometimes wired to a phone, but most of the time it doesn't appear to be connected to anything, not even a power source.

STRAX Launches High-end TWS Headphones Designed by Axel Grell

There appears to be no shortage of new TWS headphones being announced, but these ones are slightly different from the competition, as they have 27 year Sennheiser veteran Axel Grell behind them. The grell TWS/1 is the first product from grell, a brand from STRAX, which is also home to Urbanista, WeSC and several other brands that mostly focuses on audio or mobile accessories.

The TWS/1 does as you'd expect, focus on audio quality, but also includes all the kind of features you'd expect from current generation TWS headphones, such as ANC, Bluetooth 5.2 and support for the SoundID app from Sonarworks. The TWS/1 is based on Qualcomm's QCC5141 Bluetooth SoC which sits in the premium tier of Qualcomm's product stack and features a pair of DSPs as well as a system processor and an application processor.

Kubuntu Focus Team Announces the 3rd Gen M2 Linux Mobile Workstation

The Kubuntu Focus Team announces the availability of the third-generation M2 Linux mobile workstation with multiple performance enhancements. RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 models are in stock now. RTX 3060 models can be reserved now and ship in the first week of November. The thin-and-light M2 laptop is a superb choice for anyone looking for the best out-of-the-box Linux experience with the most powerful mobile hardware. Customers include ML scientists, developers, and creators. Improvements to the third generation include:
  • Cooler and faster Intel 11th generation Core i7-11800H. Geekbench scores improve 19 and 29%.
  • Double the iGPU performance with Intel Iris Xe 32EU Graphics.
  • Increased RAM speed from 2933 to 3200 MHz, up to 64 GB dual-channel.
  • BIOS switchable USB-C GPU output.
  • Upgrade from Thunderbolt 3 to version 4.

Neat Microphones Unveils Skyline Desktop USB Microphone

Neat Microphones, the innovative brand of high-quality digital USB and analog microphones from Turtle Beach Corporation (Nasdaq: HEAR), today announced the availability of its all-new Neat SkylineTM desktop USB microphone. With daily virtual meetings, online get-togethers with friends and family, and online education becoming everyday activities, it's critical your voice is heard clearly. With the Neat team's decades-long background and expertise creating many of the world's best high-performance microphones, the all-new Skyline is designed to outperform any PC's built-in mic to ensure you sound good at home, in the office, and when learning from home.

Skyline is available in black or white and has a sleek and sophisticated shape that accents any desktop setup. Its high-quality, crystal-clear 24 bit/96 kHz digital audio makes it the perfect addition to any PC, laptop, tablet, or other compatible device with a USB input. Neat Microphones' Skyline is available now on Amazon, Sweetwater, American Musical Supply, zZounds, and other participating retailers in North America for a MSRP of $69.99. Skyline is planned to launch in select European territories in November.

Soundcore Launches Next Generation Liberty 3 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Soundcore, Anker Innovations' premium audio brand, today announced the Liberty 3 Pro, the latest true wireless model in its flagship Liberty lineup. The Liberty 3 Pro features HearID ANC that automatically monitors outside ambient noise levels in real time as well as in-ear pressure to tailor noise cancellation to match the situation. Combining an immersive sound experience with touch control, the Liberty 3 Pro earbuds utilize an upgraded dual driver configuration - the latest Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture 2.0 (ACAA) and Fusion Comfort technology in a compact and stylish form factor.

"The Liberty 3 Pro is the culmination of years of enhancements to our headphone line and the best sounding model to date, with the added benefit of our auto-adapting HearID ANC," said Steven Yang, Founder and CEO of Anker Innovations. "We worked with 20 Grammy Award winning audio producers to achieve the best sounding TWS earbuds we've ever made. The Liberty 3 Pro boasts a significant breakthrough in sound quality, reproducing dynamic audio, no matter the genre with powerful bass and crisp treble."

Nokia Launches Affordable Android Tablet with 10.4-inch 2K Display

The return of Nokia to the phone market via HMD hasn't quite been what most Nokia fans were hoping for, although the company has carved out a strange mid-range to low-end niche for itself. Now the company has announced its first tablet, called the T20 which ends up in the same kind of market space as most of its phones, although the pricing is somewhat attractive though.

The T20 sports a 10.4-inch display with a 1,200x2,000 pixel resolution and a rather unusual 5:3 aspect ratio. The back is made from aluminium and the screen is covered with toughened glass, although without any kind of fancy marketing name involved. The choice of SoC is rather interesting, as Nokia went with a Unisoc T610, which is already a couple of years old by now. Even so, it sports two Arm Cortex-A75 cores and six Cortex-A55, all clocked at 1.8 GHz, so it's not a bottom shelf chip as such, although the Mali G52 MP2 GPU isn't going to be amazing for more demanding games, considering the resolution of the display.

USB-IF Brings New USB Certification Logos to Help Consumers Buy the Right Cables and Chargers

Last week, the EU Commission announced that it's working towards making USB-C the universal standard for charging portable electronics and this week, the USB-IF is bringing new Certified USB Type-C cable and Certified USB4 logos to help consumers figure out what is what. However, the USB-IF is also pointing out that consumers should only buy Certified USB products from trusted sources, suggesting that there are a lot of products in the market that don't meet the various USB specifications.

The new logos can be seen below and the first one is for devices that support 40 Gbps speeds over USB. Keep in mind that although USB4 is broadly based on Thunderbolt 3, the cables aren't going to be exactly the same, but that some USB4 implementations can also support Thunderbolt 4, just to complicate things a little bit extra. This logo can also be used with 40 Gbps capable ports on devices.

Acer Launches D501 Chromebook-Certified USB Type-C Dock

Acer today expanded its range of Works With Chromebook-certified accessories with the Acer USB Type-C Dock D501, a new device that simplifies the process of connecting multiple displays or peripherals to a Chromebook. The dock has undergone significant testing and been verified as meeting Chromebook's compatibility standards in order to assure users that it will work seamlessly with their Chrome OS devices.

The Acer USB Type-C Dock D501 (ADK020) simplifies the process of connecting a Chrome OS Device to up to three extended displays, via DisplayPort and HDMI ports, making it an excellent choice for users who work with large amounts of information and need more screen real-estate than a single device allows. From there, six USB ports (4x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A and 2x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A) offer the flexibility to connect any additional peripherals necessary for a given job. It also supports USB-C Power Delivery to charge devices via a USB-C connection and includes a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet port for wired networking. Of particular note, the dock's firmware can be updated while connected to a Chrome OS Device, ensuring maximum compatibility with the peripherals of today and ensuring that they will be able to be used well into the future.

Fairphone 4 Gets Faster Processor, Larger Screen and 5G, Loses 3.5 mm Jack

If you've been looking for a smartphone with a long term software update guarantee from the manufacturer, then the Fairphone 4 might be what you've been waiting for, as outside of being user upgradable in many ways, the company promises Android updates until at least 2025, but possibly as far as to 2027. This is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition and although the Fairphone 4 isn't what you'd call a cutting edge phone, it does have some unique competitive advantages.

Fairphone is a company that started out with a vision of delivering not only user repairable and upgradeable phones, to reduce electronics waste, but also to use more sustainable and more fairly sourced materials. In addition to this, the company claims to pay its factory workers better and to improve their working conditions.

Maximize Creative Potential with Logitech MX Keys Mini, a New Minimalist Wireless Keyboard

Today Logitech introduced the new MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac, keyboards designed for creators that pack more power into a minimalist wireless keyboard. MX Keys Mini offers the best features of the standard-sized MX Keys that consumers know and love, in a minimalist wireless keyboard designed for any space you work, whether a large designer desk in the studio or a home setup. Type with confidence, comfort and style on MX Keys Mini, crafted for efficiency, stability and precision to help maximize creative potential.

"Our new smaller form factor is a result of the input and requests from the creative community for a smaller version of our popular MX Keys," said Tolya Polyanker, head of MX Master Series for creativity and productivity at Logitech. "MX Keys Mini allows you to regain control of your workspace, giving you more room for ideas to flow while keeping you productive and comfortable for hours."

Akasa Introduces USB 3.2 NVMe M.2 External Drive Enclosure

Akasa, just released a new aluminium enclosure for M.2 drives. This iteration of Akasa's M.2 range of enclosures is packed full of the latest features such as USB 3.2 Generation 2x2 connectivity, UASP support and a brand-new tool-free design, and is built for the ultra-fast data transfer speeds of up to a massive 20 Gb/s. The enclosure is machined out of high quality aluminium, functioning as a heatsink to draw away excess heat from the drive. A thermal pad is included with the package to allow the best possible heat dissipation.

Also included in the box is a high-quality, braided, USB-C to USB-C cable, which is durable enough to withstand the constant daily use this enclosure is designed for. The tool-free design includes two high-quality metal thumb screws, strong enough to effortlessly hold your M.2 drive, and provide a sleek appearance to the enclosure. A simple yet effective rubber tab holds the drive down, whilst the updated design means the aluminium heatsink can fully contact the thermal pad and work efficiently.

ViewSonic Launches 28-inch 150 Hz 4K Monitor with PS5 Support

ViewSonic's new VX2882-4KP seems to be the 4K gaming monitor for those looking for a no-nonsense design, as it could be mistaken for a Dell office monitor. That said, not everyone is keen on the over the top designs some gaming monitors of late have featured, so it's nice to see something a bit more normal here, especially for those that use their PC for more than just gaming.

Unfortunately the only stand-out spec is the 150 Hz refresh rate, which lands somewhere between most 144 Hz 4K monitors and the two or three that can do 160 Hz. It's not an overclock setting in this case, as it's the official refresh rate of the VX2882-4KP. ViewSonic went for an IPS panel here, although it only has a brightness of 300 nits, which is not as impressive as much of its competition, neither is the HDR10 rating.

EU Commission Pushing Forward with Unified Electronics Charger Standard and Unbundling of Chargers

What can only be called a long running drama, the EU has once again put its foot down when it comes to chargers for various consumer electronics devices, although it's mostly about smartphones and regular old mobile phones these days. The whole thing took off some time in 2009, although back then, it was a voluntary effort and according to today's press release by the EU Commission, we're down from 30 to three "competing" standards (micro USB, lightning and USB-C), but apparently that is still not good enough.

As such, the EU Commission has now decided that USB-C is the answer to their prayers and it'll now be an enforced standard for a wide range of devices if they're to be allowed to be sold in the EU. We doubt this will go down well with many device manufacturers, Apple being the obvious one here, even though the company has been slowly transitioning to USB-C on its tablets, none of its phones are using USB-C today. The following device categories are affected: smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and handheld video game consoles.

Microsoft Takes Second Stab at Android with Surface Duo 2

There's no doubt that Microsoft's first attempt on an Android phablet was a disaster, not only as a device, but apparently also so in terms of the sales volume, since it was originally priced at an insane US$1,399.99. Even though it's retailing for a more sensible US$699.99 now, it doesn't seem to have made it much more popular. That didn't stop Microsoft from launching the Surface Duo 2 today and it looks like the company has learnt from some of its mistakes with the original device, but the question is if it'll be enough.

Feature wise, Microsoft has updated the displays and we're now looking at two slightly larger and higher resolution 5.8-inch displays with 1344x1892 resolution, that combine into an 8.3-inch surface with a 2688x1892 resolution, when combined. The displays are still using AMOLED technology, but now they're using a variable refresh rate of up to 90 Hz. The CPU has been given a bump to, from a Snapdragon 855 to a Snapdragon 888, while Microsoft also threw in an additional 2 GB of RAM for a total of 8 GB of the LPDDR5 flavour. The Surface Duo 2 still starts out with 128 GB of storage, but Microsoft added a 512 GB SKU in addition to the 256 GB SKU.

HP Announces Pair of New USB-C Monitors for Productivity

Slowly but surely, USB-C seems to be gaining popularity with the display makers and HP's most recent offerings, the U32 4K HDR monitor and the M34d WQHD curved monitor both feature USB-C ports with DP Alt mode and 65 W power delivery. As the product name implies, the U32 sports a 3840x2160 pixel resolution at 60 Hz and the M34d comes in at 3440x1440 pixels, although here you get a variable refresh rate of 48-100 Hz.

The U32 comes with a 31.5-inch 10-bit (8-bit + FRC) IPS panel with what we presume is a peak brightness of 400 nits and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Connectivity consists of a DP 1.2 port, an HDMI 2.0 port, the aforementioned USB-C port, three USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 ports (aka USB 3.0) and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The U32 uses an external power brick, so there's also a barrel plug type power jack.

Cable Matters Launches USB-C KVM Switch With 8K or Dual 4K Video Support

Cable Matters, an industry-leading connectivity solutions supplier, today launched an innovative one-device keyboard, video, and mouse sharing switch for USB-C devices. The Cable Matters USB-C KVM Switch for 2 Computers with HDMI, DisplayPort, and 4x USB 3.0 Ports is the perfect space-saving accessory for managing multiple USB-C laptops or tablets in a single, unified workspace. The switch allows two computers or tablets to share a single set of monitors, a keyboard and mouse, and other USB peripherals. A built-in switcher button and wireless remote control enable seamless, fast device swapping.

"The Cable Matters KVM switch is the perfect productivity tool for work-from-home or hybrid workers," said Cable Matters President and CEO Jeff Jiang. "The KVM switch is ideal for remote workers wishing to use multiple devices for work and play at the same desktop." KVM switches of the past required connecting multiple data and video cables to each computer separately, reducing flexibility, portability, and compatibility. The Cable Matters USB-C KVM leverages the data and video transmission capabilities of USB-C to carry video and USB data over a single cable. Now, swapping devices is a breeze with only a single standard cable. The switch is compatible with a wide array of devices with USB-C video support, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Gigabyte Launches the M32U 4K Gaming Monitor

The M32U will be Gigabyte's fifth gaming monitor and the second not to carry the Aorus brand. Design wise it looks identical to the M32Q and the specs are very similar too, as both monitors rely on a super speed IP panel that measures 31.5-inches. The big difference here is obviously the resolution, as the M32U sports a 4K 3840x2160 panel and this time it seems like the backlight has improved slightly, as we're looking at an HDR400 certification, even though both models deliver a typical brightness of 350cd/m².

On the other hand, colour saturation isn't quite as good at 90% DCI-P3 or 123% sRGB, even though this is an 8-bit + FRC panel rather than an 8-bit panel for the M32Q. The refresh rate is up to 144 Hz for PCs and 120 Hz for consoles, with a 1 ms MPRT response time. Inputs consist of two HDMI 2.1 ports, one DisplayPort 1.4 with DSC and a USB-C port with DP-Alt mode.The display also has one USB 3.0 type-B input and three type-A outputs and a headphone jack and as with previous Gigabyte displays, this one supports KVM functionality. Finally we have a pair of built in 3 W speakers. No word on pricing or availability.

Denon Launches its First TWS Earbuds

Denon isn't the first brand most people think of when it comes to in-ear headphones, nor wireless headphones for that matter, but the company has a range of very high-end over-ear headphones in its lineup of products. This might be set to change though, with the company introducing two new sets of TWS earbuds in the shape of the AH-C630W and the AH-C830NCW.

The design appears very similar between the two models and apart from the little silver accent on the bottom of the AH-C830NCW, it's hard to tell the two apart from just looking at them. The main difference between the two is that the AH-C830NCW comes with active noise cancelling, insert detection and Google Fast Pair. Both models use standard dynamic drivers, with the AH-C830NCW having an unusual oval shape that measures 11x10 mm and the AH-C630W using a regular driver with a 10 mm diameter.

Harman Launches a Range of Mobile Power Accessories Under InfinityLab Brand

This one is going to be a bit tricky to explain, but Samsung owned Harman, has launched a new brand called InfinityLab, which will be selling mobile charging and power products, that will compete with Samsung. We can't really explain this, but we're sure there's some kind of logic behind it all.

What we're looking at is a set of three USB chargers, comprising of a 20 W model for $19.95, a 30 W model for $29.95 and a 65 W model for $49.95, all with a USB-C port and the 30 W and 65 W models also get a USB-A port. The 65 W model is using GaN (that's a curse word in Taiwan btw) or Gallium Nitride power conversion parts and as such joins a growing ecosystem of compact chargers with fairly high output.

AGON by AOC Announces PRO E-Sports Monitors AG324UX and AG274FZ

One of the world's leading gaming monitor and IT accessories brand, AGON by AOC, recently launched a new product category for the most demanding and competitive gamers and e-sports players: AGON PRO. Now, the line-up is expanded with two additional models with exceptional specifications: the 31.5" (80 cm) AG324UX (4K @ 144 Hz) with HDR400 and the 27" (68.6 cm) AG274FZ (FHD @ 260 Hz). Both models come with an IPS panel for punchy, vivid colours and offer 1 ms GtG response time for extra-smooth, ghosting-free visuals.

The legends of the gaming community finally get truly legendary gear. To achieve victory on the battlefield, legends accept no compromises and need the highest-level equipment available. With the new AGON PRO models from AGON by AOC, esports pros, professional streamers and hard-core gamers will find that these screens leave hardly anything to be desired.

BenQ Launches a Pair of Portable Projectors With Android TV Support

BenQ might not be your first choice of consumer electronics, but the company keeps churning out some interesting products and its new GV30 and GS50 portable projectors are adding some new features to an already crowded market. First of all, both models have integrated 2.1 speakers and although we doubt you're going to get a cinema level experience from these speakers, it's much better than most of its competitors.

More interestingly, both projectors come with Android TV support, which in itself might not be very unique, but the way BenQ has added this support is unique, as far as we know. It's done via BenQ's QS01 Android TV dongle, which is neatly integrated into the projectors via a hidden compartment. This way it's possible to upgrade the "smarts" once the hardware gets updated or stops receiving updates, a feature we'd like to see on the so called smart TV's out there. The QS01 dongle is based on an unspecified Amlogic SoC, paired with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of eMMC, has dual band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 and is running Android TV 9.0.

MSI Unveils Creator P50 Desktop and Summit MS321 Flagship Monitor

Without question, MSI is not only the market leader in the gaming hardware industry but also the pioneer in the Content Creation & Business market with a range of innovative technologies. As the world tends to be unpredictable, MSI keeps on developing products with stylish, stable, and have the best performance for all kinds of users. Today, MSI launched the brand new Content Creation Products: the Creator P50 with another new flagship monitor Summit MS321UP, both designed for creators, business professionals, and multi-taskers.

Creator P50 is sleek, slim, but packs a ton of power and is the dream desktop for creators, multi-taskers, and business professionals. MSI Creator P50 was inspired by the wireframe modeling and construction lines made by creators. The polygonal cutting pattern on this small 4.72 liters chassis not only symbolizes the unlimited imagination and extension of creativity, but also reflects a creator's growth, transformation, and refinement. It won't steal away the brilliance of the environment but blends in quietly with a low-key and elegant design. The P50 is a professional, clean, and stylish creativity center.

LG Debuts UltraGear GP9 Gaming Speaker, Matches its Displays

LG has gained a pretty good reputation for its UltraGear monitors and the company has now launched its first accessory, the matching GP9 gaming speaker. At first glance, it just looks like a compact soundbar, but looks can be deceiving and that's very much the case here, as not only is it a portable, battery powered speaker, but it hides quite a few features that aren't apparent at first glance.

For starters, LG has incorporated what they call a "Quad DAC" with some help from ESS in the shape of the 9038Pro, which is ESS' flagship 32-bit DAC. LG uses this to deliver virtual 7.1-channel audio and the GP9 is Hi-Res Audio certified. The GP9 also has a built-in noise cancelling microphone, so you can use it for voice chat or online meetings if so inclined.
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