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Ducky Brings a Flock of New Mechanical Keyboards to Computex

Ducky Channel is one of the oldest mechanical keyboard OEMs and whitebox manufacturers in Taiwan, and brought a vast selection of new mechanical keyboards to Computex 2019, with a focus on space-saving TKL (tenkeyless) and sub-TKL form-factors without compromising on the size of the keycaps. A running design theme at the Ducky booth has been a fusion of the Chinese Year of the Pig in a rendition by Formosan artists (indigenous people of the island of Taiwan). We begin our tour with the Shine, a lineup of full-size 108-key units that now come in the new Gunmetal Grey color option. These keyboards feature a zinc-alloy top, with PBT double-shot seamless keycaps, and another in hot-rod red+black color scheme. You can have the Shine in a number of Cherry MX switch options. The 2019 edition also comes with USB type-C cabling in addition to type-A.

VARMILO Presents a Plethora of Unique Keyboards at Computex 2018

Continuing on our coverage of Computex 2018, now we take a closer look at the VARMILO brand, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Zhihaihe technology co., LTD. based out of China. They shared a large booth space with Ducky Keyboard, and there were more than a few interesting products to be seen here- some previously released, some released very recently, and others announced for the first time at the trade show.

Beginning with products that were new is the VARMILO V Motion. This is a $170 keyboard with an optical sensor at the top left corner on the front which detects hand motion such that the keyboard backlighting can be effectively controlled by a simple motion of your hands. The rest of the keyboard, which can be easy to ignore given this revelation, features a standard 104-key US ANSI layout in a metal frame and thick plastic case. A video, courtesy the brand, is past the break so you can see better how the V Motion works.

Varmilo Launches the 'Chicken Dinner' Mechanical Keyboard for PUBG Addicts

Varmilo, a renowned Chinese keyboard manufacturer, is adding a PUBG-inspired keyboard to their already exotic lineup. The new Chicken Dinner mechanical keyboard certainly upholds the company's reputation for uniqueness. It features a distinctive multi-colored theme and high-quality dye-sublimated PBT keycaps. And just to put the icing on the cake, Varmilo replaced the number keys and some of the function keys with the corresponding PUBG in-game key bindings. The spacebar even carries the iconic "WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!" phrase. It's safe to say that the Chicken Dinner mechanical keyboard is fit for all tastes. Consumers who prefer compactness can opt for the tenkeyless model (VA87M) and those who need the number pad can grab the full-size model (VA108M). The wide selection of switches includes the Cherry MX Red, Blue, Brown, and Silver.
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