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Akasa Shows Off Venom Medusa High-End Air CPU Cooler

Akasa also unveiled the third entry into its Venom series of CPU coolers, the Venom Medusa. This launch comes exactly an year after that of the Venom Voodoo. In the picture below, the Venom Medusa is shown between the original Venom, and Venom Voodoo. The Venom Medusa is a large aluminum fin dual-tower heatsink, with two symmetrical aluminum fin stacks. It is designed keeping in mind the thermal loads of the new LGA2011 processors.

Its design consists of a large base from which eight nickel-plated copper heat pipes pass, making direct contact with the CPU, and passing through the two aluminum fin stacks at ends. The Venom Medusa ships with two fans, a Viper 120 mm fan pushes fresh air through the first aluminum fin stack, while a larger 140 mm fan conveys air from the first stack to the second. There is provision for a third 120 mm fan, which pulls air from the second stack, for exhaust. The Venom Medusa supports nearly every modern CPU socket type, including LGA2011, LGA1155/LGA1156, LGA1366, AM3+/AM3, and FM2/FM1.

HP Redefines the Premium Notebook PC with ENVY

HP today redefines the premium notebook PC experience with the introduction of the HP ENVY sub-brand, which offers customers precision-crafted, high-performance models featuring HP Metal Etching and concierge service and support.

The new HP ENVY 13 boasts the brightest display in its class, and the HP ENVY 15 is the company’s fastest consumer notebook PC ever.

“HP ENVY includes the latest in materials and technology inside and out and pushes the technological and performance boundaries of what can be done in sleek, powerful and lightweight notebook PCs,” said Ted Clark, senior vice president and general manager, Notebook Global Business Unit, Personal Systems Group, HP. “Discerning consumers will get a premium experience and performance.”

HP Launches Firebird with Voodoo DNA Desktop System

In addition to the several new notebooks, HP today released the successor of the award-winning HP Blackbird 002, called HP Firebird. Designed for photo and video editing, music creation, gaming and other demanding tasks, the HP Firebird comes in an extremely sleek and original chassis, but that's not all. Inside this beautiful shell HP has integrated a complete watercooling system that cools the CPU, the two graphics cores and the motherboard's chipset. Speaking of CPUs and VGAs, the Firebird is partly customizable. It supports the latest Core 2 Quad processors (Q9400 - 2.66GHz or Q9550 - 2.83GHz), up to 8GB of DDR2 RAM, and comes with dual NVIDIA GeForce 9800S small form factor graphics cards in SLI configuration and two hot-swappable 320GB hard drives. Also, the Firebird ships with a 350W external power supply, to help keeping the system as cool as possible. The HP Firebird with Voodoo DNA will be available online at on January 9th starting at $1,799. Customers also can purchase the product in select retail stores nationwide starting on February 1st. Find more information here.

Source: HP

Details and Shots of the Voodoo Designed HP Firebird 803 Gaming Tower Leaked

Due to show up at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in 2009, the new HP Firebird 803 designed by Voodoo has surfaced early with leaked photos and specifications. Unlike the previous firebird, this design is much smaller, however it does come with its draw backs. To get such a small design, the entire unit is custom built and appears to follow no standard layout or format, i.e ATX, BTX, etc. As such one would imagine that upgrading components would be very limited, so this is more like a laptop or games console in which what you buy is what your stuck with. The tower also appears to be watercooled, but to further reduce the size and heat output, the power supply has been made external and judging by the pictures it's roughly twice the size of a normal laptop power supply.

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