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Palit and PC Partner Beat ASUS in Graphics Card Market Share

According to the latest global graphics card market share seen by Taiwanese tech industry observer DigiTimes, Palit Microsystems and PC Partner have each surpassed ASUSTek. The two relegated ASUS to the position of third biggest graphics card vendor by volume. ASUS is a vendor-neutral graphics card vendor, selling both NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards; while Palit beat it with a predominantly GeForce-based product stack. Although Palit Microsystems is vendor-neutral on paper, it virtually stopped making AMD Radeon-based products.

Palit Microsystems runs two major brands, Palit, and Gainward, which target different global markets, and are seldom found in the same market. PC Partner, on the other hand, runs Sapphire, which focuses on AMD Radeon products, and ZOTAC, focusing on NVIDIA GeForce. Both Palit Microsystems and PC Partners also contract-manufacture graphics cards for other companies. With the surge of Palit Microsystems and PC Partner, ASUSTek is pushed down to the third place in global market-share, followed by MSI and GIGABYTE.

Source: DigiTimes

Gainward Out with Radeon HD 4870 X2 Golden Sample

Gainward, a subsidiary of Palit, has announced the Radeon HD 4870 X2 Golden Sample. The graphics card is identical to the Revolution R700 Deluxe by the parent company Palit, while going with Gainward branding to cater to the company's target markets. Gainward focuses on the Asian markets, where it has most of its influence on. The other subsidiary of Palit, XpertVision, is reportedly being dissolved into the parent brand, as brand Palit has started to have market presence in XpertVision's target market.

The card spans across three expansion slots for its massive cooler. It features two RV770 graphics processors by ATI aided with 2 GB of total memory based on the GDDR5 memory standard. It features a dual-link DVI, a D-SUB, a DisplayPort and a HDMI port. The availability and pricing of this card, is intended to be synchronized with those of the Palit card, they might reach markets at the same time, just that they release in different parts of the world. More pictures could be viewed here.

Source: Expreview

Games Convention 2008: Palit / XpertVision

XpertVision is Palit's European VGA graphics cards brand. Only recently they released an announcement that the brands will merge again to become "Palit Microsystems Ltd.".

At the show we saw several new ATI based cards from Palit. Since their booth is located in the AMD hall, no NVIDIA cards were on display.

First up is the new Palit HD 4870 which does not use the AMD reference design. The cooler is equipped with two fans and is much quieter than the normal cards. The HD 4870 Sonic Dual features DisplayPort and a Turbo switch which allows you to change the clock frequencies on the fly. When in "Turbo" mode, the card runs at 775/1000 and 750/950 in "Normal" mode. Even in normal mode this is still an overclock over the AMD reference clocks.
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