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New Wireless, Rechargeable Keyboard is Back in Black for Industrial Applications

Earlier this year, iKey, the world's premier innovator of rugged computer peripherals, introduced the SBW-97-TP, the industry's first rechargeable wireless keyboard designed for infection control. Now iKey's most innovative and flexible user-friendly keyboard is back in black: Introducing the SBW-97-TP-BLACK designed with industrial applications in mind.

The SBW-97-TP-BLACK is the first fully sealed, rechargeable, wireless keyboard on the market using QuickPair technology. QuickPair is the unique ability to pair to a USB dongle over a 802.11G wireless frequency without interacting with the host PC. Unlike traditional wireless keyboards, iKey's latest product does not require the user to press any buttons on the dongle or interact with the computer's operating system.

iKey Introduces a New Rugged Keyboard

iKey, a world leader in manufacturing rugged keyboards, pointing devices, and displays for military applications, introduces the SLK-880-FSR-USB-H. The SLK-880-FSR-USB-H offers many of the standard features our customers have to come to rely on in the rugged mobile keyboard line with the addition of a USB hub. Integrated directly in the case, the USB 2.0 hub makes this keyboard ideal for military applications where outlets and space are at a premium.

Available in a night vision (NVIS) compliant configuration, the SLK-800-FSR-USB-H features adjustable LED green backlighting with two brightness control keys. An integrated Black Out key allows users to quickly extinguish all LEDs and retain the same brightness settings when turned back on.

iKey Unveils the SB-101 Ultra-Thin and Rugged Keyboard

iKey, the world leader in rugged computer peripherals, introduces its latest addition to the innovative SkinnyBoard line of keyboards, the SB-101. At less than half an inch in depth, the SB-101's ultra-thin design makes it ideal for use in small spaces, vehicles, forklifts, and rackdrawers.

With a fully-sealed polycarbonate case and rubber keypad, the SB-101 is rated NEMA 4X, making it impervious to water, dirt, and corrosive cleaning products. The SB-101 also features a QuickLock key, allowing users to quickly disable the keys and avoid unwanted keystrokes during the cleaning and disinfection process.

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