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Acer Unveils New Monitors and 4K Projector for Home Entertainment

Acer today announced upgrades across its projector and monitor ranges, bringing new options to gamers and home-entertainment enthusiasts. The new 4K laser projector brings high performance and high ECO efficiency to the mainstream market. Two new monitors are also available, one with a WQHD IPS display for prosumers who work and play at home and another with a WQHD 300 Hz panel for gamers.

"The pandemic has changed how people are approaching work and entertainment," said Victor Chien, President, Digital Display Business, Acer Inc. "People who do their work on notebook computers are investing in monitors, and more families are exploring home cinema technology. We're doing our best to respond flexibly and meet that new demand."

XGIMI Launches New Aura Ultra Short Throw 4K Laser Projector

XGIMI LIMITED, a leading global projection equipment manufacturer, today announced the launch of a new 4K ultra short-throw laser projector, the Aura. As XGIMI's first laser projector, the Aura is aiming to become the new living room centerpiece, claiming the throne that has been held for decades by traditional television sets. The Aura is now available globally on the XGIMI websiteThe XGIMI Aura is a forward-thinking way for anyone to enjoy music, movies, shows and games in their home using ultra short-throw technology to project images at up to 150 inches, while only being inches away from the screen. Aura features a smooth Android TV 10 user interface that has the ability to run streaming services like Disney+ and Amazon Prime, without the need for external hardware. To make watching content even easier, the Aura has built-in Chromecast functionality for seamless content casting and features three HDMI ports for external devices like game consoles, cable boxes and Blu-Ray players.

All that compatibility doesn't mean a thing if images don't look great, and the XGIMI Aura has put those fears to rest while also offering a stylish design, luxurious look and feel. The Aura is capable of projecting at 4K and HDR10 resolutions with screen sizes of up to 150 inches while also adding low latency image processing capabilities. The Aura projector is powered by 2400 ANSI lumens of brightness, meaning crisper whites, darker and richer blacks and colors that pop. Thanks to the Aura's impressive ultra short-throw technology, the projector only needs to be a little over eight inches away from the screen to get the full 100" display, a size which most TVs could never match. That level of immersion is practically magical.

Epson Debuts Versatile, Smart Projector for Remote and Hybrid Work Environments

As business professionals continue to navigate new work environments - in an office, at home, or a mix of both - having proper technology and display tools are essential for maintaining team productivity and collaboration. Dedicated to delivering top-quality projection that is also versatile for a range of professional environments, today Epson introduced the new Epson 880X 3LCD 1080p smart portable projector. Compact and equipped with a convenient carrying case, the 880X meets a variety of on-the-go business display needs. Additionally, with Android TV and built-in Chromecast, users can easily switch it into a streaming machine for epic entertainment virtually anywhere.

"As the dynamics of work environments continue to shift, it's important that business professionals have the proper tools to set them up for success in any space," said Kenny Tang, product manager, projectors, Epson America, Inc. "The demand for bigger displays has continued throughout the pandemic for both business and home entertainment. The 880X smart projector is ideal for video conferencing and presentations with the added versatility to transform spaces into entertainment hubs."

XGIMI Expands Versatile Halo Series With Smarter Halo+ FHD Portable Projector

XGIMI Technology Co., Ltd., a leading global projection equipment manufacturer, today announced the launch of their new Halo+ FHD Smart Portable Projector (Halo+). Building on the success of the Halo projector, released in Fall 2020, Halo+ now offers smarter setup functionality using XGIMI's own suite of Ai-powered image correction & stabilization technology, a more powerful and brighter LED (900 ANSI lumens), enhanced custom Harman Kardon speakers and a longer battery life. Halo+'s sleek, minimalist design is as comfortable in the bedroom as it is in the office, game room or powering backyard movie nights. Halo+ is unapologetically meant to be a smarter, class-leading projector for the most demanding users and surroundings with easy plug and play capability making movie time anywhere, anytime. Halo+ is now available on Amazon and XGIMI's website.

Halo+ has been optimized for immediate use with added intelligence, making setup a breeze and maximizing performance right out of the box. XGIMI's X-VUE and Intelligent Screen Adaption (ISA) technology combined with XGIMI's industry-leading Vertical and Horizontal Auto Keystone Correction offers users the ability to set up Halo+ from almost any angle and in almost any environment. Halo+ requires no manual focusing and will intelligently optimize screen size and avoid on-wall obstacles like light switches or pictures. Halo+'s fast-boot feature achieves the perfect image within 10 seconds, simply point and play for ideal viewing, instantly, from anywhere in the room. Onboard Android TV allows access to thousands of apps, screen mirroring and content syncing across devices.

ASUS Also Announces Availability of the ZenBeam Latte Portable Projector

ASUS announced the availability of the ASUS ZenBeam Latte portable LED projector, one of the most popular products at CES 2021. Designed to deliver immersive video and audio experiences, ZenBeam Latte L1 provides bright projections ranging from 40 to 120 inches (diagonal) at 720p resolution, and it includes Harman Kardon audio. It offers users a more flexible option when streaming their favorite videos or movies, or conducting boardroom presentations, allowing them to adjust screen size that best fits their living or workspace. ZenBeam Latte L1 includes the Aptoide TV app that enables users to view rich video content that's optimized for large screen devices.

A recipient of multiple design accolades including the 2020 Good Design, 2021 Red Dot (Product Design), and 2021 Taiwan Excellence awards, the lightweight and compact ZenBeam Latte L1 resembles a coffee mug and is the world's first projector to feature a fabric outer layer, giving it a look that fits in any home or office. The integrated-fabric design enhances sound acoustics and provides cooling benefits by improving airflow. Internal cooling fins also help effectively dissipate heat.

XGIMI Readies Next-Gen Horizon and Horizon Pro Projectors for Home Entertainment

With more blockbuster movies hitting streaming services first as pay-per-view, home entertainment is about to get big again. You could get yourself a really large TV, but one that fills an entire wall-sized screen won't be cheap XGIMI has an answer to this, with its MoGo line of portable high-resolution projectors that let you watch movies on the go, and new Horizon line of premium home projectors. These projectors are lightweight, used LED-based main light sources that are a lot more durable and take much less power than conventional projector bulbs, and XGIMI has placed a design focus on getting the resolution right, and on portability.

The MoGo is barely the size and weight of smart speaker. XGIMI is preparing to launch its next-generation Horizon and Horizon Pro line of compact home projectors with a stellar feature-set that could include 4K UHD resolution for the Horizon Pro, and up to 2,200 ANSI Lumens projection, along with and Android TV, with access to nearly every streaming app there is. The projects also feature 16 W surround speakers developed by Harman Kardon. The Horizon Pro is designed for screens up to 300-inch (dia), and uses the company's patented X-VUE image enhancement technology. Its designers recommend the Horizon series for both high quality movies/video, and gaming. Available for pre-order from May 10 with availability from June 20, the Horizon is priced at $1,699. You can register your interest, play a nerdy specs-based quiz, and win $100 off on the price of this projector, by visiting this page.

Razer at CES 2020: Kishi Mobile Controller, Tomahawk Gaming Desktop, and an Epic Sim

Razer had an interesting outing at CES 2020. There were no new PC gaming peripherals, other than Star Wars "storm trooper" co-branded Kraken, Goliathus, and Atheris; but three interesting exhibits. To begin with, Razer Kishi is an adjustable, split game controller for smartphones. The controller's two ends (meant for your left and right hands, wrap around the two ends of your smartphone. You get two analog thumbsticks, a D-pad, four action buttons, and four triggers. The Razer Gamepad app lets you map the controller to your smartphone over Bluetooth, and provides custom button mapping. The company also showed off Arctech line of smartphone sleeves that are designed to dissipate heat.

Having made its mark as a leading gaming notebook vendor, Razer is turning its attention to pre-built gaming desktops, and we saw one of its first creations, the Tomahawk SFF. Much like Apple, Razer has a serious focus on form as much as function, and that's evident with the aluminium CNC precision-milled chassis with tempered glass side-panels, and a size that's fit both for desks and the living room.

GIGABYTE Also Announces the BRIX Projector Compact PC

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and PC systems, is proud to announce the latest addition to the GIGABYTE BRIX range of ultra compact PC kits, the GIGABYTE BRIX Projector. Featuring a 75 lumen LED backlit mini projector and stereo speakers, the GIGABYTE BRIX Projector packs a 4th Generation Intel Core i3 processor, HDMI and Mini-DisplayPort options, 4 USB 3.0 ports and plus digital optical audio - all in an ultra compact and portable chassis design.

"Adding a powerful mini-projector to a device that is extremely portable and compact, opens up a wealth of possibilities and usage scenarios," commented Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. "The BRIX Projector is pushing the boundaries of innovation further than ever, creating a device that breaks the mould in almost all respects."
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