1MORE Dual Driver In-ears Review 9

1MORE Dual Driver In-ears Review

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The Package

1MORE ships the Dual Driver in-ears in a durable little box. Despite being priced at just $39.99, you get several pairs of quality tips along with a carrying bag.

The bundle for the Dual Driver is slimmer than what you get with the Triple Driver, but still sufficient for most people. You get a carrying bag along with three differently sized tips. Three sizes of tips should cover the vast majority of people out there, and if you cannot get a good seal with the supplied tips, you will be pleased to know that 1MORE uses a standard tips interface, so you can fit pretty much any third-party tip designed for dynamic driver in-ears on these.

The in-line remote works really well and includes a microphone. The sound quality from the microphone is pretty decent and pretty much the same as that of the Triple Driver. You also get buttons for backward/forward and play/pause, which is nice.

Cable-wise, 1MORE continues to impress. The mini-jack is solid, and the cable is partially covered with a braided jacket. Overall, it is really well put together as even the Y-split looks nice.

Closer Examination

1MORE sticks to what works with the Dual Driver as it look exactly like the Triple Driver—its bigger brother. The color options are different, but it is basically the same mechanical design. On the inside, the Dual Driver is of course one driver down in the sense that there is no balanced armature.

Considering this is a sub-$50 set of in-ears, currently retailing for $39.99, it looks extraordinarily good. The color and material choices are beyond what you would expect at this price point. The finish also equals that of the Triple Driver, which is pretty neat.
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