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1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones Review

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The Package

1MORE continues to impress with their packaging and bundle. The Triple Driver Over-Ear comes with everything you need, including a very nice, durable, but not overly bulky carrying case!

Inside the carrying case, you find the usual adapters and cable. The cable is Kevlar cored and has a nice soft cable jacket. It terminates in a normal slim mini-jack on the device end and in two micro-jacks on the headphone end. This solution is also used by HiFiMAN, but the execution seems much better on the 1MORE design.

Closer Examination

1MORE is definitely making way in terms of headphone design. The new Triple Driver Over-Ear looks pretty on your desk and is not too clumsy looking on one's head either. The ear cups are somewhere between circum aural and over ear in terms of sheer size, and dimension-wise, they are close to the bigger Grado ear cups. Everything looks well made, and the glass back covered in a wheel-rim-looking cover looks clean and high tech. The aesthetics definitely match the high-tech internals of these headphones quite nicely.

The glass cover is a nice touch. You get a nice view of the passive driver, which unfortunately moves so little that you cannot tell.

Comfort-wise, the Triple Driver Over-Ear is pretty good for a set of over-ears. The clamping force is snug without being uncomfortable on my head with a circumference of 58–59 cm. There is plenty of adjustment in the headband, so it will definitely accommodate a lot of head sizes.
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