Abkoncore A660 Review 0

Abkoncore A660 Review

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Packaging, Weight, Cable and Feet


The mouse arrives in a solid plastic box. Inside, one finds the mouse, manual booklet, and mini driver CD.


My scale shows around 81 g (+/- 1 g), which is a good bit lighter than the 85 g cited by Abkoncore.


The A660 features a standard rubber cable. Flexibility is below average, so using a mouse bungee is recommended. Its length is 1.80 m (measured). The cable has a ferrite bead attached, which helps reduce signal noise, as well as a gold-plated USB connector.


The feet on the A660 are black-dyed PTFE (Teflon) feet. Glide is perfectly fine. Small indentations next to each foot make them easier to remove.
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