ADATA EMIX H30 + SOLOX F30 Bundle Review 0

ADATA EMIX H30 + SOLOX F30 Bundle Review

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The Package

As it contains three different devices, it comes as no surprise that the box is massive. The front of it depicts the headset on a stand, with the sound card at the bottom of it. From there, it's quite obvious that the base of the stand works as a cradle for the sound card, which is a nice touch. The rear of the box goes over the key aspects of the EMIX H30 headset and SOLOX F30 sound card.

One side of the box goes over the features of the headset, while the other covers the sound card. Here, you'll find out that the sound card has three USB ports and four equalizer profiles, that the headset microphone is detachable, that it supports PCs, consoles and mobile devices, etc.

Here are the full contents of the box. We have the headset, stand, sound card, detachable microphone, a USB power cable, user manual, and cloth bag to pack it all in should you want to take the headset and sound card on the go. Overall, ADATA did a good job with the packaging as all the parts of the bundle are protected with thick packaging foam and placed inside a sturdy box.
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