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A-DATA RB19 Flash Drive 2 GB Review

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The general shape of the RB19 can be described as traditional. When compared to other such memory devices on the market, past or present, the overall size is quite similar. The protective rubber padding makes up the bulk of the device.

A-DATA supplied us with the green variant, but it is also available in an orange tone. There is a small hole so that you can put it on your key chain. On the front there is a green LED right under this hole, which let's you know when the USB stick is being accessed. There is a white A-DATA logo on the front and a dark URL of the company on the other side.

The cap of the RB19 simply slides over the USB connector. It is made completely of soft rubber. It is tight enough to hold well on the connector, so you will not have to worry about losing it. The key chain hole is on the device itself as well, so the worse that can happen when you are surfing or doing some other kind of extreme sport is a lost cap. The side of the RB19 is a bit thinner than the center.
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