A-DATA XPG SPECTRIX D41 RGB DDR4-3600 CL16 4x8GB Review 1


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Value and Conclusion

  • The 16 GB (2x 8 GB) A-DATA SPECTRIX D41 3200 MHz kits start at roughly US$195.
  • XPG RGB DIMMs are compatible with all modern RGB-supporting motherboards.
  • Dual XMP profiles
  • Edge-to-edge RGB LED lighting
  • Ready for both Intel and AMD systems (with base 2666 MHz memory support)
  • Speeds ranging up to 5000 MHz
  • Available in two colors (red or black)
  • RGB
  • No custom software
  • 5000 MHz not ready yet
It's very obvious that not everyone is happy with all the RGB designs out on the market today, but I for one love it. So all of you with complaints about that: I'm going to ignore those right now and focus in on what those of us who do like this might appreciate here with A-DATA's XPG SPECTRIX D41 memory. There are several key points here that really demand your attention if you are looking for RGB memory right now.

The first and easiest thing to point out is how these sticks look visually, both when power is applied to these and they shine that way or with the LEDS off and the fancy heatspreaders standing out. Either way, each of these things is truly unique on these sticks, and the base RGB colors these sticks use is A-DATA's own that I don't see replicated elsewhere; those hues match the colors of A-DATA's company logo perfectly, but many might not notice that design choice.

The second part with looking at these is the integration with all major motherboard RGB control software and support for both AMD and Intel systems with that base 2666 MHz memory specification (which is all the latest from both Intel and AMD in both the mainstream and HEDT spaces), which ensures that if you are building a new system, no matter which of these platforms you might choose, you can rest assured that this set is going to work, and you'll have instant integration into your chosen board's RGB control schemes. That's one less bit of worry you have to bother with.

However, that second part is also a negative should you not have a board with native RGB support; with no custom software on offer, you're left to the whims of A-DATA's default RGB patterning, which, if I do say so, isn't bad at all, but may not be exactly what you are looking for. There are several boards out there that do not offer RGB LED controls, and there are other sticks out there that come with their own software. The sad truth of it is that those sticks also tend not to be as compatible as these sticks are, so while it's not all fantastic, it certainly is good enough to justify that design choice.

After so many RGB memory kits have been launched—and most of them have fallen into my hands—I have been left impressed by most, and by A-DATA's designs most of all; A-DATA just keeps sending me new ones, and each and every time, they really do offer something different; either in how they look or in how they work, and always in such a way that it simply makes me smile. A-DATA really has a focus on detail some other brands would do well to pick up on, and while I have noticed this, I hope you do too. If you want a fantastic option for RGB memory that is ready for any platform, you should buy a set of these sticks right away!
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