ADATA XPG Summoner Keyboard Review 2

ADATA XPG Summoner Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

The product packaging for the XPG Summoner utilizes the most traditional of gaming gear colors: black and red. Predominantly black, to be fair, with red accents on the sides. The front of the cardboard box wrap is adorned with a large color render of the keyboard lit up in use, as well as the product name and salient features to let people quickly know what the keyboard is all about. This continues on the back with more pictures, and specifications are seen on the side instead. Single flaps on the side and two seals help keep the contents inside in place during transit.

Opening the box, we see the keyboard in a wrap and thick foam all around for further protection. Another piece of cardboard at the top hides the cable tucked away underneath, and the accessories are either here or underneath the keyboard. There are three sets of accessories that come with the XPG Summoner, including a wrist rest, a set of replacement keycaps, and paperwork including a quick start guide (online copy here), a warranty guide, and a book of stickers. The guide is useful in helping with all the onboard controls pre-programmed onto the keyboard, which is the only customization option available here.

We get a set of nine replacement keycaps here, made of thin ABS plastic (0.91 mm average wall thickness) and red in color. The legends are laser etched with a gray color to them, and the keycaps correspond to the WASD and the arrow keys, in addition to a 1.25u keycap that can be used for, say, the menu key on the bottom row, as I found myself wanting to do. These can be backlit, as seen above, but will show signs of wear and tear sooner rather than later owing to their composition.

There is also a plastic ring-style keycap puller to help swap keycaps, and it can potentially scratch the sides of the keycaps. I much prefer the metal wire-style puller thus, but those also costs more to include. XPG includes a luxurious wrist rest that has thick, soft padding on the front and many rubber pads on the back to ensure it does not slide all over your desk when used.
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