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XPG XENIA 14 Review

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Packaging and Contents

Let me tell you, I was excited to get this box in my hands and start opening it. ADATA does a fantastic job of making that experience of first opening your brand-new goodies truly important, and the attention to detail shows. The "Game to the Extreme" slogan on the sticker sealing the Xenia 14 shut really sets some expectations.

Inside is another box that clearly contains the ultrabook itself. Pictures don't tell you how this packaging feels in your hands, and it feels good. I found another black box in the bottom along with a bag of papers.

Little touches, like things that appear as you open everything up, really stand out. I mean… I don't think I need to say much more here.

The Xenia 14 is further contained within a soft, light fabric bag. Oh, and those papers? Manuals and such, of course, and also STICKERS! I'm so glad these are here and not on the unit itself, leaving it nice and clean, and you can stick them wherever you want. A full list of the box contents is below:
  • Laptop
  • User guides
  • Battery charger and cable
  • Stickers

The adapter is a smaller unit from FSP. Rated at 65 W, it is nice and small, but can get warm when charging the laptop.
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