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Aerocool P7-C1 Review

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Value & Conclusion

    • The Aerocool "Project 7" P7-C1 with a glass side panel goes for just under 100 euros for either the black or white variant. The normal chassis with a traditional side window sets you back by around 85 euros.
    • Excellent value for your money
    • Sturdy build quality
    • Potent and functional 5-way fan PCB included
    • RGB LED strip for the case interior included
    • Velcro ties included
    • Comes equipped with an SD/microSD card reader
    • Eight different LED colors to pick from
    • "Breathing" and "Pulsating" lighting modes
    • Can hold two radiators at the same time - 240 mm and 360 mm.
    • Shroud for clean interior, hiding PSU and 3.5" drives
    • Can hold up to seven hard drives
    • LED lighting can be extended beyond what is included
    • Dust filter on all intake areas
    • Available in black or white
    • Your pick between a glass or normal window for the windowed side panel
    • Only one fan included
    • Cable management could be better
    • Not enough hooks for cable management and zip ties
    • May be a bit menacing for the professional user in terms of design
    • Standard side panel version does not come with an extra RGB LED strip
When you first look at the Aerocool "Project 7" P7-C1, you may be surprised to hear that the variant with a glass side panel comes in at 90-100 euros. The list of functional features is quite long, but does make sense for the target audience, without it hurting your wallet all that much.

Starting with the interior, you can see what a difference a few extra bits of tooling can make. While it uses much the same frame as much more affordable enclosures, like the Silverstone RL05 or Rosewill Gram, both of which cost less than half of what the P7-C1 goes for, the changes made to the frame result in the chassis not feeling cheap at all. Sure, you still have that issue of the audio cable not being routed properly, but thanks to the tooling changes, the Aerocool variant can hold a radiator of up to 360 mm in front while also offering enough space for one of 240 mm in size in the ceiling.

With that in mind, Aerocool has gone even further by supplying a potent and well-designed 5-way PWM PCB so that you may control fans attached to such large radiators with the motherboard BIOS automatically. Even if you end up using non-PWM 3-pin cooling units, the device allows for their speed to be reduced to 60%.

Moving on to the outside, thanks to its edgy design, the case looks much bigger than it is, but with additional room for radiators in the ceiling. That embedded lighting element in front works extremely well and is pretty much evenly lit up, and you may toggle it through a number of colors to best fit your build. You can set it to "breathe" or "pulsate" - with the latter just being a faster breathing setup. To extend the lighting, the roughly 20 euro price premium of the glass side panel variant also gives you another LED strip right out of the box, which you may connect to the same switch and place where you see fit.

To round things out, Aerocool has placed an SD-card reader into the top of the chassis. Not only for full-sized cards, but for MicroSD variants, it caters to both the professional camera and mobile phone users. Such functionality is especially important since the P7-C1 does not have any external drive bays.

All this, with that magical price tag of well below 100 euros, makes the Aerocool "Project 7" P7-C1 quite the sexy and incredibly interesting choice, potentially for both gamers and gaming professionals alike.
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