Ajazz Zinc Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Review 3

Ajazz Zinc Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Packaging for the Ajazz Zinc is quite clean and minimalist, and in white to match the keyboard inside. It did get some.. love.. from the courier service on its way to me, but did the job perfectly in keeping the contents inside protected fully. On the front is the Ajazz logo as part of a QR code for contact information, the product name in the form of the Zn chemical symbol for zinc, and a render of the keyboard with the left half that then continues on the side and back. Technical specifications greet us on the back, and we also see a double flap on the side to keep things in place during transit.

Opening the box, we see more cardboard layers with the same render followed through, and these go over the keyboard to ensure there is cardboard all around. This no doubt helped keep it safe despite the box having had some bumps on the way. I would have liked to see some of that empty space inside occupied by foam, or even a separate cardboard inset to separate the accessories from the keyboard itself, which are otherwise found alongside. Underneath the keyboard is a product manual, though unfortunately only in Mandarin and thus barely useful, with Epomaker saying they are still working on an English translation, similar to what they did with the Akko 3084 we saw recently.

The accessories are not the most luxurious to say the least. There is the removable micro USB to full size USB Type-A cable for wired connectivity and to charge the internal battery. We also get a plastic ring-style keycap puller to remove keycaps for cleaning or replacement. These can scratch the sides of keycaps, especially the thicker ones, so I would have liked to see a metal wire puller instead. But the barebones packaging leads me to believe there may be a cost-saving measure in place here, so perhaps the price justifies it.
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