AMD 690 Chipset Series Preview Review 18

AMD 690 Chipset Series Preview Review

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As mentioned before, the AMD 690 uses the ATI Radeon X1200/1250 IGP which also features AVIVO. This means that it is the first mainboard chipset with AVIVO technology. The use of the technology has some very visible advantages. It can deliver 1.07 billion colors which means 10-bit quality. The second gain can be seen in Silicon Optix’s HQV DVD-benchmark. The AMD 690 chipset scores 80 points while the current NVIDIA MCP61 receives 20 and the Intel G965 47 receives points.

Disclaimer: These results have been supplied by AMD

Windows Vista

The AMD 690 chipsets are fully Vista certified, with drivers being available today. The integrated graphics can run the new Aero interface without problems. In the Vista Premium Compliance Test, even a Turion 64 platform in single channel mode can score well over the 1600 points required for Vista Premium certification.
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