AMD A10-7860K 65W APU Review 50

AMD A10-7860K 65W APU Review

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APU Features

The new, efficient, and capable AMD A10-7860K APU

The new A10-7860K processor delivers its performance at a low 65 W TDP. With a base clock of 3.6 GHz and a maximum Turbo clock of 4.0 GHz, the AMD A10-7860K APU offers decent performance with decent power consumption.

New, quiet and powerful coolers:

AMD claims their new thermal solutions to "generate less than one-tenth the noise of their predecessors," making them "virtually silent." You can find them bundled with the new A10-7860K APU I'm looking at today and the A8-7670K and A8-7650K APUs.

Radeon Memory

With both the CPU and GPU portions sharing the same memory interface, system memory speeds are important. AMD released several different speeds of AMD Radeon Memory to go with your APU. Ranging from 1600 MHz to 2133 MHz, another new improvement are the higher memory speeds out of the box with newer AMD Elite A-Series APUs. The AMD A10-7860K, for example, supports memory speeds of up to 2133 MHz to allow your unlocked APU to perform the best it can.

AMD gave me some slides to go with a past review that depict the performance increases offered by using 2133 MHz memory. I've included these for you to take a look at, and general testing does show the increases to net a noticeable gain.

Dual Graphics

As with other AMD APUs, the AMD Elite A-Series A10-7860K APUs support Dual Graphics. This should allow you to pair your AMD A10-7860K with a discrete AMD Radeon R7 graphics card to get an easy boost in 3D-rendering performance. The slide shown above is for older APUs since AMD's current media slides were not available on their website. Be that as it may, the above slide does offer a decent idea of what you can expect by adding a low-power VGA into the mix.
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