AMD Financial Analyst Day 2008 Review 10

AMD Financial Analyst Day 2008 Review

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Client Processor Roadmap

AMD has detailed a roadmap pertaining to its client processors, that include desktop, notebook and UMPC processors (yes, AMD has big UMPC plans):

The following new notebook processors are listed (codenamed):
  • Caspian: A mobile dual-core processor, features 2 MB of cache and supports DDR2 memory, slated for 2009
  • Champlain: A mobile quad-core processor, features 2 MB of cache and supports DDR3 memory, slated for 2010
  • Conesus: A UMPC dual-core with 1 MB cache and DDR2 memory support, comes in the time-frame of Caspian (Intel Atom competitor)
  • Geneva: A dual-core UMPC processor with 2 MB cache, DDR3 support, comes in the time-frame of Champlain
AMD has announced concrete 32 nm CPU plans. These mostly consist of a new central-processor model AMD plans to adopt: the accelerated processing unit (APU). The APU marks the real fusion between x86 processing elements and stream computing elements that process graphics and accelerate general applications under a GPGPU model. The company had earlier announced plans of OpenCL support and is releasing free GPGPU support for its existing ATI Radeon graphics accelerators support in December 2008. The 32 nm chips are slated for 2011:
  • Ontario: A dual-core 32 nm APU specifically targeted for the UMPC. It comes in the BGA package to reduce its silicon footprint significantly
  • Llano: A quad-core 32 nm APU that will be ported to both mainstream notebooks and desktops.
  • Orochi: An enthusiast-grade ">4-core" processor featuring large caches
AMD has also listed its current industrial client-base for its existing processors, and projects growth in both industry receptions and sales of existing Phenom and Turion Ultra brands.
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