AMD Athlon 3000G with Vega 3 Graphics Review 64

AMD Athlon 3000G with Vega 3 Graphics Review

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A Closer Look

The Athlon 3000G ships in a simple paperboard box with a window that shows the processor inside. The Athlon logo has the "Zen" motif in the background telling you this isn't the Athlon of old.

AMD includes a simple fan heatsink with the Athlon 3000G. The cooler is rated for thermal loads of up to 65 W. Since the 3000G has a 35 W TDP, the cooler should run quietly or provide some overclocking headroom. It's a simple hunk of aluminium with radially projecting fins that are ventilated by a thin fan.

The Athlon 3000G processor looks like any conventional AMD processor with a large IHS dominating the top, and a 1,331-pin micro-PGA in the bottom. The processor's die is made at GlobalFoundries, USA, and it is packaged at a facility in China.

The Athlon 3000G can be paired with a fairly big selection of AM4-compatible coolers released since 2017.
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