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anidees AI7 Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The anidees AI7 carries a 90 euro price tag including taxes. With both the color choice and window each adding around 10 euro to the total, the black variant with solid sides will come in at just above 70 euro.
  • Excellent use of space
  • Cooler of up to 180mm in height will fit
  • GPU of up to 348mm in length will find space
  • 5 fans included out of the box
  • Can hold up to five hard drives
  • Fan controller and PCB included
  • Great set of I/O
  • Can hold up to a 280 mm radiator setup
  • Tool-less 3.5" HDD assembly
  • Magnetic dust filter for PSU
  • Unobstructed airflow for fan in front
  • Symmetric design in front
  • Available in black or white
  • Use of any fan or radiator toward the front in the top will block off top HDDs and ODD bay
  • Use of ODD will block one HDD in the top
  • A slight bit of a cable mess when fully assembled due to gap in dividing panel
  • HDD trays a bit soft if empty or when populated with a 2.5" drive
  • Plastic lock for top cover somewhat fragile
  • No grommets for pre-cut holes in the rear
The anidees AI7 looks exactly the same and is just as big as the AI7m we reviewed in the past, but is able to hold a full ATX board since its interior layout has been rearranged completely. This is achieved by following the same scheme as in other cube cases, which move the secondary components behind the motherboard tray. anidees does a good job in still allowing for enough space to install large air coolers or long graphics cards and even goes as far as to include five fans right out of the box to set the AI7 apart from its competitors.

While you still have to consider some elements of compromise, especially when it comes to the external drive bay in regards to hard drives, or a liquid-cooling setup, this should not phase most users. Those wanting to use an ODD will surely be able to sacrifice a 3.5" drive and live with the remaining SSD and 3 HDD mounts, and you can still simply mount a 240mm radiator in front if you really crave both an optical drive and a liquid-cooling setup.

If you had to choose between the AI7m and the AI7, I would honestly suggest the AI7 overall as it gives you a bit more flexibility, better balance and—quite frankly—a better visual end result since it presents your hardware to curious onlookers in a nicer fashion.
That said, both the anidees AI7 and AI7m are great cases, but this one is just slightly better in my humble opinion.
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