Antec/Veris Fusion Review 5

Antec/Veris Fusion Review

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The Power Supply

The power supply inside the case is the Antec SU-430. That model cannot be found on their website. It utilizes a single 8 cm fan, which is fairly quiet.

Antec SU-430 430W
AC Input
115V/230V 10A/6A 60/50Hz
DC Voltage+3.3V+5V+12V1+12V1-5V-12V+5VSB
Max. Output25A25A16A16A2A0.8A2.0A
130 W372 W NANANA

As you can see, it is a dual rail power supply, with 16A on each rail. That is just 2A short of the maximum allowed by specification for each 12V rail. It should be able to power a fairly capable system, hands down.

The power supply has the following connectors:

ConnectorsMain Power5.25"Floppy4 Pin CPUSerialATAPCI-E Aux Power
ATX 20+4 Pin61121

As you can see the cable lengths are nothing out of the ordinary. Antec has decided not to ship the power supply with anything shorter than you would find in any retail product. The interesting aspect would be, that there are way to many connectors, considering the limited expandability of the case.
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